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  1. Disadvantages of using an Arcade Stick: -Takes research and homework to figure out what you want Is this really a disadvantage? Some people don’t combine enjoyment and learning… you really shouldn’t be in this scene if this is too much for you. -Cost is greater than a controller It does cost more, and as poor college students I definitely understand there is a time and a place to shell out 150 some bucks on an arcade stick. -Some will have to re-learn their game/character This is the biggest hurdle for most players. The question is: Did you REALLY KNOW your character to the fullest extent if you couldn’t do the Advanced Techniques listed below? I can only picture a small handful of Pad players which can say yes to the above statement. Doren , Latiff, Kenji, Clayton, … Advantages of using an Arcade Stick: -You get to choose your Pieces and parts This may seem intimidating, but the choices are endless for the consumer. What color buttons, what size buttons, what size case, what type of material for the case, a manufactured or custom arcade stick? Do your homework and choose what’s appealing and functional to your needs. -You get to put Artwork on it. This is too fun, choose pictures which represent who you are or who you are aspiring to become. Showcase your other talents/hobbies or pay homage to the game/character which got you involved in the scene. Do support your local Artist. -You get to choose how you want to carry it. Do you want a Gym bag , Fag-bag or a Go-Go-Gadget bag? Once again, size, color, fit: it’s all customizable for your needs. -Lifespan is much greater than Pads. Sticks needs minimal repair and upkeep, while pads die in about 2 year and can’t really be modified or revived: They wear in specifically to the player and alleviate some kind of universal standard which help everyone. I remember playing pad, I remember playing ONLY MY pad because everyone elsess felt funny. =/ -Staying competitive at the Arcades. I've seen too many GREAT pad players avoid competitions and arcades because they are stuck using an XBOX pad. Time to step up and support your local arcade! -Advanced Techniques which using an arcade stick amplifies 1: “Kara cancels”- (SFIII & BB) This trick cancels start-up of a move and goes straight into another move. The result requires the inputs to be FAST & PRECISE (Literally 3-4 frames). Has anyone else tried Makoto’s (Cr. HK) Kara~ Fukaige on pad compared to stick? What about Chun-li’s S. MK into throw or Carl’s 6B~B+C, Carls J.66~3C~BB. Take my word, It’s MUCH easier on an arcade stick. 2: “P-Linking”- (SFIV & SSFIV) This trick uses input priority and multiple inputs to increase the windows of links. Button priority states that when multiple buttons and press at the same time, the highest priority move comes out. For instance: Pressing all three of Ryu’s kicks button makes a roundhouse kick come out. To consistently combo Ryu’s Cr. LP into Cr. RH (a 1-frame link) the “P-link” input makes it a 3-frame link. : Cr.LP, [C.HK]~[Cr.MK]~[Cr.LK] : You have successfully input Cr.HK (3) times. 3: “Multiple Inputs”- (GG & SFIII) This trick is for special moves which can be input by different buttons. Sol w/GG can do VulcanicViper with (4) different input. 623S, 623HS, 623]S[, 623]HS[. You can use this to aid in your reversal windows. On wake-up input: 623[HS]~~]HS[~]S[ and notice you’ve turned a 1-frame reversal into a 4-frame reversal: Same example with Ryu = 623 [HP]~[MP]~[LP]~]HP[~]MP[~]LP[, Ryu has created a 6-frame reversal window. You see my point here? Also think about Darkstalkers and “tech hits” you barely have access to (6) buttons to effectively do this on a pad. 4: “Unique Button Buffers” – (SF:A, GG, BB, Battle Fantasia) Birdie, Boxer, Eddie, May, Bridget, Carl, Arakune, Cedrix… The idea is holding buttons in while allowing access to the rest of your characters arsenal. It’s 1000x easier on the player to use a stick for these types of inputs. 5: “Advanced Inputs” (GG…) Bridget’s Yo-Yo glitch & Dash splitting combos. This is just (2) examples, I’m sure there’s more elsewhere. Bridget’s yo-yo glitch is a (2) frame re-buffer, the best way to utilize this is off of close slash, so the repetitions are fast and numerous. 66, S~]HS[~[HS], on frames 2-3 of the yo-yo return. Dash split combo is EXACTLY 2146[K]~4~]K[]S[6P, I dare anyone to do these on a pad. Other examples include “I-no’s” TigerKnee’d Chemical love BnB’s, Charge partitioning with Urien/Remy… 6: “First Frame FRC’S” (GG) Ky’s stun edge, FRC, 6HS. Slayer’s DeadOnTime, FRC, J.HS… exact inputs are Ky: 236S~P+K+S~6HS: Slayer: 63246S~P+K+S~HS.= By inputting the FRC with different button combinations, the ability to follow up with the fourth button on the first frame afterward is available. 7:”FRC Buffer Tricks” (GG) inputting another move prior to the FRC/RC can cause instant specials/supers to appear: The trick is to input with other combination besides KS&HS. This is exceedingly difficult with a pad. With “May” we can input 66, K, 63214P, 41236PKS, [P]. This will buffer an OHK out of the FRC than re-buffer the punch button on her hoop set. If the FRC was with KS&HS & “May” has 50% tension a super will buffer out of this set-up. Explore your characters and see what’s available.
