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  1. That gravy train has departed a while ago I have all the waifus in Persona 4. But You can have Rise I actually tried to do her social last but I ended up running out of time to do it. lol On a side note I'm hoping that this game comes out to be as broken as Hokuto no Ken so I can have a good time with it. But Yeah I'm probably only gonna play Chie and MC. I hope Chie gets some Hokuto style Basketball comboes. Also I hope she gets Galactic Punt as her Instant Kill for the win. I'm feeling very hype for this game and very depressed as I found out Mori is the lead designer for this project. =(
  2. Well in case anyone is interested, for this week I can host some casuals up in Springfield since I have the house to myself for a week. I'll let you guys decide which day, Monday-Thursday will be best if you guys are interested. I've only got two set-ups though but plenty of space and air conditioning as well. I've also got a PC in case anyone wants to play some PC titles like Hinokakera, Dong Dong or anything other fightan game on MAME. SO yeah let me know if you guys are up for it and if you guys are interested in the PC games, make any requests to have it ready.
  3. I dunno, he still rides around in a booster seat... :/
  4. I would if I could find a ride there and back. I could even bring my decks so we could play mirrors. lol Where are these casuals at anyways?
  5. My guess is that Relious is being included in BBCS2+ as a marketing ploy to get people to buy the game on the PS Vita like Dampir/Kratos in the PSP SoulCalibur. I personally doubt that we'll be seeing the character until BB3 unless they bring him out in arcades or something.
  6. I might get KOF 13. It looks pretty cool and Old Iori is back as a DLC character which is awesome. My usual party in a KOF game is Iori/Terry/K' and I didn't like that they changed Iori in KOF XII for the in-existent story. At-least now there's a new game I can guru up in since I'll probably read up on everything about the system and play the story mode. Well I guess I'm gonna practice my hops.
  7. I once really wanted to be a Rockband Guitar warrior for the laughs and actually could execute some combos with Jin during the BB:CT days when mah house was practically Springfield's meet-up for a time. I actually never did it in for real matches though. I would however like to see a Drum Warrior if anything. That would be hilarious.
  8. Video Games Indeed... So I live yet again like the Phoenix that has arisen again to become the Newest New England Thread. This time I'll definitively post more on this amazing thread though I'm saddened that my copy of BlazBlue no longer exists since I planned to pick it up after CT-con. Well as a consolation a friend of mines has given me SoulCalibur 4 which I'll pick up for the time being. I'd also like to thank all of you guys who showed up to CT-con and hung out definetly made my weekend. Gold Burst, Astral Heat into kid runs out crying was definetly one of the best con moments of this year. LAso currently checking out this Hinokakera Zoob and I ran into when looking for a list of fighter to review. It looks cool, but I also thought that Umineko looked cool and we see how that turned out. D=
  9. I won't be making it tomorrow. I have some stuff to deal with my parent's. In the mean time I'm probably gonna learn me some Ky. IF I'm gonna start leveling up in fightan games I'm gonna start with something I can play on my stick and that's GG.
  10. Well I've got to admit it is a solid game and it looks pretty good. Maybe I won't hate on it as much. lol GGs. Maybe I'll change my title as well.
  11. Alrighty then. Just contact me on my Skype: hungrywolfterry , AIM: SeveredAnge , or send me a text at: 413-273-4749 when you're gonna be online. This way I know when you're gonna be on.
  12. Shut-up Juan you don't count. lol jk
  13. Sure sounds good. My Blademaster is SolBadedge. Let me know when you get on so that we could have a schedule. I definitely have to agree with mechs being BS. What baffles me about the game is that somehow your gender defines how good you are. Female gunners are so much better then male ones. We need some female Slayers.
  14. I'll still be playing Umineko despite it's flaws. Everyone else is on that Arcana Heart hype. To which I aptly reply with my title.