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  1. SuperScarfy

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    I went to Pacific Media Expo yesterday, and there were at least three BlazBlue cosplayers. Not a huge amount by any means, but they were there. Noel (she said that her guns were being used in the masquerade at that moment when I asked her for a picture. I never saw her again, so that's why there's no Bolverk) Hazama Taokaka There were a couple of Guilty Gear ones as well. Bridget (an actual trap, no less) Baiken
  2. SuperScarfy

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    Heh, I love this one. I would have expected Saya's face in the last panel to be a bit more on the angry side though, rather than just maniacal. Not that there's anything wrong with or out of place about a crazy expression at all, but considering why she was strangling Terumi in the first place I would have expected her to look a little less happy. Nonetheless, great job overall. ...You know what? Those sprites actually don't need too much editing in order to become young BlazBlue Saya sprites.