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  1. omegaryuji

    [CP] Azrael - Gameplay Discussion (Pre-Console Release)

    It's possible. I mean, Tager lacks otherwise universal movement mechanics. Maybe Arc figured giving Azrael a 25 meter un-normal-blockable move was too much considering his other buttons and 50 meter can-be-made-un-ground-blockable move.
  2. omegaryuji

    AC+R: Strategy Talk

    May vs I-No? Eddie/Test vs Pot? Maybe not quite 3-7 bad for Pot, but close. D ice spike and especially FB spear mean that Dizzy can control a LOT more of the field with fast projectiles, so she can be more proactive in her zoning. Murdering Justice makes sense in light of this, IMO, though the matchup will probably get closer as players get more time with Justice. Testament's abare and defense were both nerfed significantly with the changes to H EXE Beast, so he either needs a knockdown to get set up or to burn meter on FB skull to gain an advantage in neutral...almost makes the matchup a reversal of how it was in AC, when EXE harass could keep Dizzy from summoning in neutral. Can't say as much for the others, but I'd guess Eddie, HOS, and ABA have harder times getting their momentum started with Dizzy's upgraded zoning and footsies (from what I recall, they all got stuff to make them scarier when they're already juiced and in your face, but they still have to work to get into that situation to begin with). Not saying I completely agree with the numbers (plus, you know, standard "first month matchup chart isn't gospel" disclaimer), but I can see some logic in them. Also, I'm quite a noob with Dizzy, so don't put too much faith in whatever I say *laughs* .
  3. omegaryuji

    [CSE] Arakune Technical & Gameplay Discussion Thread

    So I guess I should walk forward a bit more after 3AA before doing 4B. Probably just been rushing it from underestimating A bug blockstun. Thanks, I'll try that out too.
  4. omegaryuji

    [CSE] Arakune Technical & Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Wow, didn't realize this thread had so many updates since I'd last checked it. Guess I should've given it another read sooner instead of asking nooby questions that are already answered here *laughs* Anyway, question: I'm having a problem with doing cursed 3AA>6A/4B>]5CD[>jc j.C(not crossup)>stuff mixup against Hazama. I sometimes have the j.C whiff, which seems to depend on when he switches between crouching/standing block. What am I doing wrong?
  5. omegaryuji

    [CSE] Confused about Notations?

    The first way is fine. Arakune combos are too funky to fully describe without either making special notation conventions (which will invariably not be followed rigorously in random discussions and probably end up causing as much confusion as not), having notes to explain special quirks, and/or having video links for visual reference. Then again, I might be an autistic savant, making sense of insanity (or just, you know, someone who makes the effort to try doing the combo and figure out how it should work from that).
  6. omegaryuji

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    The only info about changes I saw from the last loketest was for Dizzy:
  7. Seems to be working for me, now. Thanks j1n! And good luck with your IRL stuff worked out
  8. Wanted to say thanks to you guys for putting this podcast together. Been listening to the mp3s at work for the last couple of days...really interesting discussions, insightful character analysis, and a nice share of hilarious tomfoolery *laughs* . Been trying to learn GG again (I used to play back before #R, dropped out of fighting games for a long time, started to get back into the genre again recently), so it's cool to see/hear some of the stuff that's happened with GG during my time away from the scene.
  9. omegaryuji

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Hmm, sorry, I got confused with too much KOF today. Just kill one, you're right.
  10. omegaryuji

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Yeah, it'll remain to be seen just how good EX moves are, but since you have to kill both of your opponent's characters, that really limits (in my mind) the usefulness of midmatch pandora to basically nothing. It's not gambling on 40% of their point character, it's gambling on 40% of their last character. To me, that means it's only good if (a) you confirm into a potential pandora-only death combo, or (b) your 2 characters are both almost dead anyway and you want to take a risk on a hail mary (or if you're about to get perfected and just want to go like Shin..."I won't die by your hand" *laughs* ). I will concede your point, though, that it needn't set up an unblockable...just a hard-to-blockable could potentially be good enough to justify it.
  11. omegaryuji

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    First thing I thought of when I heard about how pandora works is (if your 2nd character is below the health threshold) chain into launcher+switch, immediate pandora (freezes for activation and switches back), finish with death juggle. It's possible that there's some kind of barrier against that (like pandora activation immediately puts your opponent in an unjuggleable state), but I guess that'll have to be investigated in due time. Also important to know if you can pandora-cancel out of a special, like you can with x-factor. Frankly, with how quickly it runs out, it'd be completely worthless if you couldn't combo into it, unless you could set up something unblockable. In either case, pandora probably won't be a staple of every match like x-factor in MvC3. It's just a matter of whether it'll be a stupid way of winning or a stupid way of suiciding.
  12. omegaryuji

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    I fail to see how it's anything but a comeback mechanic, considering it puts a death timer on your character. I guess you could potentially activate pandora to chip out the other character with same supers/EXs, but by far the more common use of it will probably be hit confirm>pandora>stupidity. Why does Capcom feel the need to put these dumb gimmicks in all of their games now?
  13. omegaryuji

    Juda Megathread

    I'll definitely need to try out that 214B~E stuff. Probably have seen it in some videos, but it happens so quickly that I didn't pick up what was actually going on (plus I wasn't really familiar with this game when watching most of the videos I'd checked out, so now's probably a good time to watch some more anyway). Oh, that's interesting. From what I remember of the times I've done it, the invincible frames would dodge the j.B (during the screen freeze, Rei's foot would be inside of Juda's chest) and the first part of the super (where Shorty throws the dynamite) always hit before Rei landed. Good to know it can be spaced to make Rei safe.
  14. omegaryuji

    Juda Megathread

    Exactly what I've been seeing X_x. I guess it's at least a little reassuring to know that the trouble isn't purely because I haven't really gotten around to practicing stuff in this game. Just to make sure I'm understading, is that 214B to guard cancel or do you mean 214B counter to absorb a hit? And then boost to cut recovery and counterpoke before Rei can hit me again...sounds like it'd at least be better than trying to block everything if I've got some boost but no meter, and I'm guessing the boost should last long enough to chain into E~CD>6>autoboost combo. I'll give that a try. Thanks Yeah, I'm trying to generally use GCCD, especially if I can't dam. But specifically against that sort of Rei rushdown, I'm thinking the IAD j.B should always lose to either of Juda's supers (either outright stuffed or, at worst, trade with dam...which is heavily in Juda's favor since Rei still gets blown up into the rest of that super).
  15. omegaryuji

    Juda Megathread

    If only the dam was throw invincible, there'd be nothing it couldn't do *laughs* The particular Rei I play against seems to always be jump canceling out of 2B for his pressure (I think into IAD j.B, although I don't really know Rei stuff well enough to say for sure), but I'll try to keep that in mind, thanks