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  1. So I reposted the lol bad guy stuff. Only took me four years.

  2. NOT ANYMORE! seriously, i look like rock howard now. It's hot.
  3. Actually, I tested this out, yeah, it is the taunting. That's really weird.
  4. Are you sure? Because i taunt after the end of the round all the time, and it barely ever gives the tension boost.
  5. Okay, so occasionally in AC i have 50% tension at the beginning of a round when i lose. Sup wit dat?
  6. B_Ko

    Post your GGXXNET character edits!

    Oh my god, i just got this one. It's that johnny knockoff from Big Bang Beat, right?
  7. I'm being severely humble when i say that i am the prettiest GG player in the world.
  8. to be honest, he looks exactly the way i expected most GG players to look.
  9. B_Ko

    Switching from pad to stick - advice needed.

    is this stick any good? they have one at my local gamecrazy but it feels a little loose to me... then again, what do i know, i've never played stick.