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  1. yes, normally zoners who dont dominate 100 percent of the time in a matchup think its automatically disadvantageous for now, i think it's even. your argument isn't convincing enough and the videos you've linked doesnt really go against what ive said

  2. yeah, i watched it. it just didnt convince me otherwise.

  3. after watching 2 of those vidoes, i still cant see this matchup being not even. the majority of rounds kyaro won were usually at the 50 second mark, usually after getting beat up for the entire round, and getting in and converting with jayoku or hirentetsu RC. actually, both rachel players used tactics i didnt consider to keep hazama at bay, further reinforcing my opinion on the match. haz CA is ass honsetly, i was thinking you could maybe bait with 6b or something but they used lobelia and hit him with CH out of it. i know rachel has 4 primers too but rachel has way more opportunities to take primers than haz, haz needs a corner knockdown to get it safely, and thats assuming rachel doesnt do some abare shit on wakeup honestly, it might just be one of your own personal weaknesses.

  4. on top of that he has no reversal options (besides hail mary jayoku and a shitty CA with no range and 0 knockback) and he has 4 primers. i feel like (and in my matches) when rachel gets momentum quickly or when haz makes a bad decision about movement early in the match, rachel wins, but if haz can keep rachel from placing lobelias how she wants and builds meter safely, he can win if he hits her. remember, the average jp player is actually about the same as the average us player. if you have some matches of high psr haz players vs high psr rachel players, ill gladly watch and see what they do to make it a 6-4 matchup, because for me personally, this is a pretty annoying matchup.

  5. like i said, both sides have their problems. yeah it might feel like it sucks cause you dont get free approaches and its hard/impossible to get him to block george midscreen, but honestly rachel dominates haz in early game. she not only converts random hits into damage better than he can, but she does it more consistently than he does. he is fast but has to waste chain options to get around TD and cant do shit about solar iris. again, i feel like the biggest factor that rachel has to worry about is his runback potential because of his high damage/meter gain once he gets jayoku to connect

  6. i get my information from playing and my own thoughts about what happened - hazama is one of my serious alts. i thought it was even in cs2 as well, this time the chain blockstun/hitstun level went down and his damage went down, but he's able to move better. pressure is a bit better but that doesnt matter much cause its haz. generally the match is the same in my opinion - rachel can be a bit annoying and blow him around, and if there are lobelia's set he cant move at all. on top of that, the only way he can stop your lobelias are to clash them with chains, which arent very beneficial for him, especially if rachel has other items out. in the, rachel might struggle when he has 2 chains, but the moment he moves even once, it automatically becomes easier. the main thing she has to worry about, just like everyone else, is his runback factor, and his freedom of movement when she doesnt have items placed. i think the start of the round is hardest for rachel.

  7. you can use my name if you want, i dont care. only condition is you have to let me read/hear the completed speech lol

  8. its actually really frustrating for me :/ if makoto wasnt dead id play you, my other alts are too hard for coast to coast

  9. sorry, i dont really want to play wc, even when the connection is stable i still cant do stuff that i need to do in most of my matchups :/

  10. the reason is the staff needs to be a certain distance away for it to combo without meter, everyone knows to watch for litchi's meter vs hakumen/tager but people didnt know about that yet

  11. im sad that i didnt know about 5b aa then, watching the match he looked hella vulnerable to it. i also held out on meterless instant overheads cause the tourney was in like 10 min and i didnt know if i was going to play him

  12. you can always mash litchi when you think she'll put the stick down btw, he ALWAYS thought i was going to do it, that's why he kept getting hit by delay 6D

  13. if you can combo then you'll probably do all right

  14. it's hakumen lol, i probably got hit like one or two times

  15. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to not make an XBL Plebian's Playground. You can set up a netplay tourney on your own if you wish.

  16. a game like that just would be too tough to play if there was lag :/

  17. i never went to chariot, its like an hour away from tokyo, and the only time i went to chiba was for tougeki.

  18. i dont have a console, so its impossible right now

  19. i played all the jins everyone fangasms over. the only two that really beat me were tetsuwo and dennou, once i played dennou some more i got used to his playstyle and did fine, but i only played 3 or 4 games vs tetsuwo and got killed every time.

  20. provide a console and i'll gladly play you

  21. apparently, i'm already able to do it, lollll