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  1. Killer Instinct Season 3 is too good!!!

  2. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    That's cool, so now we have at least 2 Bulleta players now. Now we wait and see which of the two will be the most fierce. :-)
  3. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    That's what's up??? Hey, the LA scene owes us a visit last I checked, lol... Hey, this new guy, who does he main?
  4. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    Yeah, I'll be in after the New Year. I've been leveling on VSav, UNIEL, BatFan, SFEX2, and soon Xrd. I'll be ready for TvC if anyone's down also... Oh yeah, I've been working on new tricks for both Fish and Demitri. I've been thinking about picking up Lilith again, but I still am working on Bish... jjsmack should still be down for some VSav... Real talk, we've got at least 7-10 people that can get down, we've just gotta get some time to get together or something... I'll open up my garage for some sessions once I get back though, since hitting up Mira Mesa on a weekly basis is mad costly lol...
  5. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    San Diego cats better step their game up!!! I'm coming!!! lol :3 Hey Skankin, what's the scene looking like right now???
  6. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    At the very least, Capcom should attempt a kickstarter for Vsav 4 to truly gauge the level of interest... I'd definitely support it, and would spread the word... I mean sure, typically having customers buying copies of an older game would suffice for some games like SF2HF, but not too many people are familiar with the Vampire series, and the majority of those that are familiar are casual, so either they'll buy it and play for a month or two, or they'll just simply pass it by... I also feel as if Capcom thinks every scene for every fighting game they make is the same size/capacity as the SF scene (competitive + casual), and that's simply not the case... I feel Capcom also doesn't truly know how to "evovle" in terms of marketing with their fanbase for some of their titles... This kinda goes back to what I was saying earlier. The execs must've thought "If tt worked for SF, it must work for VSav" without realizing how truly understanding how different the game is (in comparison to SF), and the type of audience(s) this game attracts...
  7. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    Hey Download Byte, just curious, what makes you want a sub for Lilith???
  8. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    You can search for my gt "JINXHAND" and look at my friends list to find it. You shouldn't have to worry about capitalization when typing a gt (Windows is never case-sensitive). Here's a link just in case: https://live.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?gamertag=VSav+XBL
  9. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    They indeed are. There's another person who goes by "Fayk", who is another really strong player. He I think is on my friends list. Either way, message him, and request some matches...
  10. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    If you'd like, please add "VSAV XBL" to your friends list. There are a bunch of strong players on that friends list, and I'm sure they'd be willing to get matches in with you if you ask.
  11. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    Welcome Stealthizm!!! Glad to have you on board. I hope to have some matches with you.
  12. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    You have to understand the time in which the game was made, commands like this made sense then. There are other games from Capcom which utilize this command-- I think Charlie's air flash kick in the Marvel series and Magneto's air fireball in COTA shared the same motion. Get him to register if you can. We need more players discussing VSav and VHun on sites like this more often. I'm pretty sure this site has more of this type of talk than even SRK.
  13. jinxhand

    [VS] Video Thread

    VSav at Saltmines - Skankin Garbage (MO, TA, AN, VI) vs SDFGC - (2014/03/08) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-qkp0UP_BY VSav at Saltmines - CaseyCor (FE, BU) vs JINXHAND (AU, DE, BI) - (2014/03/08) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsQrhJdBKbE
  14. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    Are you guys battling on GGPO, or XBLA? I remember battling Download Byte before once on XBLA. I'd like to create a room whenever I'm online.
  15. jinxhand

    [VS] General Discussion

    I'll be available for matches... What time zone are you in??? My gt is JINXHAND.