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  1. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    i can understand that. stuff like that happens with 5H and 6H as well.
  2. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    any videos? because 5S is not active for that long, but dead angles are all invulnerable for a period of time.
  3. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    whose dead angles does it beat?
  4. Nives

    How I utilized BB FRC ?_?

    i think 6H is more practical, especially for things like 6P -> 6H. 2H is more useful for just late cancelling gunflame from a pressure chain to try and get a counterhit GF. though isnt this a BB -> FRC thread? BB -> FRC really isnt all that useful other than for gimmicks.
  5. Nives

    Slayer AC Combos

    the thread is pretty gianormous, so just wanted to straight out ask. what are some standard combos to do on lights?
  6. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    i don't think fefnir is throw invulnerable on startup. i think the frames for when its throw invulnerable is a bit later.
  7. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    shoryu really doesnt listen to anyone. it just looks like he wants to post and not have any real response to it other than praise. then stop posting your opinion online. you didn't even read my post did you? again with trying to defend your position and praise yourself for being a good player? nobody wants to hear that. if you want to see it written somewhere, please get your own little white board and a black marker, then write it out yourself "i am the best", and hang it up in your room then. So the designers wanted to take out a number of loops in the game? so what? "one of the only combos that the opponent can't break out of? what game are you playing? because it isn't guilty gear. no your not. you are just trying to post your opinion and have nobody bring up any points to counter your statement. you just want people to nod and smile. i posted legit reasoning behind where your statement falters, and you just shoot it down with just "its my opinion, don't argue with me". you bring in the same attitude to everyone else's response. nobody welcomes that type of an attitude, which is why it is a discussion board. people bring up points in order to DISCUSS. you have to be kidding yourself. you talk like you are better than everyone else here? spirit juice sums it up, so i won't push that point any further. bottom line, you aren't discussing. you just want to "state" things. if you don't want to "discuss", fine, and good riddance.
  8. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    dustloop is also not endless. it seems a bit naive to claim that because it is good and therefore used quite frequently, or "abused", it becomes cheap. there is a sirlin article about this. i think it was playing to win? talking about roll canceling? personally, when it comes to a game, and people start talking about having some sort of principles by limiting what they can do in the game, i think that is just ridiculous because you have a good tool and you don't use it. it is like having the availability of a hammer to nail something, but you say "hammers are cheap. it seems repetitive that people use a hammer all the time to pound in nails. i m going to push in nails with my thumb instead." that's great and all, you found your own method. just don't complain about any shortcomings you have later on, like "my thumb hurts like hell, why is it so difficult to pound in nails?". turning the situation around, you seem to be claiming then that people who abuse it aren't really good players then? or you want to formulate an opinion without people having a counter argument to it? you seem extremely defensive about what you have to say (i.e. talk about your execution when really that doesnt help your argument, and also constantly talking about how you arent a horrible player, because that doesn't help either). you are welcome to your opinions, but if you plan on posting it in a forum thread labeled "general discussion". you are going to get a critique on it in comparison to other people's opinions. ----- anyhow, there is no reason to continue arguing on the situation because it really has nothing to do with accent core - sol. if you choose not to use sidewinder loops, i can just copy and paste the above.
  9. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    landing mixups is a luxury. being able to break someone's defense and get in that damage makes you a threat, otherwise your options just arent as scary in order to really create a mind game (i.e. i punch you in the face, it hurt, let's do something else otherwise you might get punched in the face). with that type of mentality, why not just win without combos at all? combos are CHEAP! if you really had skill, you should last long enough to survive with pokes alone. can people win with pokes alone? sure, but it sure would help if they did more damage. dustloop was essential in #R, just as sidewinder is essential in AC. the term "essential" maybe subjective, so what does that personally mean to me? it means that you need it in order to not severely destroy your ability to win against the whole cast. if the only threat of messing up a DP, or having my DP get blocked, is getting poked. i am going to horribly, and i mean horribly, abuse DP.
  10. Nives

    Grand Viper in Accent Core FAQ

    i had other priorities to attend to. you are always welcome to come visit chicago.
  11. Nives

    Grand Viper in Accent Core FAQ

    it is really the height your opponent is at when the last hit strikes them. each hit adds a bit more height, and then the 2nd to last hit launches before sol punches them. i assume that if you mash in too many hits at some point, the opponent gets too heavy for it to be a clean hit.
  12. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    people usually manage to instant block BB, or just counter you when you are in the air.
  13. Nives

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    i was at cf yesterday, and was looking for the accent core cabinet but didnt see it. at least it is temporary. and yeah ... ended up getting a bunch of tokens for no reason, so just spent it on 3s.
  14. Nives

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    it is character specific.
  15. Nives

    Combo Movie Soundtracks

    what is the song for the justice combo video "ceremony"?