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  1. If I don't get picked to be a judge, I'd like to help out here if I can. I'll try to keep in the.....loop......on this thread even though I'm slow when it comes to non-facebook content (I'm getting old and all you kids with your apps/tweets and stuff make my head hurt)
  2. Sign me up for both too please! hAZ Tubazo
  3. tubazo1989

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend at EVO2k12

    I'm not sure about the status in general (as I have trouble reading all of the posts and such), but still count me in for BB singles and team. However, I am entered in AE on Friday, MvC/SFxT on Saturday, so I'll try to run back and forth or switch my pool time for BB if possible. GET HYPE FOR BB AT EVO!
  4. lol, I meant literally a "hype mm". Now if you wanna bb mm me, you should just save yourself the trouble and hand me the cash now.

  5. Not exactly. I saw your message on the EVO page and just thought I'd ask. Seeing how things are going, I may not be able to go anymore. Oh well >__>

  6. Jajajajaja! Sounds hype! I'm still working on the details about EVO, but if you see me, be sure to holla and I'll play some matches with you! As for a legit MM, how much hype do ya wanna bring?

  7. Hey dude, I'm still figuring out my EVO situation. Kinda up in the air for now, but I think I have 3 people who are riding up there, but only 1 from PHX. I'll try to keep you posted, unless that was your way to say that you are down for going to EVO your own way?

  8. I hear yo ass is comin to evo. nigga, I challenge you to a hype mm, cuz I kno you got nothin on my HYYYYYPE!! :toot:

  9. YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! EVO this year?

  10. tubazo1989

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend at EVO2k12

    I'll be there for sure Xie, and I'll be sure to bring my 1000% level of hype for every match. Gonna make everybody wonder why EVO wasn't a main event. Can't wait to see everyone there!
  11. So what's this about Devastation and being an online player?

  12. gg man, your arakune is pretty good.

  13. GGs yall! It was super hype! Can't wait to hang out with yall next time!
  14. I have no team either. If you see me, and want my Arakune to play with yall, I'm a big black dude with glasses and a shaved head.
  15. Play me and find out :-P Hope that doesn't........bug.......you :-)