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  1. Me to all my PHX/Glendale AZ Friends: Would you like to room with me in an apartment by the end of August? You'll have your own room, share a bathroom with one other person, and have all of the essentials included like washer/dryer, Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave, Closet space, and other apartment perks like 3 pools and 2 fitness centers. All for around $350 per month plus/minus power and water usage. Yall know it'll be hype to live in an apartment with DA BEEZZZZ! ....plus, when the new guilty gear comes out, I'll be on that like.....BEEEZZZZ ON TAGER'S FACE! Other than fighting games, I'm a chill dude that plays other games as well. Hit me up if you want more info or are interested.
  2. Scrubs. I even knew that, and I stopped collecting my cards years ago. If I find them Jimmy, they're yours
  3. While I'm looking forward to us grinding some matches with a possible ranbat b4 EVO, I thought I would bring up something happening kinda close by: https://www.facebook.com/events/617717494986236/ The Colorado guys make it out to EVO and other west coast events in decent numbers, and I wanna go to their neghborhood and get some games in. Mainly got info about this from Ryyudo, ya know, the cool Black Litchi dude from Devastation 2011 during CS2 that yall couldn't beat. But during SCR I got to know some of the other CO BB dudes. They are pretty chill, so if we're able to get an anime squad over there, I think we'll have a blast and level up before EVO. Let me know what yall think. Regardless if we can't roadtrip over there, I'm still looking forward to playing with yall soon in these upcoming weeks! GET HYPE FOR BB PATCH MATCHES!
  4. .....If I get picked last for a team tourney, it's gonna be like high school all over again.......and middle school......and elementary......
  5. If I don't get picked to be a judge, I'd like to help out here if I can. I'll try to keep in the.....loop......on this thread even though I'm slow when it comes to non-facebook content (I'm getting old and all you kids with your apps/tweets and stuff make my head hurt)
  6. What's going to be the location of the next BB Ranbat season? Are we gonna do bi-weekly things after the patch? Or can we do weekly gatherings?
  7. http://yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.com/yes.jpg
  8. DUDE! I have that for PS3 and Xbox360! Yall can't touch my Urs. ROADMASTER!
  9. GGs to everyone who made it to the BB Ranbats! Really happy to see Tuscon and others step their BB game up! If there is a team tourney in the casual station area at SCR, would anyone be interested in teaming up?
  10. I'm going wherever BB is going to be. And I think Ruben said it best. The "Fan base" for both type of games don't multi-task a lot, so the BB peeps won't be the same peeps going to the marvel tourney. Unless yall have something happening on the 18th, then I think we should leave it there. Keep us posted though if something changes.
  11. ...........wha.......what the unholy.......... I have no more reason to suck as piano and typing now. My whole life I've dealt with the fact that I was ok on light and normal mode DDR, but sucked at Mavis Bacon.......and now THIS?! .....crazy asians and their quick hands......
  12. ....So no one from PHX is going to Tucson today I take it?
  13. If someone from PHX is going on Sunday, then I'll be able to chip in for gas.
  14. I needed that gif sooooo bad, I realized that once I click "Reply with quote", I yelled "NIGGA YEA!"
  15. I think someone already talked about it earlier, but am I the only one having trouble doing DP motions in BB:CP? Something about the SRK just doesn't seem to sit right with me at the moment.....good thing Arakune has none, but still, I wanna jump to other characters too.....and maybe learn stick for this version. My main issue was due to Ragna's new motion for "Dead Spike" and the D-version of "Inferno Divider".....the C version comes out perfectly fine, but I get DS 8 times out of 10 on pad.....and about 7 times out of 10 on stick.