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  1. http://www.bandainamco.co.jp/files/E38389E383A9E382B4E383B3E3839CE383BCE383ABE38395E3.pdf Looks great, out next year.
  2. 1.07 and 1.02 already available on Europe
  3. Looks really good, and I see they are using Unreal 4 now. There is a lot of buzz online about the game, really happy that ASW is getting the recognition they deserve from outside the FGS. Looking forward to play the beta this summer.
  4. Popular enough I guess, the last 2 Xenoverse games sold a little over 1 million. I think this could be good for ASW if they do a good job, maybe they will get more request to make games from popular franchises, Naruto for example...... or
  5. Only 1.01 on PS4 for me. Anyone from Europe has it on PS4?.
  6. Is not out for me. This comes with update 1.02?.
  7. -New playable characters: Hibiki Kohaku and Naoto Kurogane (from Bloodedge Experience novels). -Loke test on July 19 and 20th. -New character select art by Katou Yuuki (CS artist). Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxXGVJSINHk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxXGVJSINHk
  8. Looks like is out in Japan with the last update. I'm talking about After Story B .
  9. Story Part B is only up for Japan?.
  10. The story feels like a trilogy to me. Only one more game left. Speculation of course. Blazblue was also conceived as a trilogy but the story got to big for 3 games.
  11. I doubt it will happen, the other artbooks are out of print too, they should re-print them, there must be some demand.
  12. Do we know if Revelator's save game is compatible with Rev2?, talking about the disc version.
  13. CF Memorial Book.
  14. Preview: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1259817085 First episode on december,10.
  15. REV2 limited edition for Europe. http://www.ricedigital.co.uk/store/guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-limited-edition-ps4 Not worth the money in my opinion.
  16. Some Xblaze designs/concept art translated. https://kantopia.wordpress.com/tag/xblaze/
  17. All-Aksys!‏ @AllAksys 3h3 hours ago Join us on 04/03/2017 at 4PM PST for an exclusive first look at the PS4 version of Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2! https://www.twitch.tv/aksysnation
  18. Tomorrow. http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv293882816
  19. And talking about music, I wonder if Central Fiction soundtrack is going to get a release or not.
  20. I guess they have no intention to touch M.O.M mode, personally I have zero fun with this mode, but I guess is normal because Abyss Mode in CPEX was so good.
  21. Loke test next week.
  22. Blazblue announced for Nintendo Switch, no subtitle yet but I guess is going to be Central Fiction. Maybe this is going to be the announcement for the fighting awards tournament. Edit: ASW is saying: " A BlazBlue series game ", I guess is a little ambiguous, maybe is not a normal BB game, something like a party fighting game?.
  23. lol, that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if they no longer print/sell the physical copies of Remix Heart, at least the first volumes.