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  1. sinder

    [CF] Carl General Discussion (Changelist in OP)

    Impulse bought the game (or pre ordered) So is the following a true unlockable reset That's the standard corner combo im seeing after 3D lock down. It doesn't seem consistent
  2. sinder

    [CF] Match Finder

    So the fake 4 bar issue wasnt fixed lol... Did they include Es anywhere? Apparently there was a code for her and some colors
  3. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Badass Astral combo (requires OD, but super easy) ~Anything that leads to tenerezza in C-O-N>5B>2B>activate OD>5B>6B>6D>Fully charged 6C (start charging using gatling from 6B to 6C)>64641236D I've been trying to use astrolls more and this combo was pretty cool. With the input buffer nerf 3C>astral is too hard Been using a lot more OD stuff since bursting with Carl is so useless now, especially with the buffs Ada gets in Overdrive
  4. sinder

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Is titan allowed then? I actually got used to the DS4 after finding shortcuts for DPs and 3 Also, why do I keep seeing 4 bars that go down to 0 after a while? Actually, connection bars in this game are poor in general. Can't get into some player matches because it takes so long for the bars to load (if they show up at all)
  5. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Video Thread

    Carl challenge 20 solution: https://youtu.be/KCoHtJ-RIAU
  6. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    ^It's not character specific, but for some reason j.B places him at a higher height than other characters. I was able to get it to work but it isn't consistent with him. Everybody else (including Carl himself) was pretty straight forward Also explains why carl's challenge combos seem impossible lol Yep. If you go into training mode, you'll notice that j.C barely misses Azrael after the j.B sometimes His airborne hitbox is weird, that's all
  7. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    ^Ahaaa I was almost right I thought it was allecan *10 like psyk with 2C>5C>cantata Excellent job dude
  8. sinder

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    I'm using the dual shock 4 too Everything is fine except for inputs that involve "3" which hinders my character a lot I have to switch from d pad to analog often. Not too bad, but can be cumbersome
  9. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Damn, even though that looks impossible for the average Carl player to do, you actually found a UB loop this go-round Unbelievable and impressive at the same time :')
  10. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Yes. I haven't really followed this game much for a while and I forgot about a majority of the changes that have happened Will try to post things I find as well. Apparently Carl can get to 5k without Nirvana (according to challenge 20) even if the combo seems to be impractical (which it is, based on the routes I' going to squeeze damage) I'm curious as to what the combos will look like
  11. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Wow, i'm having trouble connecting certain j.b>j.c's I am not liking tightness this go around. Gonna be a hassle trying to find optimized combos now. I'll also update with some stuff I find
  12. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Video Thread

    a-cho BBCP ver2.0 録画対戦会(2014.12.30) ??? (CA) vs ??? (CE), https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=xFkbml9bBNg#t=1809 ??? (CA) vs ??? (PL) ??? (CA) vs ??? (PL) ??? (CA) vs ??? (PL) ??? (CA) vs ??? (v-11)
  13. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Video Thread

    **New Video Data Base Tab is on DL now. Hopefully this link can go on the very first post in this thread. This site holds links for Nico Nico vids. TONS of videos for Carls and others characters in the game Enjoy: http://horibuna.web.fc2.com/BBCP/BBCP_CA.html#RG Another needed update. From my understanding Eesuke jumped ship to Azrael, Ryuusei is back to Jin and I have no idea about Itoh Sae. Mizuki and Dio seem to be the only consistent Carl players, along with the new guys 12/30/2014 Shinjuku Sportsland ??? (CA) vs Kinoko (VK) Dio (CA) vs Minami (BA) Dio (CA) vs Zero (RA) Team Execution Video ??? (CA) vs ??? (AM) ??? (CA) vs ??? (AK) ??? (CA) vs ??? (KG) ??? (CA) vs ??? (TK) <---- Anima can beat her wake up Claw Distortion Drive? Didn't know that ??? (CA) vs ??? (PL) ??? (CA) vs ??? (v13) 12/31/14 5 on 5 Mizuki (CA) ??? (VK) Mizuki (CA) vs ??? (AK) Mizuki (CA) vs ??? (PL) Mizuki (CA) vs ??? (BG) 01/02/2015 立川♂5BBCP2金曜ランバトシングル戦 Mizuki (CA) vs ??? (BL) Mizuki (CA) vs ??? (TG) BBCP2 12/26/2014 Tachikawa 3on3 Dio (CA) vs Shino (NO) Team Execution Video- 12/24/2014 ??? (CA) vs ??? (LI)
  14. sinder

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Video Thread

    11/14/2014 Tachikawa 3 on 3 Mizuki (CA) vs Binbinmaru (RG) Mizuki (CA) vs Fumo (AR) Mizuki (CA) vs Goro (MK) 5/12/14 Tachikawa BBCP singles CP 1.0 not 2.0Mizuki (CA) vs Teru (HK) Deyo (CA) vs Yamashiro (TG) 29/11/14 Mirai Yume Aoyama BBCP San chi (TE) vs Ren za (CA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etGPUrvudBg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEVD_XMRRzg That's it ;_;
  15. sinder

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Combo Thread (Updated 09/30/2014)

    This so much I was trying to add healing into combos. didn't think 214C/D was useful outside of oki