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  1. I'd say about a year and a half....then I got a fight stick...thus the battle continues to this day...XD
  2. Litchi is fun to play as too...well if you knew what you were doing...lol
  3. More Carls in NJ?...I must know more as well...:D
  4. Chowfin27

    What is your favorite matchup?

    Tager vs Carl (Me) Bang vs Carl (Me) also as much as they annoy me I enjoy a good Carl mirror everynow and then esp when Two RoMs clash into each other with Carl's mashed in the center...XD
  5. Chowfin27

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    wouldn't the Ryu be a better term though...or the Ky perhaps...XD?
  6. Chowfin27

    [CSE] Carl Changes and Discussion Thread

    I wish I had opponents like that...usually mine just "lose their connection"...>_<
  7. Chowfin27

    [CSE] Carl Changes and Discussion Thread

    I wont lie all I remember playing CS1 Carl is chasing the opponent that constantly backstepping, getting pissed because the opponent keep running (granted my carl is a lot better now). But the new j.C really helped that. I dont know about CT Carl either since I main Tao then...but all i ever heard was grab loops all day!
  8. Chowfin27

    [CSE] Carl Changes and Discussion Thread

    I guess I should have clarified...sorry...There were times were I play offline matches with a friend (whom was Tager) and all I needed was to get a good j.C in then just j.B,j.C x N...the "combo" was all red too...but what you're refering to here is stuff I do like and will miss with the lovely 3]D[...D:
  9. weeeeell...you know she does talk to Carl...through his magically stylish glasses...:3
  10. she makes twitching noises...does that count? and who knows maybe she did consent to being turned into a robot...some people just like it that way...:O
  11. Chowfin27

    [CSE] Carl Changes and Discussion Thread

    Thank God...always hated j.B, j.C crap...I perfect'd a handful of Tager that way...it was depressing, really...D:
  12. Chowfin27

    [CSE] Carl Changes and Discussion Thread

    I remember seeing somewhere that j2C can only be done once per jump but i didn't see it up here...did they put it back in....D:
  13. I kind of agree about Valk, it's SO easy to do damage but like, he can't get out of pressure well, or the corner actually. He's kinda like Arakune in that if you have no burst in the corner, you're screwed lol. Haku is easy to get damage with but I can't get used to his playstyle, it feels so weird. I like Tsubaki though, when I get damage with her, it seems so satisfying :P

  14. Valk seems a bit OP to me...I hate his dropkick too...>_<...well Aside from Bang and Carl, I've gave Hakumen and Tsubaki a spin but they seemed a bit too easy to manage...>_>...esp Haku

  15. I completely agree with the theme and I can do some Fan art as well...heck my avatar is me in the Carl get-up (without the legendary shota shorts...:P) also didn't Big Daddy Relius say that Ada did consent?...i could be confused about that too...but should we believe him if he did say that...lol