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  1. Yo, I'll play you some time in the next few weeks. My knee was dislocated and my mom is taking care of me at her place for the next bit of time until I can start moving on my own again. I don't have access to a PS3 at the moment, or I would play you. Heavens knows how much I just want to play a game right now or go outside lol.

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    2. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      God that sounds horrible. I can just see it now. It hurt like crazy when I dislocated my shoulder. Although it took a lot more for that to happen...

      My money is safe and sound. :3

    3. SansProtocol


      Bullshit, we're going to play mirrors and I'm robbing your ass based on that. Because yeaaaaaaaaaaah, mirror matches are indicative of skill. Teching all the air throws.

    4. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      Interesting. You seem confident you can win this time. Well, I'll be waiting.

      It does involve skill in that specific matchup. I feel like playing it a lot has helped me overall though.

  2. Nice job by the way. The formatting inside the borders is wack, but this new editor is killing me to care that much. Besides, there will be a new combo thread soon anyway. If you going to bed, have a nice night.

    1. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      Thanks. Yeah I noticed that too but I didn't care enough. :P Maybe I will go back and do it later. Just editing it is a pain.

      Also I don't drink coffee like ever, so it's always been soda for me. Although I've always been meaning to drop that, but you need something to get energy when you're up late.

  3. Coding without coffee should be a sin.

  4. His pressure was never amazing to begin with. I guess I need to play better Nu-12s but it seems like you will eventually get a hit. This version requires you to be better at hit-confirming though. I dunno, I don't feel like I have issues getting damage with him. I guess I need to evaluate why. I poke a lot more when I don't have meter because I think it's stupid to go ham most times without some meter. I'll get back to you on that. Also, added. :kitty:

  5. For OD, it comes off that way... but you'll soon learn that his pressure is not good enough to be a serious threat. All that damage doesn't matter if you can never set it up. That means you'll rarely land a hit, so OD becomes the way to turn it into a victory. Against characters like Ragna who go in on you all the time, it's easier to land a CH so you can do without it, but when you play truly great players of characters like Nu you'll be SOL without that OD. It's like Tager and his "one chance" 720 style in CT. Also he's highly dependent on getting CHs. If the person doesn't try to mash out, you'll have a harder time, and it's also way harder to stop them from just up backing and backdashing out of everything. My PSN is scumbag2strong :kitty:

  6. By the way, what's your name on PSN? I'll add you on the shared PS3 account so I can get a few games against you sometime if that's fine with you.

  7. Hmm, that's a bit to debate. The reason I feel he's top is the fact that he doesn't need to use OD to win. You've played MTG, you know what a win-more card is. That's Hakumen's. If he needed to rely on OD as a crutch, he'd be Terumi tier. But he's an amazing character even without the OD combos. That fact that he confirm pretty easily into OD is icing on the cake. I feel you can play him the same way. I like counters take a bit more thinking on your part. The Enma follow-up is juicy (though it does get blown up by them cancelling into a DP if they can). I could go on, but the only thing I don't like is Hotaru whiffing on crouching opponents. Though it is nice to air-dash out on a successful block.

  8. Oh, no. We all think he's top. (S to Aish) I meant as far as being fun to play. He's like a one trick pony this time around. They basically hemmed him in so he needs OD as a crutch to win.

  9. Ahhhh, OK. And where do people put him? Are we talking about how they like playing him? Because if they don't think he's top, they are going to have a list of things to read soon lol.

  10. Not that old timewise. But we had a lot of activity lately so it got buried. All the people who hadn't played him extensively thought he was great... at first. :v: It was only after trying him out for some time that their opinion dropped. I'd like to hear what you think about him is so great. Oh and I'm talking Haku mains. All the other comments by non Haku players are terrible usually.

  11. So people you hadn't even played him extensively were trying to compare him to other versions, guessing how old the discussion was? Oh, this will be juicy.

  12. You should go read some of the old posts in the gameplay Hakumen thread. They go into dissecting him and how he stacks up against the other versions. They are pretty buried at this point though...

  13. No, it was that I needed to focus on getting a job, possibly a new place, build up on some productive skillsets, stuff like that. Playing FGs were lower on the priority list. And I have an active scene down here with a good number of characters to play so it's hard to get bored. And really? I do like a few changes to the character but the Drive is a bit weird. Either make the attack unblockable with short range or the opposite but not both. I know why they made 6D slower as you could mash it out during blockstrings and get 5k with the Enma follow-up just because they weren't aware of gaps. Not to mention how many overheads you'd catch. As to one-dimensional, I'm not too sure about that. He's basically the same in most ways capitalizing off of mistakes by your opponent but they just made it more lethal. EX version of him was nutty though.

  14. So you just stopped having fun with them? I was starting to think you got hit by a car or something. My enthusiasm tends to wane but I just kind of coast along until I get back into it. I hate all the CP changes they made. They made him completely one dimensional. As for people playing him, it's always been that way... even in Extend. Actually I think he had the most in CT.