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  1. Sooo watch dat ragna story retelling?

  2. ehh o.o i like knives? :D

  3. K, I guess. It's just that we all know each other and meet up offline. Hope you come home soon?

  4. No but i felt like i belonged in your group more than others. Even if i don't live in LA i do learn quickly and BB is the only fighter ill obsess over. think of me as a member away from home.

  5. So why'd you add yourself to our group? Are you in LA or coming to it?

  6. OMG TALES!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  7. Redgale


    great now i know theres a limit on meter for a reason :D. I wanted to ask does the fact Hazama, the guy i even thought would be ass and apparently jourdal too, having a 10k combo still worry you in the least? Or a better question who do you think has become more of a threat overall?
  8. Ah i get it :D. and thats so cool! hey did you see how they're all "ok done" *opponent techs seconds later* after ID? i swear you can 22C that now. Ill be more patient :x

  9. Just stay patient regarding the Ragna stuff, eventually they'll release the mook and we'll have a more reliable source to post changes about. I don't think 22C is faster, it's just that they now allow you to directly cancel 3C into 22C in any situation. This is why I think you should just read the changes thread more often and be patient. Eventually we'll compile an accurate, organized list of CS2 changes.

  10. Thread got owned by Titanium before i got to organise and answer questions. YES dead spike corner loops are midscreen and corner but midscreens a lil harder but do-able, I believe in that mess i listed the way Dead spike sends your opponent flying away. thank god its not as much as berial edge. Oh yea Rapid cancel really is like, i guess you could call it spamed with this guy now XD. dat meter gain

  11. I just started the darn thing and didnt get to organise and take out stuff. but yea you can 3C and before they even fall halfway ypu can 22C. There is actual important changes in there but i guess it was an overload.

  12. -_- y u close thread? i said id organise it i JUST started it, Im sorry yea i should've tried the ragna change thread. there was some stuff i know that wasn't listed that i had't seen and those people we're asking good questions too :( Oh yea to answer your question 22C comes out faster, like you can 3C and theres not even a delay & other character can fall halfway and you'll be able do it. Some one asked about the dead spike loops, YES we are doing that and they're solid in the corner only because dead spike now sends your opponent flying , but not as much as Berial edge...thad suck.

  13. I know this is random but hey anything to help if help hasn't been given. You TK depending on what the command is like if its j.214B you would 2147B, thad be a TK gauntlet Hades right there or a TK for Hazama wind serpent fang. so i could tell you up front Mu can TK her air 214D and 236D for her steins(spelling). 2147D 2369D