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  1. hey man, u hit me up years ago LOL. was wondering if you're playing CP lemme know I need some near by comp. we can play online or offline, it's whatever. hit me up ^__^

  2. Aren't these being posted by someone already on YT?

  3. Hey Jourdal i have a question to ask.. do you mind posting some Isedelica vids since you have a nicovideo account? I don't know how to make one otherwise I would do it. http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/23975538

  4. FF7Cloud

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    Wow, thanks a bunch man seriously. I needed that. Just the answers I've been looking for. Reversal help please.
  5. FF7Cloud

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    I need some help. When I try and attack after my opponent (for example an Ice arrow), I would try and use 5C and it would be blocked. Does this mean that the attack isn't fast enough or I have to time it? Same for Jin's Dp. I'm not sure if its my position or I just can't use 5C to punish it. Also, I not sure when it's safe to attack . Since I'm new at the game, everytime they attack I try to attack to take the offensive and end up being counter hit. So I'm not sure if I should attack after I find a better position or what. I have a tendency to think that I cab go through my opponents attacks if I attack with a faster one and find out that it doesn't work and end up being counter hit. Too much SSBB. And when I luckily get an attack off, I never know what to do. I realize that these are probably noob mistakes, but the only way for me to get better is to ask these questions . Thanks
  6. you really should be asking your questions in the jin section... use frame data for 2 things: 1. figure out what your moves can actually do 2. refer to it whenever you wonder about a certain scenario (can i theoretically punish this attack? can this combo?)

  7. should I learn jin's frame data?

  8. Hey Stunedge, do you recommend me learning Jin's frame data?

  9. What up man. In Milwaukee. You goin to the Hyatt hotel for the anime convention coming up in february?

  10. what up. where u from in wisconsin?

  11. hey Render. Do you think its possible that you "might" have a chance to come to wisconsin for an Anime convention? They are hosting many video game tournies such as SSF4, Tekken 6, SSBB, Halo, TvC, MvC, alot of other good games including MvC3 and most importantly a BBCS Tourney. Yes there are prizes for the top tournament players . But yea man if you decide on it please let me know. Its a good opportunity for me to be able to get some help and a fun experience. But your so far away.. Well its just an option. Its next month february 18-20. Here is the information : http://www.animemilwaukee.com/VideoGaming.html http://www.animecons.com/events/info.shtml/2076

  12. yea...sorry about that and thanks.

  13. um... you could have just used the existing "Help Using a Stick" thread and read the first couple of posts for an idea. i've merged your thread into it.

  14. FF7Cloud

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Yea I saw that vid awhile back. Just wanted your guys opinions. Thanks guys. i think Ill try Daigo's grip.
  15. Thanks for helping me man. Appreciate it.