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  1. alright hopeful i make it xD

  2. I have no idea where it is near San Jose. I'm actually not sure where any of them are but the one near GameCenter as they don't run near me. They probably have a website though, I'm really not the best person to ask on this subject.

  3. Where is Cal Train?

  4. San Jose is about 30 minutes out of the way in an already possibly 2 hour drive. You should try posting in the NCI and/or the NorCal thread and ask for a ride. I know some people come from San Jose as well. In the worse case senario you could take Cal Train. The station is literally right next to GameCenter.

  5. OK check first : 1823 Libretto CT San Jose CA 95131

  6. Yeah I'm going. PM me where you live and if it's on the way I should be able to.

  7. Hey u going to the tournament tomorrow? If u are can u pick me up and with my new my brother. Because its his first time in a tournament

  8. umm sure but did i need anything specific to dual the fightstick ?

  9. Umm... I can try although I had a lot of help with mine. You use my soddering iron if you want though.

  10. Hey bro Do u think you can help me dual my joystick. it's the basic SF4 SE fightstick for the xbox 360.

  11. Chun just a quick question because I'm in Japan and missing out is Super NCI going to be the Last ? and where is it going to be held ?
  12. xD alright and it because i couldn't make it back in time and I ask if someone was willing to drive me but to tournament in Fremont but that was a fail xD oh well maybe next time
  13. tournament on the 16th ? where at ?