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  1. RedBeard

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    You have a nice Johnny. I'll have to eventually get some vids of myself too. The only thing I'll say is that he should have punished your jumpins a lot more than he was. I saw a lot of plain ol' airdashing after coins or whatnot which he should be anti-airing on reaction.
  2. RedBeard

    Throw bug?

    Like Mike Z said, Bridget with his 5P bug thing retains properties of what he was doing before he returns to a neutral state and taunts. So if you did a combo into a knockdown with OS and then threw Bridget during the taunt on his wakeup, the combo meter would not reset because of the 5P bug. Pretty sure Final Showdown has a combo vid on youtube where he shows this glitch to do an extended combo
  3. RedBeard

    General Johnny Questions

    Pretty much just more damage. If you're in range to do c.S instead of 5K in most situations, you should.
  4. RedBeard

    AC: Gameplay Specifics

    Just a small thing to note that I totally forgot to add Anji's Enkasu in the first part like a year ago. I completely forgot about it, though it's somewhat hard to do. Just a late jump j.P->j.P->j.P->j.D->Enkasu. No dash or anything necessary. Sorry about that.
  5. RedBeard

    [/] Slash Johnny Matchup Thread

    Saving this from pruning, though most of the information is outdated, there were some quality posts in this thread that still apply to AC somewhat...until we can determine what needs to be saved it shouldn't be pruned!
  6. RedBeard

    Axl v. Sol

    They'll generally drop like rocks after blocking any of your long range things in the air, but the important thing they achieve if blocked is wasting a hell of a lot of their tension(assuming they hit twice) and putting you back in a neutral situation, which in at least half of his matchups is good for Axl.
  7. RedBeard

    Improving tips?

    Well, IMO, what it comes down to is... Train yourself to have impeccable offense/execution of your highest damage combos and tricky setups/basic mixup game, then play opponents who also do this and you will learn to defend against them. I think a big part of the problem with most people is they just get lazy and don't complete their training. If you're not FRCing like second nature, or you're not hitting your reversal safe okizeme 95% etc, you need to hit training mode more. The best way for both you and your friends to improve is to finish learning offense before you begin learning defense, which you will naturally pick up by playing other good players.
  8. RedBeard

    [AC] Johnny vs Eddie

    ^This. Anything you do is risky at the start so waiting for him to make a move is ideal. Reason being that a backdash may result in an HS IH waiting for you. Doing any poke can wind up with an S IH trade which is most definitely worse for you than it is for him because if you get knocked down, you're in for a world of shit. Without tension in a neutral situation, there isn't as much to fear from Eddie at match start...so I think it's best to be cautious.
  9. RedBeard

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Hmm, I think the pros/cons lists can be fine but maybe there should be like a summary(the pros/cons stuff) and then a more detailed description below in paragraph style for a more in depth explanation(like what Juicy G did) on why that character is in the tier they are.
  10. RedBeard

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    *crickets* Well, just for the sake of it here's an old favorite of mine from MSY. Oh the good old days...dead first in GGX, dead last in AC! *sniff* Instant Dizzy combos! 1 tap deaths! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es8QahflnNQ
  11. RedBeard

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Just to add something to Axl that I don't see added: Even from full screen knockdowns from Rensengeki or Bentengari(H), he retains good, reversal safe pressure(dashjump j.S), which can string into any of his mixups. Hmm, and I disagree about his damage. Axl does pretty heavy damage for 25% tension, and it leads into knockdown. His normal knockdown stuff doesn't do much damage but whenever he tosses out 25% tension it turns into a lot, especially in the corner. Just to add to Johnny one con I forgot: Pretty much every move of his is no longer burst safe. I realize it's like this for a lot of the cast but aside from like 2P/5P/c.S, nothing of his is burst safe anymore(including 5K and ALL of his air moves, meaning unless he JCs something he is burstable, even j.P's...). So erm, in short, his burst blocking ability kind of went to shit other than a few specific instances where he now needs to commit to combos or JC something to burst block. Of course he can still Mist Cancel but that falls under commiting to combos.
  12. RedBeard

    AC: Basic and Situational Combos

    ? You can do it if you hit the opponent on the ground. Begin charging while you're in the air and do a dashing Rashousen and if you time it properly it will hit them on wakeup. I've done it plenty of times in matchplay when the opponent isn't airborne so I'm not sure what you're referring to. Another thing to note would be that comboing a 63214S mid-combo...if you start the combo with a throw, the opponent will tech if it's I believe 8 hits or under. However, if you start the combo with any normal hit you can get somewhere up to like 15 hits before they can tech the slide. I haven't messed with it too much but I'm sure for some combos it would be useful to end with Raieisageki into the unblockable.
  13. RedBeard

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Johnny Pros: +Overall high defensive ratings +Great corner pressure/corner mixups +Air to air/air to ground game is exceptional. +Decent reach +One of the best anti-airs in the game. +Assuming he has tension/coin landed, his comboability off of random hits is excellent. +Gains tension quickly +Throw has a decent variety of options and setups +Gained some fairly easy mid-screen knockdown combos. Unfortunately, many of these require 25% tension. Cons: -0 advantageous matchups -Gets killed by characters who run away/zone effectively and can't let them back off. -No real mid-screen pressure to speak of. -0 zoning capability -Pokes have slow startup, and generally have horrible recovery when whiffed. -No shoryu means the opponent doesn't need to fear much of anything from Johnny during pressure unless he has 50% tension. -Damage caps around 190-240 tops. Most characters in AC do comparable damage and many can far exceed what he's capable of now. -Requirements for his higher end damage don't match up to the damage they do. -More tension/coin dependant in AC. NEEDS Level 2 to do almost anything. -Tension/Coinless options are somewhat limited. -Tensionless/Coinless options non existant due to DB and Jackhound nerfs. -Mist(214P) nerfed badly. So slow that you generally need to FRC it or land an air throw to successfully do the unblockable. -Divine Blade(Air 236S) and Jackhound(214D) nerfed to all hell. Two of his main combo starting moves no longer work properly. -Since he NEEDS tension to be a threat in general, he can no longer toss out defensive manuevers without thinking because it's a big sacrafice. -Since his defensive options are so expensive and/or unsafe, there are many times where characters will essentially run all over Johnny and there is little he can do about it.
  14. RedBeard

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Hmm, list is too sloppy looking and not direct enough from what I see above, I'll have to make it more concise later...
  15. RedBeard

    Johnny forum complaints/questions/suggestions.

    I've begun serious work on the Combo guide, but it takes a lot of testing and whatnot so it's moving at a slower pace than I'd like. So take a gander at the combo topic if you have a minute and gimme some suggestions. Ignore the "builders tools" I left in there :p.