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    11.02.2016 в 20:30 new and fresh Russian #FT10 Guilty Gear Xrd Plaha (Fa) vs Arsen Kamelot (Po) Plaha is a veteran of russian guilty gear community that takes good places at tournaments and has very strong faust with good neutral game and offence. Arsen is a some kind of "new comer" that already make his Potemkin strong and frightening to other players. This is hard for Potemkin to beat Faust, thats one of the worst match-up in the game, but then interesting for us to watch how Arsen going to overcome Plaha! you can watch stream at my site http://overkill013.ru/stream or youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OverKilL013 or twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/overkill013 #overkill013 #FT10 #Plaha #ArsenKamelot #1v1 #GGXrd #Xrd #GG #guiltygear
  2. until
    GGXrd 09-10-15 20:00 OverKilL (SO) vs Arsen Kamelot (PO) #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru http://goodgame.ru/channel/OverKilL013/10/ Fight between me and Arsen Kamelot. He give me a challenge and i can't refuse. Arsen quite a good player from Moscow that gives good challenge to them even through low tier of his character. The matchup in previous games of franchise was a little bit on Potemkin side. Now is all changed to sol side, but i still hate this matchup in memory of past years)) Will see what Arsen is prepared for this Match! ) twitch.tv/overkill013 #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru restream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013
  3. until
    Announcment! 22.09.15 GGXrd OverKilL (SO) vs Funky (BE) #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru This Thursday, you will see a fight between me and Funky. Funky is a good player and tournament organizer from Ural (somewhere in Russia). He recently took 3rd place in an annual Ural event called EFA. He uses Bedman - a new character in the classical GG roster, which was introduced in GGXrd. GGXrd OverKilL (SO) vs Funky (BE) #FT10 twitch.tv/overkill013 Funky - an old member of fighting.ru (russian FGC hub-forum). He is a good player who has leveled up dramatically in a very short time. He is a regular participant of Guilty Gear leagues and tournaments. Bedman is a very weird and versatile character with intersting mechanics and mobility. As always, I can assure you there will be hype and flames all over the stream and we will check who knows matchup better ) restream - youtube.com/overkill013
  4. until
    10.09.2015 - GGXrd RUS vs Sweden OverKilL (SO) vs Fogelstrom (SL) #FT10 Without any break, we continue our battles. This Thursday, you will see a fight between me and Fogelstrom. Fogelstrom - 28 year old Sweden player that uses Slayer. He can be seen in a French lobby a lot and sometimes comes to our turf. Fogelstorm has been playing fighting games since GGXX(old sweet PAL version) about 10 years ago. His biggest achievement is a victory in a BlazBlue tournament at Red Fight District 2011. The tournament was held in Netherlands. Now he mainly plays online and in search for worthy opponents, studying matchups and simply enjoying the game itself. I think we have something for him, our Fafnir express is ready to go. The only thing we need is a signal for the start! restream - youtube.com/overkill013 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru
  5. until
    By tradition Tuesday and a new battles in the Guilty Gear Xrd! Welcome Kler - the best Russian Ramlethal player and Fidoskin - furious multifighter TOP 2 of MFA 2015 with his Leo Whitefang GGXrd - Kler (RA) vs Fidoskin (LE) [FT10] We giving away the game to 10 wins, the first scored 10 victories wins the battle. Kler and Fidoskin are not new to the fighting game scene. Kler was once get out of reload online (GGXXR) with his Jam and played pretty well in the tournaments, although the first serious results came to him in GGXrd then he choose Ramlethal awaiting for his character, the output of Jam is already planned in GGXrd Revalator. Fidoskin is multiple winner of various tournaments even of unknown to anyone fighting games and He has fame as the strongest multifighter of Russia for long time, who takes prizes at the newly emerged fighting disciplines. Both players know each other and live in Moscow, but in a serious battle, they will meet right here! Let us see who will win! stream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013
  6. OverKilL.

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Not so hard, i made it, even not play on pad about 5 years or more. Yes not right at start, but after only one hour in tutorial. With Arcade stick, i think it whould be more easy, for me of course.
  7. OverKilL.

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Xrd....so hot BD yrc jk land s hs rc s 6p 2hs DL - http://youtu.be/0lFwZLQjVK8?t=1h20m46s
  8. OverKilL.

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Sols GV in DI is like Gun Blaze, strikes with blazes. And as i know he can YRC it.
  9. OverKilL.

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    may be, may be. (edited: you are right, all other moves are the same. Damn that was too good...) Also, are the 5K have jump cancel like before??
  10. OverKilL.

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Xrd 2S: 10F (lasts 20F): attack Lv.3. AC+R 2S: 10F +3F +8F = 21 attack lvl 3 (+3) so we have +4 on block and more fast recovery mmmm NICE!
  11. OverKilL.

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    who knows, how the land hit of Sols Dive kick affect on air character? would it be a reset if no FD? I saw D loop and Dive whiffed and hit char on air recovery. and what about air DP it seems that they add untech time on second hit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T0HHYDUj6w