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  1. Ah thanks Clamper. 2 more frames... it felt like more then just 1.
  2. What I understand of Ky is that his ducking and running hurtbox may be expanded. Jump Slash has a larger hitbox underneath. I think 3 HS has 4 more frames to be special cancelled. His Split Ciel now staggers for an extra frame. Pretty sure thats accurate but someone who could properly translate should definitely clarify. With what I am seeing happen to higher tier characters, I feel these small buffs are fine for Ky. The Split ciel is actually really nice cause it allows a bit more wiggle room for follow up sweeps or stun dipper etc. Was hoping the jumping slash got its OG buff back from XX where it crossed up but losing that Thunderseal means no easy crossups for Ky ^_^
  3. Heidern98

    [Xrd 1.1] Ky Kiske Loketest Changes

    The proration hurts him, but everything else really seams strong. SC especially being so good for block strings now. Also, not sure 6H really needed the buff but hell, I'll take that too. The air stun edge and HS stagger, very nice as well for more combo confirm. The only thing that concerns me is the new antifireball blitz but I really don't think Ky will be affected that much.
  4. Heidern98

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Ukyo, earlier in reports, I heard people were comboing into FB GS from gatling. Also, people are getting 40%+ damage when starting combos with it. The lightning OTG has only been reported that you can combo 2P or 5k after the FRC (I thought 5S also but no reports on it working.) Also, I hear that at this point even if the combo is a few hits, you can only do a quick few more hits ie 5k 5S 2H VT before hit stun lets you out. And the damage is hella scaled by this point also. Everything else I have no clue. Most of this is buried in this thread but ya I don't blame ya for not finding it. Since we saw the preview vid last week, there hasn't been much news on Ky unfortunately.
  5. Heidern98

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Come on guys. Most of you guys spamming this thread have been around for years. Lets try to keep posts interesting and related. Advanced apologies for adding my own spam but there is a point so deal with it. The lag issue is something only the developers could 100% explain to us and even then, who knows right? Still, its useless to debate a beta and why it has lag. It can change. I am sure the developers are listening to the gamers in person over there. As Chaz said, everyone is aware of it. Chaz and Mike (or anyone who has played), any chance the window for slashbacking is increased (2 frames in AC right)? Sounds pretty buff to gain meter with... Can you spam it now or is there still a mini cooldown mechanic? The hitstop sounds like it helps. Are people using it often and is it useful? Possible option selects with it like GGXX FD throw etc? Any info on SB is appreciated. Thanks again dudes.
  6. Heidern98

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks so much everyone helping gather new info. We would be fucked without you guys.
  7. Heidern98

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I am hella excited. Can't wait to play you old bastards and young punks online =D Wallsticks are interesting imo cause then you have corner control. It might have some technical worth if we mess with some setups. I am very suspect that they will mess with slash back ... but ya two days away and we should know. Also expecting hella frame data change since every game has changed frames on normals mostly (but randomly everything also). We will get some sorta media from the beta but it prolly won't be pretty =D
  8. Definitely want to play singles, just hoping we have time for a little side team tourney hehe. I love team tournies.
  9. Yo I say we do Skullgirls 2 man teams. I'll fucking throw it myself if I have to real talk! Haven't played Guilty in a few years I can't wait to hit you mofos with dat 98 special ;D
  10. I just moved from Florida after Final Round... =D
  11. I'll be there ;p Nice to meet some of you hopefully. Also will be good to see some of you again =D
  12. Heidern98

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Thanks so much Tad. I really hope you make it man. I have faith ^^
  13. Heidern98

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Unofficial Singles Thread. LET'S GO! http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?13303-March-2-2012-Final-Round-XV-Guilty-Gear-XX-Accent-Core-Unofficial-Singles&p=1249817#post1249817
  14. If you are bad at playing in a tourney and running one at the same time you shouldn't enter... Like me =D