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  1. Lord Knight

    [CF] Nine the Phantom General Discussion Thread

    sea moss gate is amazing
  2. Lord Knight

    [CF] Nine the Phantom General Discussion Thread

    Hello, this has been investigated This isn't mentioned in the wiki, but there are actually 2 types of "projectiles". Actual projectiles (think Hazama's chains) and "projectile strikes". I actually don't know how to translate this properly, it's 飛び道具属性 and 弾属性, respectively. Platinum's Persia has invulnerabilty vs projectile strikes, but Hakumen's sword only cuts projectiles - so Hakumen can't cut Nine's normals, but Platinum can hop through them. More at 11.
  3. Lord Knight

    [CF] Nine the Phantom General Discussion Thread

    They use kanji for the elements.
  4. I mean in this case, we have footage of her (Unlimited mode notwithstanding) - so it's pretty easy for me to say, lol.
  5. The only things Nine and Margaret have in common are that they are both tall, female, and have God Hand.
  6. Welcome to competitive games, it happens.
  7. SMP is only removed on normals, but damage is still affected negatively (iirc) Also, SMP still applies to special moves
  8. www.twitter.com/lordknightbb Sorry I can't post the screenshots directly atm, but I posted a bunch here if anyone wants to look. I capped her: 1) Dash 2) God Hand (overhead) 3) Sylph spell 4) Normals 5) Win pose (bonus!) 6) Crimson Raid
  9. I find that somewhat likely too. Plus, it's an outright new BB game - usually there's a bunch of BS in the original version, and then they tone it down. Anyway, I'm playing Nine.
  10. Can't link it atm, but I saw a clip on Twitter of Noel doing 4.1k off raw 5B. Give them some time.
  11. Lord Knight

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Hi, I made a room with the search id - dum3 Please join my room if you're 2 bar/3f delay and play Elphelt
  12. Do you know if anyone checked whether or not 6K > 5K [2S or fS] > S disc worked on crouching Jam?
  13. Lord Knight

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    1.1 - S.Mitsuru is easier since she does more damage, but Mitsuru is fundamentally better. I feel like S.Mitsuru is a crutch tbh, but she can also function as a viable counterpick. 2.0 - S.Mitsuru doesn't have meter cooldown and has access to Awakening supers at all times, making her the better pick.
  14. Lord Knight

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    it's not a wrong statement either learn to deal with bs or pick the bs
  15. Lord Knight

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7981-p4au-mitsuru-kirijo-gameplay-discussion/page-9#entry850146 required reading