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  1. What's with the emocons?
  2. At this point it's more likely they'd just remove story mode from future entries so they'd have less to translate.
  3. ...Male body pillows. Well fair's far! I'm kinda glad that I didn't buy Central Fiction now.
  4. As far as news goes; I'm fairly sure it's because none of the admins really update that sort of thing. I think Shoryuken has guys paid to do news stories. Sadly, that's never going to happen with an Arc Sys forum. Perhaps we should try gamifying updating things like the Wiki or the news articles? We could keep score, have community votes, etc to encourage people to post stuff. Of course, that sounds like a lot of work and the mods here aren't paid.
  5. I'm still here! To be fair, part of the issue is that it's a niche genre wit old games. Still, it'll be sad when all the information is forgotten and people can't do anything in game anymore.
  6. At least you don't have to worry about a strangely angled face and being top heavy.
  7. It also looks like she got implants at some point. I don't suppose that has much to do with gameplay, does it?
  8. Yeah, he has a very strong Wolf Theme going on. Just look at his beam super and how he lifts his 'paw.' To be fair, Hakumen always had a mild wolf theme going on, but Terumi was always Snakes. It looks like they made the mistake of deciding the the villain for the entire story wasn't menacing enough normally, so they turned him into a random monster 'that's totally the villain you've been fighting against the whole time' despite sharing nothing in common with him. A bit unsatisfying since you can never connect the two characters together. Still neat design on its own, even though I think the standing posture is a bit silly looking. (Susano'o: COME AT ME BRO!) On a side note, he looks like he has three heads. Does that make him Cerebus. Wait, doesn't Cerebus have Snakes on it's neck for fur? Probably a coincidence.
  9. Well, this is how early we used to get the games with dubs. It wasn't until CS:Extend with it's minimal new content that needed to be localized, and the terrible job they did doing so, that it started taking 6-12 months to localize the games. That's why people are mad that they dropped the dub in order to 'release the game earlier.'
  10. AND Japanese still get's the important bits of the game much earlier, which defeats half the point. Sure, there'll be some hardcore players that'll wait for the english release, but many of the die-hards are still going to buy the JP version.
  11. So, in the end, people are pre-ordering the JPN version anyways in order to get the game early anyways. Aside from that, I do have a gameplay question: What's the fastest time the game can poll sequential inputs? For example, if I want to do inferno divider, what are the minimum number of frames it would take to execute the DP motion?
  12. Only affects versus mode? So then, how do you get the Act I & II arcade stories? Usually the arcade story is a bit different that the main story, and in the case of CP, actually leads into story mode.
  13. The thing about release delays is twofold though: They say that having a dub would delay the release for 6+ months, but why? Sure, if they decided to start the localization of the game after the JP version was finished sure, I can see that. But, plenty of games companies manage to release their overseas counterparts within short timeframes, including Arc System Works themselves: CT was released in NA within only a few days of the JP release, and CS was released within a month or two, if I recall correctly. It wasn't until they contracted "Strangely Compelling" for CS Extend that the releases took 6+ months. CS Extend, in particular, had minimal content to localize compared to previous entries, and still had major QA issues that should never have seen the light of day, such as the 'Bang Joke' or the PS3 Japanese glitch. I can't help but feel that the reason for some of these localization issues is Arc Sys themselve, not just the simple cost. If they somehow don't have a good system for localizing their games in place, which seems to be the case given the entries since CS: Extend, that would explain why it would take so long to localize. If they don't start working on any localization until it's too late that would give delays. If they're difficult to localize for, that would drive up costs: Think of 'Ni No Kuni," that game was a nightmare to localize because of unnecessary technical issues caused by the original development team's decisions, such as having several different text standards to accommodate each writer. The "It gets released sooner" argument doesn't really hold water because near simultaneous releases, or at least short delays are possible. We've seen them before and it's only been since Arc Sys has been cutting corners on the localization that we've seen huge delays. That's not even getting into the fact that the game has already been out for a year in Arcades in Japan. The competitive scene in Japan still has a massive head-start. That's not getting into the fact that many of the people here just import the Japanese version anyways. Yes, I know importing is expensive and inconvenient, but at least you can still get the game you want. Saying that it's fine because it'll make getting the game more convenient is a slap in the face to everyone who wants the dub because while you can always import the game to get it when you want, we can never get the dub if it doesn't exist.
  14. The DLC would be $30 on top of a $60 game, so no one would buy it. You know such a DLC would be priced like that and for $30 you could buy a good game that's already in English. I wouldn't be half surprised if Story mode is untranslated. (That would create a ***storm the size of Texas if it did.)
  15. You know though, something I've always wondered is how much of the localization issues are Arc Sys's fault, and not the fault of game sales. Some of the issues seem to have nothing to do with cost, like the nonexistant QA of CS:Extend Localization is a bit of a technical art, quite a bit more goes into it then just translating a script. For example, I heard Ni No Kuni was a horror to translate because each writer had programmed their own system for text, and it wasn't well documented. How difficult a game is to translated is often times due to how the original studio treats localization. A studio that is localization aware makes game much easier to port than one that tries to get it ported after the fact. With that in mind, I've always wondered how Arc Sys handle's their localization jobs. If Arc Sys is a terrible studio to work with, that might explain some of the issues. It might explain why Aksys stopped localizing after the 2nd game; why CS:Extend had so many issues after taking so long to come out, despite having minimal additions, and so on. The issue might not just be cost and unit sales, but also might be an efficiency issue as well. (I'd love to hear someone from Aksys talk about their experiences with Arc Sys from back when they localized CT and CS!) The idea isn't crazy either. Remember that time when Guilty Gear got released on PSN with an untranslated Move list and it stayed like that for over a year? Arc Sys has had odd localization issues for years.