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  1. LastStarSaviour

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    I guess the entirety of the Over The World tournament is a great place to start. Under-Night In-Birth Exe Late: OVER THE WORLD -REBORN- Last Qualification Phrases: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Breaktime Main Tournament: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  2. Haven't played a good izayoi yet. Not much of the old crew plays much

  3. Nah, I switched to Izayoi. I don't play BB that much anymore.

  4. Sure is. Noel has changed a lot or is she still ur girl

  5. Good to hear. I haven't played much of the game but he seems like a fun character.

  6. Completely love everything about azrael and yea I'm playing Azrael as my main and carl sub due to the fact I cant properly do tenerezza -_-

  7. Cool, how are you finding Azrael? More interesting to you than Carl right now? Or are you playing both?

  8. Yea been training my azrael and re working my techniques

  9. Indeed it has, sorry about that. What's up? Been playing anything recently?

  10. LastStarSaviour

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    Sadly, Mitsuru's sweep is still beating 5A and Coup Droit clean. You can see it happening quite a few times in this match here. I must say though, all of the changes have me really excited. The feint from 5/4/6B is amazing and her new 5AAA>4B string puts her almost all the way back at neutral.
  11. lol awesome i hope the competion will be even more fierce this go around. yea i took a break to view the world then went and won some tourney's but i am definatly back to the scene

  12. Holy crap dude, haven't heard from you in a long while. Yeah, Noel's REALLY friggin scary this time around. But then, so is Carl from what i've heard about his changes. Looks like we'll both be getting what we want in this iteration of the game, lol.

  13. sup star, man just caught some recent CP vids with TONS of noels, i guess sexy mode got even more sexier

  14. LastStarSaviour

    [CSE] Noel Vermillion C-C-C-COMBO COMPILATION!!!

    4D/j.4D (note that for the j.4D combo to work your opponent needs to be facing the corner) combos while Noel is backed against the corner: 4D/j.4D>d.6A>d.6C>Assault Through>wall-bounce>66C (2)>jump cancel>j.D>4D>Bloom Trigger>6C>22BBBBC (It does work with various numbers of shots)>dash>6C>5D>d.6B>d.5B>d.5D>d.5C>Bloom Trigger j.4D version: [4813 Damage] [56 Heat] 4D version: [5416] [56 Heat] I must say though, once this thread has a full stock of combos I need to go check and see if all of these are universal or not...a grueling process ensues. :8/: