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  1. So I reposted the lol bad guy stuff. Only took me four years.

  2. YOU NOW HAVE VISITOR MESSAGES. Please repost saintly horseman lol and friends. That shit was amazing. AMAZING. LIKE SLAYER.

  3. NOT ANYMORE! seriously, i look like rock howard now. It's hot.
  4. Actually, I tested this out, yeah, it is the taunting. That's really weird.
  5. Are you sure? Because i taunt after the end of the round all the time, and it barely ever gives the tension boost.
  6. Okay, so occasionally in AC i have 50% tension at the beginning of a round when i lose. Sup wit dat?
  7. B_Ko

    Post your GGXXNET character edits!

    Oh my god, i just got this one. It's that johnny knockoff from Big Bang Beat, right?
  8. I'm being severely humble when i say that i am the prettiest GG player in the world.
  9. to be honest, he looks exactly the way i expected most GG players to look.
  10. B_Ko

    Switching from pad to stick - advice needed.

    is this stick any good? they have one at my local gamecrazy but it feels a little loose to me... then again, what do i know, i've never played stick.