  2. Hey guys, I'd like this to be a go-to place for basic Japanese Question/Answers, Script viewing, Players References & Video viewing. I've got my hands around most of this stuff (after loads of time) and hopefully, consolidating all this information will aid newcomers struggling with the same questions all of us once had. WHY ALL THE JAPANESE?: Because the strongest media, players base and tournaments are located there. Don't forget the titles were created in Japanese as well. VIEWING JAPANESE SCRIPT: If you see loads of "question Marks" and "Funny Squares": It means you haven't enabled Japanese Script for your operating system. I found success with this site's suggestions to enable my Script:,-Hiragana,-Katakana)-on-Firefox If anyone else has reliable resources, please post up and I will append. =) VIDEO VIEWING: The major hub for Japanese videos is a site called NicoVideo. It is VERY similar to our Youtube. I have found this resource to help me register @NicoVideo: I found this to help me download NicoVideos: Here is the Redirect to avoid signing in to NicoVideo: I'm also under the impression, there is a generic Login & password established for Dustloop members. If anyone has this info, please post up and I will append. =) This is really good for searching certain players. many times a player will write his name in katakana one day and hiragana the next. never miss a vid from your favorite player!: JAPANESE PLAYER BASE: I will be using this section to create a list of common Japanese characters throughout each title, as well as strong players for each character. This will take time & I do need help, everyone please contribute and I will keep this updated. English/Phonics: Japanese Scripts Super Battle Opera Tougeki (闘劇) Acho (Acho) Ko-Hatsu (コーハツ) Mikado (ミカド) Guilty Gear (ギルティギア) A.B.A (officially A.B.A, but informally/in practice アバ) Dio (Dio) DIE-Chan (DIE-ちゃん) Fumo (ふも) Tsubu (つぶ) Anji Mito (闇慈) Lime Key/Raimuki (ライムキー) 2nd place SBO 08' ANG (ANG) Super Flashy, From Acho Domi (ドミー) 2nd place SBO 06' DryAce (ドライエース) Son Makoto (村亮) Axl Low (アクセル) Shuuto (シュウト) 2nd place SBO 06' Niiyama (ニイヤマ) Woody / Uddi (ウッディ) Akira (明) Dennou (電脳) Baiken (梅喧) Maruken (マルケン) Destroyed Ogawa @ SBO 08' Sharon (シャロン) 1st place SBO 04' Lark / Lurk (ラーク) Koto (こと) Kazuna (かずな) Iroha (いろは) Bridget Buri (ブリジット) Ruu (るぅ) Mugen/Mocchi~ (夢幻)/(もっちー) 2nd place SBO 09', 2nd place SBO 08' Yukinose (ゆきのせ) 1st place SBO 03', 1st place SBO 04' Fio (フィオ) Chipp Zanuff (チップ) Samitto (サミット) Minami (南) Susumu (ススム) Dizzy (ディズィー) Kazuki (カズキ) Longest winning streak 23v23 09' Ruki (るき) H.H (H.H) Eddie (エディ) Ogawa (小川) 1st place SBO 05', 1st place SBO 07' Isa (いさ) Shadow (Shadow) Faust (ファウスト) RF (RF) Osaka B (大坂B) Developed a very funny Anti-Eddie strategy. Nage (ナゲ) ElvenShadow (ElvenShadow) Originally from Chicago, IL. Pachi (パチ) 1st place SBO 05' Nemo (ネモ) 2nd place SBO 05', 2nd place SBO 04' I-no (イノ) Koichi (コイチ) Ten (てん) Yossan (よっさん) Attsun (あっつん) Jam (紗夢 / ジャム) KA2 (KA2, read "ka-ni" / "kah-nee") 1st place SBO 06' Kazu (かず) mike (mike) 2nd place SBO 07' Karun/Yayoi (かるん)/(やよい) Kaqn (かきゅん) 2nd place SBO 04' Johnny (ジョニー) BLEED (BLEED) 2nd place SBO 06' Kabegiwa no DC (壁際のDC) Spends all his money. Great laughs. Omito (おみと) Satu~ (usually さとぅー, likely comes from "Satou" 佐藤) 2nd place SBO 09' Jonio (じょにお) Suzume/Chin (雀)/(ちん) MK (MK) Ky-Kiske (カイ) Machaboo (まちゃぼー) Buppa (ぶっぱ) Roz (ロズ) Flashy & from Acho. Ain (あいん) Hayashi (ハヤシ) Mitsutoshi (充利) May (メイ) Kedako (けだこ) Flashy & from Acho Moriyama (森山) Very effective simplistic play style. Efute (えふて) 1st place SBO 08' Endou (遠藤) Koinuma (鯉沼) M-nari (M也) Tama (Tama) Tanbo (田んぱ) Millia Rage (ミリア) Woshige (ヲシゲ) 1st place SBO 09' Koichi (コイチ) Nakamura (中村) Ina (イナ) Rena (レナ) Matsu (マツ) 1st place SBO 04' GNT (GNT) 1st place SBO 06' Order-Sol (聖ソル) Kaqn (かきゅん) 1st place SBO 03', 1st place SBO 05' Inoue (イノウエ) 0 (0) Sanma (さんま) SAGA (SAGA) Potemkin (ポチョムキン) FAB (FAB) Satoshi (サトシ) 2nd place SBO 07', Kawin/Akira (カヰン)/(アキラ) Haaken (ハーケン) Ochiai (オチアイ) Robo-Ky (ロボカイ) Dogura (どぐら) 1st place SBO 08' Nezu (ねず) Developed 278 hit Combo. Arisaka (ありさか) 2nd place SBO 05' Slayer- (スレイヤー) En (エン) 2nd place SBO 08' Niga (にが) 1st place SBO 07' Tsujikawa (辻川) Taku (タク) Sawa (さわ) Tanabata (七夕) Doubt (ダウト) Arisaka (ありさか) 2nd place SBO 07' Sol-Badguy (ソル) 012 (012) PC (PC) Kishitaka (キシタカ) Roi (ロイ) Kusoru (クソル) LOL Sol. Mega Laughs, purposefully plays "Scrubby". Testament (テスタメント) Shounen (少年) 1st place SBO 09' Mint (Mint) Nemo (ネモ) Yukinose (ゆきのせ) 1st place SBO 06' Niku-Q (Niku-Q) 1st place SBO 07' Venom (ヴェノム) N-O (N男) 1st place SBO 08', 1st place SBO 09' Nanashi (ななし) HEVEN (HEVEN) Maddo (まっど) Zappa (ザッパ) Mitsurugi (ミツルギ) Chonari (ちょなり) 2nd place SBO 09' Eki-chan (ekiちゃん) Very flashy, from Acho. Batako (バタコ) Imo (いも) 2nd place SBO 05', 2nd place SBO 04' GG CHARACTER KANJI: 雷(kaminari/lightning) = Ky 炎(honoo/fire) = Sol 鯨(kujira/whale) = may 髪(kami/hair) = Millia 影(kage/shadow) = Eddie 肉(niku/meat) = Potemkin 紙(kami/paper lol) = Chipp 医(i/doctor) = Faust 梅(ume/plum) = Baiken 紗(sa or ja in this case/gauze, often silk) = Jam 霧(kiri/mist) = Johnny 鎖(kusari/chain) = Axl 闇(yami/darkness) = Anji 玉(tama/ball) = Venom 罠(wana/trap) = Testament 翼(tsubasa/wings) = Dizzy 髭(hige/beard) = Slayer 音(oto/sound) = I-no 霊(rei/spirit) = Zappa 鰤(buri/type of fish, also used for "cutesy girl") = Bridget 機(ki/machine) = Robo ky 聖(saint) = Order-Sol 鍵(key) = A.B.A BlazBlue (ブレイブルー) Arakune (アラクネ) Souji (ソウジ) Fumo (ふも) 1st SBO 09' Hima (ヒマ) Bang Shishigami (usually バング, but the full name in kanji is 獅子神萬駆, just for reference) Dora (ドラ) Nezu (ねず) Developed Bumper loops, will attempt to use FRKZ every round! Satoshi (サトシ) ANG (ANG) Dennou (電脳) Masutani (マスタニ) Carl Clover (カルル) Kyaku (客) implemented Clap-Trap first. 2nd place SBO 09'. Dio (Dio) Eesuke (えーすけ) Ranrebo (乱レボ) Yuuki (ゆ-き) Christmas Colors from Acho Haku-men (白面 / ハクメン) A-92 (A-92) Suzume/Chin (雀)/(ちん) Tenchi (てんち) 0 (0) Shadow (Shadow) Hazama (ハザマ) Artei (あーてぃ) [some say "Ertai", not 100% though] Zakiyama (ざきやま) Buppa (ぶっぱ) Iron Tager (テイガー) Galileo (ガリレオ) Bomb Hei (ボム兵) Yuumura (ゆーむら ) Kawin/Akira (カヰン)/(アキラ) Loveless (ラブレス) Puu (プー) Nekonin (ねこにん) Jin Kisaragi (ジン) Buppa (勇者ぶっぱ) Ren / Len (レン) Konan (コナン) Tetsu (てつ) Dennou (電脳) Lambda11 (ラムダ) Minori (みのり) Goro (ごろ@愛生命) Tsukasa (つかさ) Reria (れりあ) Litchi Faye Ling (ライチ) Inoue (イノウエ) H.H (H.H) WHITE (WHITE) Kimura (木村) Kyaro (キャロ) BLEED (BLEED) Shounen (少年) Blacky (Blacky) Neronero (ネロネロ) Koichi (コイチ) Lucky (ラッキー) DIE-Chan (DIE-ちゃん) Fio (フィオ) Makoto Nanaya (マコト=ナナヤ) Tsujikawa (つじかわ or 辻川) Mu12 (ムー/μ-12) or ( ミュー) Nao (凪緒) Susuki (すすき) 0 (0) Noel Vermillion (ノエル) R-1 (R-1) Sakkaishi (殺界師) Kouya (紅也) Rachel Alucard CS (レイチェル) Matsu (マツ) Omitan (おみたん) Aoniku (青肉) Kusoru (クソル) Rachel Alucard CT (レイチェル) MSY (MSY) H.H (H.H) Eru (える) Kechan (けちゃん) N-O (N男) Yume (AKA Halloween/ハロウィン) Rise, Hatsune Piku (初音ピク) MASA8 (MASA8) Lark / Lurk (ラーク) Esukiu (えすきう) Tobari (とばり) Aoniku (青肉) Fio (フィオ) Ragna the Bloodedge (ラグナ) Kaqn (かきゅん) Reki (レキ) Tetsu (てつ) Naru (なる) Taokaka (タオカカ) Tsujikawa (辻川) Keita (けいた) Denpa (電波) Kazuhira (カズヒラ) Mepo (めぽ) Tsubaki Yayoi (ツバキ) Onii (鬼い) Ebi-Fry (エビフライ) V13 (ニュー) Inoue (イノウエ) Valkenhayn (ヴァルケンハイン) Hima (ヒマ) BB CHARACTER KANJI: 兄(ani/Brother) = Ragna 氷(hyou/Ice) = Jin 銃(jyuu/Bullet) = Noel 磁(ji/Magnet) = Tager 猫(neko/cat) = Taokaka 兎(usagi/Rabbit) = Rachel (∵)(;_;/Face) = Arakune 乳(chichi/bUbs) = Litchi 姉(nee/Sister) = Carl 忍 (nin/Ninja) = Bang 白 (haku/White) = Hakumen VAMPIRE SAVIOR (ヴァンパイア セイヴァ) Aulbath (オルバス) *English name changed to Rikuo Bow Uminoko (海の子) Shou (しょう) Osakana (おさかな) Anakaris (アナカリス) Chikyuu (地球) Bishamoni (ビシャモン) Nuki (ヌキ) Nakanishi (ナカニシ) Shuu (修) Bulleta (バレッタ) *English name changed to B.B. Hood SAKO Kosho (コショ) Demitri (デミトリ) Dara (だら) Megane (メガネ) *Also plays I-No in Guilty Gear Azuwan (アズワン) Shuu (修) Felicia (フェリシア) P Orecom (俺こん) Nekohashi (ねこはし) Gallon (ガロン) *English name changed to John Talbain Takahashi (たかはし) Haneman (ハネマン)/(ロン ハネマン) BUZZ KEN Jedah (ジェダ) Oouchi (大内ジェダ) Shimatsuya (始末屋) Hoe (ほえ) LeiLei (レイレイ) *English name changed to Hsien-Ko Ego (ふご) Sasazuka (笹塚) Lilith (リリス) Kaji Take (たけ) Morrigan (モリガン) Takepon (たけぽん) Nishiken (にしけん) Q-Bee (ランダム) Gyu-Bee (牛-bee) Yankii (ヤンキ) Oraora (おらおら) Sakamoto (さかもと) *Often called Saka-Q Panpiina (パンピーナ) Sasquatch (サスカッチ) DD TKO Sasuni (サス兄) Nasu (ナス) Kuma (クマ) Victor (ビクトル) Oboro (オボロ) Kame (カメ) Sasazuka (笹塚) Zabel (ザベル) *English name changed to L.Raptor T2ya *Sometimes named Tetsuya Yamakawa (やまかわ) Sakai (サカイ) Ogawa (オガワ) Persona 4: Arena (???) Aigis (アイギス) Koichi (コイチ) Yume (ユメ) Akihiko (真田) *"Sanada" Kubo (Kubo) Leo (Leo)/(P4UPlayer) (れお) Chie (千枝) SPINKING Hae-chan *SBO-2nd place Takken Tetsu STD Banbaban Dogura Kirisame (きりさめ) *NEC qual 1st place Elizabeth (エリザベス) Damosu kyou hazure metal abaren uchiyama Kanji (完二) FAB (FAB) PET (PET) Yamamura Labrys (ラビリス) Bobu (ぼぶ) Purepure (SBO Qualifier) Tomo Mshi Moonlight+5 E.K Mr. Lark Mitsuru (美鶴) Shuuto (シュウト) GO1 (GO1) DIE-Chan (DIEちゃん) P3U Player (P3U) Densetsu no Nsei (伝説のN井) Okami Naoto (直斗) Denpa (電波) Shadow (Shadow) Shadow Labrys (シャドウラビリス / シャビリス) Sazanami Reria Nashi Tomo (とも) Teddie (クマ) *Often refereed as Kuma* Souji (ソウジ) *SBO qualified Maddo (まっど) *SBO qualified Zombie (zombie) *SBO qualified P4U Player/edo (P4U) Hina (ヒナ) Yosuke (花村) Hayashi Nise Pachi (パチ) mo-co Whistler Yu Narukami (番長) *Often refereed as Narukami* Yu-Sama (ゆーさま) reinforce/kasumiLOVE Yukiko (雪子) Ho-chan/StunEdge (ほーちゃん)*SBO 2012 Qualified Player* Himajin (ひまじん) Shooting Sensu Obasan (シューティング扇子おばさん) this is the name on his nesica card / Kotsubu (こつぶ) Whistler (うぃすら) Erumo Kainuma (鯉沼) The P4U JBBS lists match ups like this \|悠.||花.||雪.||千.||ア.||完.||直.||熊.||美.||明.||ラ.||エ.|| 影.| 悠|-.-| -.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-||-.-| For the most part, they just use the first character of the names listed above. But there are some exceptions. 悠 = Narukami 熊 = Teddie/Kuma 明 = Akihiko 影 = Shadow Labrys Great or awesome (すごい, すげぇぇぇ-) Cool (かっけ, カッケ, かっこい-) Good (in the sense of "skillful") (うまい, or うめぇぇぇ-) -- also overlaps with "tsuyoi", below Strong (つよい, or つえぇぇぇ-) Skillful (上手) Weak (よわい) GENERAL VOCABULARY 詐欺跳び(さぎとび・Sagitobi) = Safe Jump 直前ガード Or 直ガ(Chokuzen Gaado/Chokuga for short) = Instant block パンピー (Short for 一般ピープル) = Literally, normal people, in games = Scrub or someone who doesn't REALLY play the game. JAPANESE QnA: This section is for the more fluent speakers to give their 2-cents and possibly answer a few Frequently Asked Questions. Abare ("ah-bah-reh", 暴れ) "Abare", in the sense of fighting games, refers to the act of trying to interrupt the opponent's attacks when you are being pressured with an attack that is invincible and/or has very fast start-up. This is contrast with the more "dictionary" sense of the word, which means to "run rampage or riot", and also contrasts with the somewhat confused notion that "abare" refers to the average damage a character can do off of a random poke (although one can see where the confusion originally occurred in this explanation/translation). Thus, an example of abare would be something like a good "uppercut" (be it Sol's VV or Johnny's overdrive), or a very fast normal attack (like many characters' 2P or 2K or something), although since throws in GG are instant, throwing is also considered to be a form of abare. Okizeme ("o-kee-zeh-meh", 起き攻め) Okizeme refers to the act of attacking the opponent after they rise from a knocked down state, giving the attacker the opportunity to force a mix-up on the defender. I will keep this updated as the thread grows. Hope this helps everyone, Kyle
  3. [VS] Video Thread

    Updated links on OP
  4. Seattle's VSAV scene: June 2016

    Hey Everyone, VMPNW is growing! I received a recent inquiry as to who the squad is, their characters of choice and overall details. The overwhelming odds of our roster use mixed social media sites. So I see an opportunity to debrief. Here we gooooo~, in order of appearance. Jais: Jedah - Jaison started playing VSAV just before DS:R was dropped. He would meet with the usualy OG guilty gear crew and get some matches in each week. Currently, Jais's offense is very strong, his ability to make player reads is "top-player" status. His match-ups strats are minimal, but his ability to adapt helps him overcome. His current focus is expanding match up strats and tightening up his consistency with defensive Tech-Hits & GC's, His blocking and reversals dark forces are very effective. Keough "9T9": Anakaris - Him and Jais were the two active players prior and immediately after my arrival. His offense is pretty good. His ability to make player reads is strong too. Although Anakaris is "weak" b/c of a lack of defensive options, this flaw only gets exploited at a very high level of play. Currently, Keough performs great against our scene and doesn't get cheesed too often. His attendance has been low in recent months but he does still show up from time to time. Solid-Bro. KyleW: Morri~ w/ a sub of about 1/2 the roster. @VMP_KyleW When I relocated to Seattle, I brought my VSAV cabinet and started having weekly FGC sessions, hosted by Jais. For ~10 months it was just the three of us, but that grind was very helpful for the progress of Jais/Keough. I'll stop my introduction there b/c I'm active on Facebook/Twitter. Everyone knows me, right? Tad: Q-Bee - Tennessee native who moved to Seattle in June of 2015. Started playing VSAV as a tangent scene to Cincy back when VMP was building. He's a very close friend of mine, so the timeliness of his involvement with VSAV has mirrored mine. IMO, his Tech-Hits and GC's are the strongest (next to mine) in our scene. His offense is very indirect and generally doesn't generally overwhelm with IAD tacticts. Tad plays a more neutral oriented spacing (Chun-Li) game. Strong Bee. Has a few match-ups to learn and is learning how to transition neutral to overwhelming offense. Jeff "Zom~B": Q-Bee - @ZOMBMU Atlanta native who moved to Seattle in April(?) of 2015. Very strong FGC anime player. He changed his lifestyle to get a new occupation and buckle down to learn Japanese. He is heavily focused on Dota-2 and now some Overwatch. Doesnt turn up very often. Good guy, just headed in another direction. Lastly, he is an avid HITBOX player. I'm certain that Cabinet Savier is offsetting to him as much as DS:R is offsetting to us. I won't speak to the specifics of his skill level (out of a lack of grinding together), but, he is considered a strong Q-Bee desu! Hilary "Hil~": Q-Bee - @HilaryyyPNW Texas native who has lived in Seattle for many years. Avid Skullgirls players, very patient. Has the skill set of a FGC veteran. We met Hil~ and a few others at a monthly Seattle event. They all were super into Skully~ but eager to have fun in VSAV too. After some time we had their squad over for a BBQ/gaming social. It was good times. Hil's personality and ours was very much in align. He started putting more & more time into VSAV. Training, analyzing, grinding etc. He's a "Pad" player" but fairly confident on stick! After some time, he became roommates w/ Jais & Tad. Those (3) plus the Cabinet has become the "Seattle VSAV House". ^___^ V. Hil is patient and makes very strong player reads, reactions, adaptions. His QB offense is awesome; IAD frustrating the opponent - ensured. Overall, he is working on solidifying the harder inputs on stick and combo'n into ES-C>R more often. Strong Bee. That's a lot of bees!!!!! Marshall "Goose": Bulleta - @Chooseagoose Portland native who moved to Seattle in February(?) of 2016. He is a skully~ player from Hil's squad. He started very new to VSAV mechanics and overall inexperienced to fighting game (Capcom) fundamentals. This player gets the "most improved" award because GODDAMN I get excited playing with him. Bulleta is a deep character with loads of options/execution and its engaging to see Marsh~ bringing new facets to his game each week. At this time, I really feel comfortable saying he is a strong Bulleta player. His Tech-Hits are consistent, his offense is mixed-up nicely and his tech-chasing is the strongest in our scene. Currently he is learning match-ups and finding ways to apply dash combos. I just want to be clear, he is not a combo-training-mode oriented Bulleta. This guy has been playing VSAV mechanics with knockdown combos, tech-hits, high/low offense and delay attacks. Severine "Sev": Aulbath w/ a sub Bishamon (W.I.P.) @____Severine Sev~ moved to Portland in February(?) of 2016. Marshall, Sev, Ada & Thor are all roommates & Skully players. Sev is a very strong Anime player. Her execution, ability to implement strats and make player reads is proof of her "top player" status in Skully~. So yeah, Strong Fish and recently learning Bishamon. Her Aulbath has about maxed out of execution/tactics and now the Bishamon grind has her in her normal execution heavy, stimulated game play. Thor "Domo": ??? - @DangoPNW Recently started to be more invested in VSAV, still learning mechanics and deciding on a character. Has a play style he wants to focus on and still soul searching for the right way to play how he wants in this new game environment. He has a house full of eager players and a scene full of experience, the potential is there for him to become very competitive. We'll see what becomes in the upcoming months. Raco "Rocco": Sasquatch - @PITBUSTAR She is a Seattle native who comes to our gatherings, especially weekend events. She's a great artist and always wonderful company. Hopefully I can commission her to creating promotional content for our events. She is just beginning to be exposed to competitive FGC play and Capcom fundamentals. She is currently in that early FGC grind & enjoying the ride. Ada Stark "Ada" / "Adele": Bell - @AdelheidStark Her VSAV involvement is very very similar to Thor's story, except she has a lot more longevity in the FGC as a whole. Up and comer or sleeper? We will wait and see. Sean "GBursine" / "G.B.": Aulbath/LeiLei w/ a sub Shadow - @Gbursine GeeBee!!!!! Awesome guy. Great friend of mine. Recently moved to Portland from New Jersey. March(?) 2016. He is the "Uncle Savior" of western VSAV. His efforts for hosting east coast events, information gathering & documentation (@SRK forums prior to the wiki) was instrumental to the growth of western VSAV. He was doing god's-work just because he liked the game! very O.G., well-rounded FGC player who's biggest flaw in competitive VSAV progress is character indecisiveness. I firmly believe if he stuck w/ two heros he could make the "player read" adjustments rather than falling back to the match-up strategy adjustments. although, We have a different philosophy for approaching fighting games. Hive After Hive: Q-Bee - I can't say much as we met him once for the duration of NWM-2016. He moved from Cali within the last year, he was fairly active on FightCade/GGPO, he seems to know about the mechanics. Personality wise, he's great company and folds well into our mix. As we continue to have weekend events, i suspect we will see him more. Unfortunately, the routine Monday nights does not work well for his attendance. Finally, regarding the future of our crew; I am happy to say that we are installing additional hardware into the VSAV cabinet this week. (2) agendas: 1.) Undamned USB inputs. This will allow Hil~ to commit to a pad, invite HITBOX-Zom~B to join us more often and overall be accommodating to pad/console players. This will help bridge the hardware gap of VSAV & the PNW-FGC. 2.) JROK Video Encoder - Video Out. We can start recording from the cabinet, archiving matches, analyzing our own previous play and stream events. Once the stream setup is in motion, we can have a weekly tournament and analyze our wins/losses to more widely gauge players skills & match-ups. In contrast, we currently have long casual session with me getting boozy and me bantering at players about what to do. Cincy 2.0, Baby. Time of our lives. VMP_KyleW
  5. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    I hit training mode pretty hard last night. A few things to note: - For Ball YRC, IAD stuff. You want to ball just as they are getting up and YRC as early as possible, such that the ball does come out. It's a VERY slight delay. IAD, 2 into J.HS, into whatever. - Depending on which frame you RC during the Air Throw you have different trajectories! roughly mid way you can air throw, mid-RC, land, 66, S, 2HS, 41236K, ]K{, J.P, J.S, J.HS, Land, 66, j>k, J.D, Ensenga? This same combo does NOT work on OHK, even though it's the same hit count because of the proration value of OHK being higher.
