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  1. ThaMusli

    [CSE] Taokaka Combo Thread

    Keep on trying things out! Dont spend to much time in challenge mode tho. There are more rewarding combos that are not that much harder. Go through the combo tutorial video on the first page. Those combos cover pretty much every situation there are.
  2. ThaMusli

    [CSE] Taokaka Combo Thread

    You are simply not timing it right. Slightly delay j.9D so that you will not fly over them is needed. Be sure to use j.C as soon as the j.9D connects and JC into j.C>236BBBBB. Try to be as high up as possible when connecting the last j.C since that will make it easier to hit all of the cs2(236b). What's important in this combo (and many other Tao combos) is to achive the right height to connect all of the 236Bs. The timing and height varies from diffrent characters so this is something you will have to learn.
  3. ThaMusli

    [CSE] Taokaka Combo Thread

    Thanks to everyone maintaining the Tao forum since extend! I've been using the video thread and combo thread a great deal and it have helped me alot. Something i was curious to know but did not manage to find info about is on what characters 6B>5B connects on when the opponent are crouching (non counterhit). So i took the time and test it out on the cast and discovered that it does connect on more characters then i expected. It connected on Litchi, Lambda, Rachel, Mu, Taokaka, Ragna, Makoto, Arakune and Noel. The timing on Litchi, Lambda, Rachel, Mu and Taokaka was free (kinda like the timing on 5c>JC>j.b on some characters). A little stricter on Ragna and Makoto but still practical. The times i got it to connect on Noel and Arakune however seemed totally random and inconsistent. Since the opponent is crouching you can follow up the 5B with a 6A into around 2800-3000 damage. That is nice damage from a overhead! English is not my first language so dont bash me D:
  4. ThaMusli

    [CS2] Taokaka Combo and BnB thread.

    Hiya. I have trouble getting the 236CC -> 5D~A to work in the corner vs Mu. I've been trying diffrent timings for a while now and nothing workes D: