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  1. geobuster

    [P4A] Elizabeth Combo Thread (Updated 5/19/13)

    I've been practicing something similar for a meterless combo off a overhead confirm. --- j.A > 5AAA > A.Bufu > 66 or [6] > A.Bufu > 669 > jD.Garu > Sweep > D. Garu 2.7-2.8k Dmg --- This combo is possible due to Liz recovering when Bufu's ice volley is launching rather than when it hits (which is when Thanatos recovers). Because the 2nd Bufu launches them higher than the first one, it gives you enough time to jump up next to them and do jD.Garu. However spacing should be considered when link the A.Bufu attacks. At some point(s?) between the max and min ranges the 2nd ice volley hits too early and I can't position for jD.garu quick enough. Aside from that I'm finding this to be a surprisingly reliable way to do decent damage while generating a lot of meter due to using 5AAA instead of SB.Garu (went from 0 meter to 42-45 meter each time I tested this combo). You won't get any meter gain though if you did something like 2B > OMC > j.A, though it might still be worth it if you don't have the meter to do a different combo. One thing about this I didn't like was lack of ailments applied; so I've also been trying this. --- j.A > 5AAA > A.Bufu > 66 or [6] > A.Bufu > 669 > jD.Garu > 5B > 5C > 2C > A.Zio or SB.Zio 2.9-3k Dmg, Fear, optional Paralyze --- This works but it's really hard to pull off due to hit stun proration. The 5B > 5C and 5C > 2C has to be chained perfectly without any delay between the last hit of the previous attack or else the opponent can tech out of it and possibly punish you if they forward tech. Not as viable as the previous version IMO.
  2. geobuster

    [P4A] Elizabeth Combo Thread (Updated 5/19/13)

    If you get Thanatos behind your opponent, you can combo 2C into any version of Garu. This was tested at full screen against Mitsuru.
  3. geobuster

    [P4A] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    I found some weird but note worthy things about some of Liz's moves recently 5C cannot be OMCed on block normally, but if you input a down direction as the second sword swing is about to hit or afterward, the game will then let you OMC the move. This is probably because the game thinks that you're doing 2C after you input 2ABC, which is a move that can be OMCed on block. Keep this in mind if the regular 2C/5D mix up isn't working against a tougher opponent (I.E. they are Instant Blocking the slashes to air guard the shout, or they have a guard point they can cancel into from 5A/2A to option select the shout's armor whilst stuffing the grab) j.D's range is normally pretty pitiful. However since Thanatos' summon position is behind Liz you can air turn so that your back is facing the opponent, and I shit you not, this will DOUBLE the grab's range. Not only that, but it can also be considered faster since Thanatos' position starts closer to the opponent instead of having to go past Liz. It's pretty stupid how much this improves the move. You can use j.C to position Thanatos above Liz, though this seems to only have any meaningful effect with Zio. If you do 2B > j.B as a hit or block string, you recover fast enough to air dash before touching the ground. This might be useful for baiting the opponent in some way. that's all for now, i need to get some sleep.
  4. geobuster

    GGS: Norcal's Guilty Gear's Weeklies (Gamecenter/STA)

    I go to Southtown Arcade all the time via BART. Though it is 4-5 blocks from Powell station.