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  1. its iaijutsu

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I've played a few games online and I've had one lag experience. It was pretty much unplayable. All my other games have been awesome tho. Win or lose, comp has been very respectful and fairly good as well. Mind you, I'm coming from MvC2 where cable scrubs and ragequitters run rampant. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with that anymore and I'd gladly take a couple of laggy games out of 20 then go back to playing mahvel
  2. its iaijutsu

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Just got it last night and boy am I rusty. All my practice with Johnny from before is not showing at all. On the plus side, I still feel very comfortable with Zappa. I've missed this game so much. If anyone wants to play, my psn is: houndiest Just say you're from dustloop so I know.
  3. its iaijutsu

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    really? Exposing ragequitters?! Me likey! Also, thinking about getting JP version..is play Asia the best source for JP psn cards?
  4. its iaijutsu

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I guess that's understandable. We've all waited this long, I guess a couple more weeks or a month is really a drop in the pond
  5. its iaijutsu

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Im just confused about why they wouldn't release the US version for Xbox and ps3 at the same time
  6. its iaijutsu

    [CSE] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    so i was up last night and i was doing: 66xx214b(fatal)>66xx214c>2c(jc)>j.2a>j.2c>2c(jc)>j.2a>air dash>j.2a>throw>falling j.2c>j.214b>throw i wanted to know if this is worth the stars? it does around 8200dmg on bang. i get a lot of fatal counters when i 66xx214b and i just came about this combo bs'in around last night. the combo starts with 6 stars and i pick up an extra one during combo to make the j.214b possible at the end.
  7. its iaijutsu

    Pokes/FRCs/Specials: Tricks and Uses

    thanks for the info..is there any uses for it besides knockdown...?
  8. its iaijutsu

    Pokes/FRCs/Specials: Tricks and Uses

    i was playing the computer jo today and while we were in the air i did jk-js which connected and when i went to do a hs the computer techs out and hits me with a enkasu. the confusing thing was that i was directly in front of him. is this just a glitch or is there something about 1-hits i don't know? i also noticed that my trajectory from it sent me away from him as opposed to up and i still couldn't tech(i shouldn't be able to tech anyway since it's a 1-hit i was just noting that i couldn't)
  9. its iaijutsu

    [AC] The List o' Mist Setups

    very true. i may have to try some variations to see if i can get a coin>combo>knockdown>mist
  10. its iaijutsu

    General Johnny Questions

    i suck at SB but i love IB..i'll have to practice a lot more in order to get that manly feeling..haha
  11. its iaijutsu

    [AC] The List o' Mist Setups

    not sure if this was posted yet: with opponent just out of corner - k-s-hs-MSJH-2k-2s-LMF2-tk enkasu-mist(frc). i'm not sure of the damage but i can check later.
  12. its iaijutsu

    Pokes/FRCs/Specials: Tricks and Uses

    @4r5: do you mean an empty jump->late ad.S crossup? also, i love the j.HS whiff->throw->air combo. i can't count the amount of times this works for me. the sight of johnny pulling his sword throws people into block mode and you can land and either high/low mixup or just go straight for the throw->air combo. i also like to do db frc->falling HS whiff/hit->embarassment..haha
  13. its iaijutsu

    Use for Fake GF

    i watched a video once(can't remember who was fighting) but sol combo'd into corner->backdash->gf feint->gf feint->tyrant rave..i think it worked because the other person was thinking he'd gf frc..he ended up airdashing in for combo but ran into a tyrant rave..personally i use gf feint just to keep people honest..a friend told me in the heat of the fight its not easy to differentiate the two on startup when you have to worry about a bunch of other things..just my 2 cents..
  14. its iaijutsu

    [AC] The List o' Mist Setups

    very true..i see what you mean..i'd do it if i wasn't pressed for coins..the joy of it is that it doesn't use tension and more often than not you can recoin and it disrupts pressure from your oppenent..like a rythym killer..i use it to turn the tables rather than the damage aspect..
  15. its iaijutsu

    [AC] The List o' Mist Setups

    i used to do it to get a knockdown if my mf was at lvl2..i never really combo'd before or after..just to mix things up if i'm being pressured or i'd like to move someone into the corner. depending on how far you are from the corner you can low mflvl2->tk enkasu->mist frc or 2p coin which leaves them in the corner and gets your lvl2 back. low mflvl2->tk enkasu works all the time but its more effective when your back is close to the corner because it leaves them in the corner and you ready to start your next attack..sorry if this doesn't answer what you were asking but i was a little confused by the question..im a little off today..sorry.