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  1. Chozo003

    Is there a guide to GG for people coming from BB?

    Some kind of deity, probably. I don't know, I'm kind of interested in learning to play GG as well, but I think I could probably manage to do so without a guide geared specifically towards me as a BB player. If what the others say is true and they're so radically different aside from aesthetics, it may actually be better to start off with no ill conceived notions of what the game is like, right?
  2. Chozo003

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Will do, thanks.
  3. Chozo003

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Is there a way to mod a TE stick to play on both 360 and PS3? I own a 360 but my locals plays on PS3. =\
  4. Chozo003

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    Does anybody have a link to some match videos?
  5. Yup, totally my fault. Will pay more attention in the future.

  6. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Dream crush, they don't ship to Canada... Ah well, it's extremely doubtful I would have been able to buy one before midnight today, anyway. Thanks for the artwork link by the way, Corinthatic.
  7. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Damn, too bad I missed that, could have split with a friend. So uhhh... art. How do I get that made, as in printed and shipped or whatever? Sorry for the abundance of questions.
  8. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Awesome, thanks. I'm probably going to end up with either the TE or the non-TE.
  9. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Is it going to explode on me or something? o_o Where would I order replacement parts and such?
  10. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Well, what's the best sub-$100 (preferably less than $80 though, as mentioned before) stick I'd be able to get without modding? I want something reasonably durable and dependable to last me a while before I for something more expensive like the TE. Note: I'm a 360 player
  11. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    That thing looks like it's $140+...
  12. Anybody know if there exists a tournament bracket maker for Macs?
  13. Chozo003

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Alright so with Christmas coming up I'm considering getting my first fighting stick, since I've now got a locals to go to and actually have a reason to learn it (they play PS3, so I'd rather learn stick and just play that than go back and forth between the two different pads). My question is, what would be a good stick to start out with? I've heard the Hori EX2 is good to start with, but I'd like to get something that'll last me a long time and doesn't need replacing until I decide to spring for something really high quality (probably far off, so yeah this thing has to last me a while). I'd prefer to stay under $80, but if there's something of extremely good value I could go higher. Any suggestions?
  14. Chozo003

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Unfortunately I'm going to be showing up late, lol.
  15. Chozo003

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Alright, looks like I'm "learning" stick. A phrase which here means that I'm going to be thrust into a tournament full of far better players than me and trying to figure out how to control my character while simultaneously not losing within the first ten seconds of each round. Should be a good time. =) Also, checking out that tutorial thanks.