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  1. I believe that somehow this is a consequence of the big cast BB has now (not a bad thing). There are less players using each character because of the huge cast. So, I think is harder to fill the characters info. On the other hand, I agree that people is building a lot of tech in twitter and discord just to be lost later with all those posts. Discord has some nice features but finding the respective character's discord is hard enough and discord is not known to many new people. Discord is a great tool, but it is very exclusive. It is not very open to the masses. A board like this or a wiki is totally open, you don't even need to have an account to find information, also finding dustloop in google is easier than finding Carl's discord (for example).
  2. I think those numbers are normal. The fighters, in general, are falling slowly. SFV sold less than its predecessor, KOFXIV sold poorly, Xrd and Revelator didn't sell that much either. I think most people doesn't want fighters right now. And we can scale this even to console games in general. The sales numbers in console games are much lower than they used to be years ago. I think that BB needs a break (it hurts ). I hope they give some DLC support to see characters like Jubei in (and why not a couple more :3), balancing support and ports to other platforms (please, no extend). Then, maybe some years in the future they can revive the saga with some major visual/gameplay changes. Right now, the market is changing, look at the mobiles (arcades is also a thing over there), they are going strong and console numbers is a reflection of that. BB will not survive in that console struggle (very few games are managing to do that), it needs to rest and maybe to come back later when the demand is higher. Just let's enjoy what we have and play the s*** out of it :D . BB has been an awesome saga and it has demonstrated its great value over the years. For me, CF is the best iteration so far, one of the most solid fighting games so far. Sales numbers reflect how much demand a game had, and right now console games demand is not high. This is my opinion.
  3. Quick question! Is the Jump Cancel OD gone? I have been trying to cancel Makoto's j5B with a jump before doing OD to have maximum time, but it seems that it always activates an Overdrive Cancel after the jump.
  4. I love this game so much that I just bought it a second time just to play the demo, since the limited edition doesn't have it :3 Mai looks great in gameplay. Good pressure, lots of tools, good projectile. Can't wait to return from work to play with Nine :D
  5. She looks great, a lot of potential in that neutral game. Can she stack her power-ups like Jam?
  6. Are there some global changes, like gravity or something?
  7. Finally, about time we got a balance patch... I expect some Nerfs on Sol also xD, and buffs for Pot, Ram and Jam.
  8. Those are not good numbers. In Costa Rica, GG has a bit more support than BB. However, I noted that the GG community is overall older (in age) than BB's community. Most of them, play GG because they played the old GGs before. So, older players went with GG, while newer players went with BB, and a very few of us went both. That's how the scene is here in Costa Rica. In defense of GG, SFV sold quite low too, for a SF game. Maybe is a thing of the genre and not a thing with the game.
  9. My preorder is done :3 , nice find!
  10. Pretty nice!! I expect two more chars for console, last time we had Terumi, Kagura and Kokonuts :3. Probably Mai (since Remix Heart is the only spin-off left that doesn't have a representant is the cast) and some other character. Jubei is gonna be held until Extend lol
  11. The armor from that special looks useful, she looks like a fun character to play. Lots and lots of lab work with all her options
  12. She looks neat! Does the article say anything new? The float thing is more interesting than her drive actually, does her attacks properties change while floating? Like making all of them overhead? Questions questions :3 . I'm hoping one new character for Act 3 in arcades before consoles, then 3 or 4 more for consoles + Extend.
  13. There's still a lot of space in that character select Btw, the gameplay we have seen is Nine as a boss character, is she in her unlimited form there?
  14. Awesome character!!! Good design, interesting gameplay, new stuff. That's why I love BB. Is there any info about when she is going to be released?
  15. What's the meaning behind this "rating"? Is it an indicator about how good or bad is a character?