  6. Updated content from community feedback in Red. Let's start by noting some unique universal changes I have (re)discovered. I. No more throw breaks This rule mitigates the one sided confrontations of awkward misplaced heavy slashes. An awesome update for unique matchups like Bridget vs RoboKy and your patience vs Jam's unthrowable normal. To beat throws you need to counter poke, use throw invulnerability, backdash, jump or use invincibility. There are still loads of options available. A much needed design change IMO. No more SB canceling air dashes I believe this only hurts Chipp Okizeme & May shenanigans. Not a big deal with Chipp's new oki tools anyways. Wonder how it may impact Bridget's FD movement options… Cannot YRC/RC landing recovery frames Just a weirdo detail I’ve encountered in training mode. What have you noticed? Here's a wiki link to increase your knowledge base. II. By now everyone is becoming comfortable with basic uses of the new Roman Cancel and Blitz Shield systems. - High risk/High reward scenarios can be relatively safe with YRC. I'm feeling like this enables Slayer/Bedman play. Always out of reach begging for counter hits. Pilebunker counter-hit; Win. Pilebunker whiff; not so bad. Having moves with invincibility be YRC-Locked shows Team Red put some time into design. I don't particularly want a game all about inexpensive low-risk Volcanic Vipers. - We now have the ability to cancel all grabs for 50 meter. Great news for a few, huge nerf for others. Buri loves it but Johnny is hurting for example. Unfortunate for characters who rely on additional resources to deal damage. III. I've been playing this game for about a month and I truly enjoy it. Now that I'm beyond the basic gameplay of my character, I have been spending my time analyzing current match videos. So I would like to continue this by listing unique scenarios, talking about the confrontation and finally linking these timestamps. - Safejump YRC to punish backdash The concept is you safe jump for your okizeme and then quickly input a YRC (be between 25-49% meter). If they did a reversal w/ an overdrive or a confrontationals move, you will be in blockstun & the YRC is negated. If they did a reversal w/ an escape option the YRC would activate allowing you enough time to punish their movement. I tried a bit in training mode w/ May and could not find a real strong application. Any good setups for other characters? -Using YRC to punish big whiffs/burst at midscreen when opponent has >25% meter. Good application I don’t see come up often. - OptionSelect a Command Grab w/ a YRC This technique relies on the fact that you cannot Roman cancel the first few animation frame of a command grab. For each command grab executed, you are required to input a quick RC. If the command grab is success the RC will be neglected. If the command grab is unsuccessful, YRC grants the player an opportunity to react to the situation. The answer is usually an air throw. No footage, but Potemkin can do this too. - Option Select a grab w/ a normal ghosted. 6HS+Attack~confirm This technique is not exclusive to XRD. However I do see it under utilize. This is covered in mission mode! I want to take a moment and show people the strength of this tool. The exact details to execute is strictly characters dependent. The concept is based on button priority and normal grabs not having a whiff animation. By inputting 6HS plus any attack button weaker than HS, that 6+unique button will execute during any unsuccessful grab. Now you can ghost-input sequential chains or a special to help you confirm if the 6+ unique attack does connect. Sol Example: 66, 4P+K, 6K+HS~6P, Confirm. A successful grab is a success. An unsuccessful grab turns into a chain of K, 6P, most likely confirming a ground to air combo in contrast to a whiffed 4HS or 6HS. - Reacting to opponents Burst w/ a YRC (while you are mid-combo) Sometimes we have a hard read on the opponent but not much opportunity to call out a burst during our damage routes. (No jump cancel, Reverse chain etc. ) because the YRC restriction is dependent on the opponent state we now have the ability to YRC as soon as the enemy burst. If you are making a hard read you can execute any attack then quickly YRC. For example, most heavy attacks can become burst safe within these new parameters. - YRC's as offensive momentum The new cancel system offers a “slow” casted on the opponent. Often times, this tool is strong enough to keep your corner advantage or your momentum going long enough to break the opponents guard. It’s better if you can disjoint an attack, but not necessary. - YRC Okizeme YRC has 6 startup frames then 18f of superflash; freeze frames. Immediately after the freeze your opponent is in a “slow” state. By offensively using YRC on the opponents wake up you are moving their reversal window and altering the timing of their wakeup. Yes, they can still reversal wake up, but in application it is very tough and overall unreliable. If the 18f window overlaps their inputs, the execution is super challenging to complete. Also, you can no longer negative edge reversals! It’s better if you can disjoint an attack, but not necessary. - YRC splitting an air dash to beat Anti-Airs Because of the 6F stop and the “slow” casted during a YRC you may now be victorious in air to ground confrontations which you would traditionally have lost. The opponents execution may be “eaten” by the stop frames, or the opponents animation will be sooner than expected. This is good for stuffing 6Ps as their upper-body invulnerability may not be on the frame when you interact. - BlitzShield vs Projectiles to gain Invinc frames Seems there is a unique property to the Blitz system which provides invincibility frames to the defender. This is useful in a scenario where the blitz blowback does not connect against the opponent . Now we have a unique way to deal w/ disjointed offense, Blitz~Throw. I can foresee this very useful against Eddie & Elphet & Gunflame. Comment from Circuitous: This is covered in Mission Mode but not in great detail. I think it works like Potemkin’s F.D.B. - if you reflect a projectile, you go into a 22f recovery animation that is fully strike invuln. Not sure on BS frame data but I imagine it’s similar. Enough to get through multi-hitting projectiles like Leo’s. - New “burst safe” routes after a Roman Cancel The RC system now includes a duration of slowdown against your opponent. This equates to burst having longer startup frames just after your cancel. Some animations are now burst-safe (after a roman cancel) while in previous iterations of Gear, they were considered ideal spots to burst. May’s contribution is RC, Air Dash… what new routes are for your character? - OptionSelect offensive YRC's This is a super strong tool, used for offense routes which include links or long durations between hits. When your meter is between 25-49%, you can execute a YRC on hit/block and it only activates when the opponent burst. This can be starting or late in a combo! Brainstorming about Ky, I can think of (4) routes this is useful. 6K ~YRC Split Ciel ~YRC Greed Sever ~YRC VaporThrust ~YRC. Which spots work well for your characters offense? on block or hit? - Early meter expense for sweet spot of OS-YRC This tactic relies on combining the last two examples. starting an offense w/ significant meter, it may be advantageous for you to do an early overdrive (may be burst safe) or RC (may have a burst safe route) to setup your OS-YRC route. Making the entirety of damage dealt much more burst resistant - Backdash, YRC for Instant Overhead Attacks - Using YRC to gain Invuln frames from Overdrives Some Overdrives have invuln frames before the startup animation. It’s possible with Heavenly Pot Buster and Ride the Lightning to YRC them before the startup, granting the invuln frames, but not the meter cost of the Overdrive. Proof of concept video from VR_Raiden: Big ups to GoldenRody and Neojimbe for the video management, as always, thank you guys! Big THANK YOU to my friends for the proofreading, //JAIS, AlphaKami, Legendary_Circuitous, Ailerus. Enjoying this iteration, KyleW
  7. Applications of XRD’ Mechanics V2.0

    Thanks for the VIdeo!. Potemkin can also do Heat extend for this setup !!!!
