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  1. The shorter resulting combo does about the same damage as CPEX due to the twiddling of the damage #'s As for 6a, it's big, and is also jump cancelable, so in hit confirming situations it's going to give you more options then 5b (not jump cancelable/less chains), and more range in spacings where things like 2a tip > 5c would whiff. Losing the reverse prorate/combo segment, but gaining a 'real' utility normal, I find the new version more practical.
  2. 5Hs with sword is a surprisingly applicable normal. It comes from the ground, which allows her to crush some very important low pokes at a range. Mainly Sol sweep, even on normal hit you get a full combo off H as you can link rising j.p or airdash j.k
  3. If there's a hole in your spacing it's probably j.d as a poke. J.d has one of the biggest hitboxes of any air move in the game, and almost none of it is vulnerable. With the added ability to aim it, and full dustloops off RC on normal hit, it's very very strong in neutral.
  4. It's a process of elimination, if it's not coming out do it later, if you're getting 6p make sure the stick returns to neutral. Practise a lot.
  5. Just a note, if your execution is up to it, Gdauro > (no sword) H > Gdauro > (no sword) H > j.8d adds some damage in the corner. It also autotimes to hit when the launch from dauro is at its lowest, letting you get two greens on not-feathers easily.
  6. If you toranashi in pressure gaps you get full corner carry and mixup ... on block!
  7. But that damage. Q - no wake-up is a preset time unaffected by anything except some characters have non-standard timings. Don't know how much that has changed since AC
  8. It floats them higher, the normal one badly lifts them, so the untech time runs out after they lands.
  9. Can do the challenge mode combo splat > c.S > H > tk j.2H > c.S > 2s > IAD j.H > tk j.8d > ppp
  10. Dauro dashing rising j.p is really hard even dauro pk dashing rising j.p is hard Not to my knowledge, I just hold down 9 after iad as a habit for not double jumping with up directional normals
  11. Off cmd grab I've only been able to squeeze out- 236k>cS>j9D |>IAD jK:S:9D |> IAD LATE jK:Sj8D |> Max dash pp:p> dash > wait cS> :fS 6S 66:cS 6H 66cS IAD :j.H |> 2d (tk j.2s oki) So a total of 3 for that starter, I think for almost every situation it's: (stater dependant - potentital dauro) c.S > j.8d > Two iad loops > splat Have yet to test the viability of splat > 2s/2h routes with how funky they are, don't seem to get as good knockdown compared to [Enemy Crouching after splat > 2d], but comboing into super is a strong potential option.
  12. 1 dauro equals 1 dust from what I can tell. You get at max 4. So double dauro into c.s j8d into iad once. Also
  13. Cmd grab optimization - [sH+] 236k > c.s > j.8d (> iad j.ks8d)x2 > ppp > c.s > f.s > 6s > c.s > 6h > c.s > iad j.h > 2d Should be univsersal, tested and confirmed on sin(all mediums) pot, bedman, millia, ino, ram. Don't have elphelt. Notes for timings: Heavies- can do j.kps8d on the second rep if you think they're too low. Feathers- try to get them low on the very first c.s, and with every follow up iad do j.k as late as you can. You can do the j.k's later if you get a good j.8d late chain, letting you recover faster. It seems you can simply add the double Set iad ender whoever people were instead doing splat>iad j.s stuff or 214k knockdown.
  14. J.p xn will blockstring them back into it, a lot less committal compared to j.d as well. J.p is also fast enough to beat pretty much any button they hit in the air.
  15. If the opponent is stuck high on the wall you have to coax them down. You can accomplish this by letting them fall a bit before c.s and then late chaining into f.s. hitting high with ppp doesn't change your ability to combo in my experience