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  1. Sup Stun, I watched your recent CS2 vids and I noticed you do IAD>j5a alot. Is that better than just IAD>j5b?

  2. Srsly. Bring a hookah.

  3. Why are you so gdlk Luna?
  4. I lose because I dont know the matchup. Meet me in front of the playground at 3:00
  5. Naw, nobody knew how to fight Mu. Luna beats good litchi players with fuckin Noel. Definitely Luna>Jago. No dickride
  6. Luna, why dont any of your sigs have longevity?
  7. Im the worst here. Axis and Luna the best because they win with shit characters. And Aaron used fuckin Arakune
  8. No sir, the mofos in this thread has yellow fever. Im more of a Euro guy. Those french and russian girls have ridiculously sexy accents
  9. I try man, but every since my car got stolen its been "pussy poverty" for me
  10. Only person getting Jay's dick is that vietnamese cutie that works at my nail salon