  8. Applications of XRD’ Mechanics V2.0

    Updated. Thanks for feedback, everyone.
  9. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    ^ Or 1D.w/ a delayed special cancel.
  10. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    See this: Kissi drops it, but you should get the idea. I believe he does J,S, J,HS just because Millia is floaty,
  11. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    against Ky or Venom I am seeing JP combo route go like this: blah blah, 2D, S-HD, RC, Air dash, Late J.HS, Land, J.S, J,HS, J.D, Ensenga? = 132 DMG Overall it does less damage then the route I've been using. However, the "RC into Air dash" sequence is burst safe. Blah Blah F.S, S-HD, RC, Micro D^, J.HS, J.HS, J.S, J.HS, J.D, J.S, J.HS, J.D, Ensenga? = 141 DMG
  12. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    Alternate combo route for corner super When you get a HS-HD corner stick & cannot combo Meaty 6K, 2P example: setup HOTNESS
  13. [Xrd] May Video Thread (Updated 04/15/2014)

    I have a ways to go -____- Battle for Seattle: January 2015 9T9 Kyou (IN) vs VMP_KyleW (MA) @43m30s Veteru (SO) vs VMP_KyleW (MA) @1h17m VMP_KyleW (SO) vs GC|sG (SO) @1h34m30s Veteru (SO) vs VMP_KyleW (MA) @1h46m
  14. [VS] General Discussion

    Stream is "LogicHole", but no VSAV was streamed this time. Hopefully next one.
  15. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    Nice how the execution is later in the throw animation. The Kedako OP version of RC~41236[K]~6[HS] is so fast I am usually not quick enough to successfully confirm a throw which I didn't plan for. Offensive throws I am A-OK, but when my opponent awkwardly lands next to me & I get a throw to punish their landing frames, my timing on the Kedako version is often late.
  16. [VS] General Discussion

    VSAV at BattleForSeattle this Saturday. See you there my PNW saviors.
  17. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    MK does corner P-Hoop YRC OKI like this: 6K, ]P[, HS-HD, LINK IAD J.P, J.K, J.HS, Land 6HS, 41236P, Because 6HS hits the opponent so high, May recovers from the hoop early enough to OKI with a running 2D (MEATY). This gives meterless damage/oki. I will compare this route vs the 6P, 2HS, HS-HD route I have been using shortly.
  18. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    I like your millia punish b/c it will be applicable post stun. running to gain meter then start w/ the close S. here are some OHK routes on Sol. Defense mod of x1. 41236K, LINK: First large portion is burst safe. same side knockdown, no cross under req'd. universal combo; DMG = 151 OHK, Early S, 2HS, 41236K, LINK J.p, J.D, J.S, J.HS, J.D, Ensenga? S, J.S: not burst safe, same side knockdown, no cross under req'd. Easy & universal combo: DMG = 157 OHK, S, J.S, J.HS, J.D, J.HS. J.D, Ensenga? HS-VD Upper route: Not burst safe, side switch knockdown, cross under req'd. Weight specific timing. DMG = 154 OHK, S, 2HS, HS-VD, S, 2HS, HS-VD HS-VD Double Upper: Not burst safe, side switch twice, dbl corss under req'd. Sol? Specific timing. DMG = 170 OHK. S, 2HS, HS-VD, 2HS, HS-VD, S, HS-VD I tested the routes w/ the opener of CH-2HS. The results are 191, 199, 195, 217. respectively. Lastly, I learned today that post a J.S you can LINK J.K or J.P
  19. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    ^Ideal ender is an air combo into Ensenga? you CAN end in a HS-VD but you need to prioritize the corner knockdown. For Funsies - Too impractical for a match GG XRD May vs Sol Midscreen OHK
  20. [Xrd] May Video Thread (Updated 04/15/2014) GG XRD Kyle (MA) vs MurderJoe (SO) @2hrs 27mins 20secs GG XRD Kyle (MA) vs 9TNine (IN) @2hrs 56mins 00secs GG XRD Kyle (MA) vs DaveO (SL) @9hrs 17mins 50secs GG XRD Kyle (MA) vs Jais (ED) @9hrs 41mins 00secs GG XRD Kyle (MA) vs SG (SO) @10hrs 23mins 00secs
  21. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    Neat nice. Let the super do the damage. Only other variable is meter gain.
  22. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    Yeah but than you are not connecting the final link of 2HS, HS-HD. Need to compare DMG
  23. [Xrd] May Combo Thread

    Getting more hits decreases tech time & the final LINK 2HS, HS-VD would not connect... unless I was just being a drunk scrub... which is possible XD