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  1. also due to the generation of the game, all multi-hitting normal throws (and victor's qcf+K) can be mashed for more damage, and [simultaneously] countermashed for less damage. remember, wiggling the stick is just as [if not more] important as mashing the buttons.
  2. gbursine

    [VS] General Discussion

    bish/sassy get super armor. lei lei/aubath gets hyper. I'm pretty sure she cannot be thrown in this state.
  3. gbursine

    [VS] Archived Tournament results

    I thought it was hilarious. ^__^
  4. gbursine

    [VS] Archived Tournament results

    It was apollo nash. There's a NY and NJ apollo -______________-
  5. i wrote stuff in the 3rd post. I think most heavy blanketing topics have been covered now. some editing may ensue
  6. gbursine

    [VS] General Discussion

    regarding dark forces, i was told by rithli(who i believe was told by one of the japanese players), that if you try to mash for df, and you eff up(aka your inputs are not precise), every mashed attempt thereafter will not register a dark force input, but rather two separate inputs. this is detrimental knowledge for characters that have 'oh shit' df's that are used to get out of situations.(anak, victor, leilei, jedah, etc.) to add to the discussion regarding sequence of tech hit inputs. I myself use a "resting hand" approach. my hand rests with digits as such thumb:lk index:lp middle:mp ring:hp pinkie:rk my sequence of input is [ideally] lk, rk, hp,mp, lp the mindset behind my teching, is to rest my hands in this sequence and apply a very minute amount of pressure[for quick intervals of teching as needed] this allows for a controlled 5 input tech for every blocked attack I can predict.
  7. My impresions/faint recollection was that the conversion of Vsav, the cps2 software, was tedious/difficult, and compounding that would be the added netcode/playtesting. Which I could kind of see. there aren't really that many 'true' cps2 games on xbl are there?(puzzle fighter?) 3rd strike is a cps3 game.
  8. I had talked with seth at ect. he had said Vsav-OE would cost too much. It would be cheaper to make a new game from the ground up.
  9. Meh. to me, its implied if the percentage is higher, then its more likely that I score a tech with more inputs per block'd hit. But w/e. information is information, as long as people have a reliable way of interpreting it. And I just posted my first draft for how new/old players should approach air to air encounters in Vampire Savior. ofc. its a wall of text ^_^;;
  10. I think that's cool and informative, yet slightly misleading. I think seeing the cumulative statistics is better. and I hate my old writing. holy shit its technical and conveys the information well, but it makes me -___- Cumulatively your numbers look like this: You have a 0/32 chance (0%) of AG'ing on the first and second inputs. You have a 8/32 chance (25%) of AG'ing on the third input. You have a 20/32 chance (62.5%) of AG'ing on the fourth input. You have a 29/32 chance of (90.625%) AG'ing on the fifth input. You have a 32/32 chance of (100%)AG'ing on the sixth input. I'll throw both representations up in the first post.
  11. gbursine

    [VS] General Discussion

    It was super fun and super nice meetin ya'll. braver, ty for keeping the brackets going. you actually were running this shit in the end ^_^. ryuji, you are badass for driving so far just to play vsav casuals. sorry we didn't start sooner, so much random whatnot before I was able to organize whatnot. Big thanks to everyone who came, and whomever brought that second vsav setup.
  12. gbursine

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

    imo demitri's the best zoner. he's the only character that really makes everyone else work their way in slowly. as far as oki, they all got good oki game. characters with fast walkspeeds can make the tech strategic wakeups really ambiguous and slutty.
  13. gbursine

    [VS] General Discussion

    ctf and the break had a vampire savior machine, so I'm expecting some old heads to pop in and play too. it'll be good fun don't worry ^_^
  14. gbursine

    [VS] General Discussion

    ps2 import. 2nd best thing. still arcade perfect more or less
  15. gbursine

    [VS] General Discussion

    if there are people, i'll do a tourney ^_^. i'm tempted to bring my dreamcast just to show ya'll how i tech practice