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  1. dumba989

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Anyone know if this still works in 1.04? Tried doing it w/out getting a black bead & I'm not too sure (Timestamp is 1:12 if you don't get it on the link) https://youtu.be/ryd3nEX73j0?t=1m12s
  2. dumba989

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Don't know if anyone posted this on here but ArisCool posted some tech on his channel for Sol as well Sol stun setup which was made in 1.03 Patch, should still work in 1.04
  3. dumba989

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

  4. dumba989

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Is there a list/location for all of the dust & side dust combos for the latest patch in October 2016?
  5. dumba989

    [GGAC] Baiken - short Q&A Thread (merged)

    Ok gonna start practicing now, thanks for the reply.
  6. dumba989

    [GGAC] Baiken - short Q&A Thread (merged)

    Ok so I just started actually playing this game yesterday & am familiar with certain things such as the engine & whatnot and am currently practicing on the 360/PS3 version of GGXXAC, I'm curious as to whether it is worth it on invest time learning her combos now or to wait for +R to come out because some things seem significantly different.
  7. dumba989

    [Mar 29-31, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI - Atlanta, GA

    is anyone playing p4u in their room?
  8. Actually make that two........
  9. dumba989

    Eight On the Break Local Tournament Interest Check!

    Hopefully things work out.