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  1. Haven't played a good izayoi yet. Not much of the old crew plays much

  2. Nah, I switched to Izayoi. I don't play BB that much anymore.

  3. Sure is. Noel has changed a lot or is she still ur girl

  4. Good to hear. I haven't played much of the game but he seems like a fun character.

  5. Completely love everything about azrael and yea I'm playing Azrael as my main and carl sub due to the fact I cant properly do tenerezza -_-

  6. Cool, how are you finding Azrael? More interesting to you than Carl right now? Or are you playing both?

  7. Yea been training my azrael and re working my techniques

  8. Indeed it has, sorry about that. What's up? Been playing anything recently?

  9. srry for uber late response, have alot going on. sweet, main:carl, azrael and either izayoi or mu-12

  10. Merry Christmas. Main: Tager, Bullet, and Hakumen. I'm thinking if I want to include Azrael.

  11. merry xmas koopa. srry for late reply, who u gonna main in CP?

  12. hey koopa long time no see

  13. lol awesome i hope the competion will be even more fierce this go around. yea i took a break to view the world then went and won some tourney's but i am definatly back to the scene