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  1. Haven't played a good izayoi yet. Not much of the old crew plays much

  2. Sure is. Noel has changed a lot or is she still ur girl

  3. Completely love everything about azrael and yea I'm playing Azrael as my main and carl sub due to the fact I cant properly do tenerezza -_-

  4. Yea been training my azrael and re working my techniques

  5. srry for uber late response, have alot going on. sweet, main:carl, azrael and either izayoi or mu-12

  6. merry xmas koopa. srry for late reply, who u gonna main in CP?

  7. hey koopa long time no see

  8. lol awesome i hope the competion will be even more fierce this go around. yea i took a break to view the world then went and won some tourney's but i am definatly back to the scene

  9. sup star, man just caught some recent CP vids with TONS of noels, i guess sexy mode got even more sexier

  10. Are you a Carl as well? I gotta have a match with u

  11. Well I'll be damed if it isn't Dave what's up bro

  12. I remember u hey what's up

  13. Yo what's up. Haven't seen u since I git kicked outta that lobby

  14. I can't wait gonna focus on more Carl training added in with relius. Can't believe they buffed Noel even more

  15. Ouch lol ok I can say that's decent. At least your still online

  16. You ass its blaze. Some respect I get from a guy who wanted my ost XD

  17. Hey mike just wondering do u have a release date in or a demo of skull girls yet. Was hoping to mess around a bit in it. Thanks in advance

  18. Awesome tavern usually is my training dummy but your tavern has always been a challenge and tough 2 fight

  19. It's pretty good its 4 bars in 3gswhich equals a pure 3 bars

  20. Dam its been awhile huh neo XD