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  1. deadsnake

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    well.... a longer window to get chocked with a guitar sounds good for I-no I think, not necessarily talking about the time spent being chocked though. I'd be pretty happy with that
  2. deadsnake

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    just to be sure, the increased duration of 214HS is on the active frames or on the startup? anyway thx for the translate
  3. deadsnake

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    wow, the air green note does travel much faster than the ground version. thx
  4. deadsnake

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    so, I just started learning I-no, felt like she's very hard to use in neutral. but nvm that for now, my question is, why can't I oki using anti depressant? every time I have a knock down from HCL with or wtihout VCL the green note is very slow and the opponent always manage to jump out of it very early. I can manage if it's a 2d knock down which is close but HCL/VCL is just impossible. right now after a HCL/VCL knockdown I usually just hover j.k etc, it's kinda okay oki but I'm really curious on the antidepressant oki.
  5. I think by the time you realize ur opp. is withing 4b range, it's usually too late unless they're just free falling from great heights. best would be to yomi but if counter yomi-ed then litchi is screwed since 4b doesn't keep enemies away far enough to give litchi some time to recover hmmm.... although on 2nd thought, I wanna see the frame animation/hitbox
  6. ALL HAIL LITCHI FAYE LING a few more days and I'll be able to play litchi in CP
  7. so it's safe to assume that people gonna get the extras even though it's digital?
  8. so.. it is confirmed. good and they should be available on day 1 right?
  9. are there any official announcement about BBCP being a digital content in PSN? *instead of shipping the game, buy the digital version instead if there will be a digital version of BBCP, the next question is, when will it be avail for purchase/download? thx b4
  10. it is BP* and possible to charge/delay the startup from 30-59 frames that's around 1/2 second but this is litchi we're talking about so I dunno about other chars http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Litchi_Frame_Data_(BBCP)
  11. it means that crush triggers moves are considered projectile... or is it just a few chars only? ====== and in the earlier minutes, I see that u can delay crush trigger attack animation CMIIW, litchi baited zanshin ===== and in a much more earlier moment, litchi kinda did a very late gattling from 5b[m] to 6a[m] I never knew we can do this unless it was only implemented on bbcp
  12. ehh...? I'm pretty sure that 5b[m]>5c[m] has no holes unless u delay the 5c 5c[m]>3c[m] has a pretty big hole iirc but usually safe because of the distance 5c[m]>3c[m] point blank got me houtenjin T^T 5b[m]>3c[m] is suicide if the opponent is expecting it/point blank anyway, I pretty much know the knowledge but not good at applying it on real match, but if applying the knowledge is by not doing something... I should be able to at least do that :v
  13. frame data are usually much more useful in higher gameplay levels where you want to do something with a very small window frame... I think.... honestly speaking frame data don't do much good to me =__= I'm not the person who can really apply the knowledge in a real match since I'm struggling a lot just get proper IBs
  14. I'm looking at those frame data's 5a/2a/5b/5c/2c P1 100? yay.... *after looking further.... I think everybody got the same 100 P1 value for 5a/2a :v