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  1. I don't even play anymore

  2. Now we both do and your prob still better than me. Made me look free last time we fought. lol

  3. lucky bastard :( you have CS2 now :(

  4. I understand that, same here. I just got cs for 360 cuz I wanted to fight the xbox community as well.

  5. not much, trying to get my netplay back!

  6. Yo dude. Wats goin on

  7. Yeah I do grace everyone with my presence here every so often....yet no one knows who I am. lol

  8. Vesteeed/Chaos blaaaaaade/Chaos eeeedge lmao, i forget you're on this forum sometimes.

  9. Jourdaaallll!!!.....I was bored. Lol

  10. Have I really not been on dl since late january since I'm just now seeing that message on my profile. sup dude.

  11. Cool. Were usually on around the same time anyway.

  12. i'll play you anytime, just inv me whenever we're both on. i could always go for some Jin vs Ragna match ups, a Ragna not controlled by Nineball lol

  13. I been chillin dude. We need to play some matches soon. You raped me last time. I need my revenge. lol