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  1. file:///C:/Users/Jose/AppData/Local/Temp/svooh.tmp/svoop.tmp/Boys%20Track%202012.htm

  2. Awesome, maybe I'll jump on netplay and play you a few matches when EX hits the states then, since that's when I'll go back to playing BB. And I'll be sure to do so bro

  3. I know you guys have been doing really well at the offline tournaments. Tell Riot I say hi, or is it Pain now I guess. Good I need to show you how much better iv gotten. Been playing more, but will probably really start playing when EX/ im done with my big paper is done.

  4. What're you talking about? I'm the best rival xD and we're doing good. Sorry about that, but we don't netplay that often anymore xD I'll sign on soon to see how you guys are all doing.

  5. Your a crappy rival. You made me have to actually get on this site to say that to you -_- How have you guys been? You guys never get online ever any more.

  6. Haha dunno bro yea I see you've returned finally lol

  7. Haha not much Bro_Squad... hmm why have I never noticed that till now? Finally back from my road trip and im so worn out.

  8. Wats up brosquad_Sesshomaru

  9. Had a lot of fun. Kind of was hoping for more people, but for me and my brother it was a good first offline experience. Hope to see you guys at more offline events when I can get the days off.
  10. Har har har har...

  11. Dang it. Ill do a better job of signing up and staying invisible so you dont find me.

  12. Join the DN group lol