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  1. Arkayne

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

  2. yo do you play on PSN? if you do add me TheArkayne

  3. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    cant come around schools been killing my gaming time. I wont be able to make NEC... But if you get vids make sure they get posted
  4. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    Im curious Savior 2 or savior version of jedah? I play both.. but im pretty sure savior is the better version from my experience.
  5. Arkayne

    I-No Combo Thread (Accent Core)

    I have a question , I still have trouble CL FRC'ing. Does she have any decent combos that dont involve the CL FRC? As I continuously try and master the CL frc.
  6. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    Thanks for that link storm , I got some more of my friends to get serious about VS.. maybe we can see it make a return into the scene one day lol.
  7. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    O cool , Nice to see there are people around that still play serious. Battousai , do you know is their is "scene" anywhere in the US for VS?
  8. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    oh man nice find. Glad to see one of my favorite fighting games is still being played. Does Daigo still play, Anyone know?
  9. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    haha I have it burned but my PS2 is on the fritz... do you have it? Maybe you can bring yours. Ill have dreamcast.. But man sasquatch is monster man! Short hop & EX ice tower just like the guy above me said. Talbain is hot shit also.
  10. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    well probably not anymore.. but their are still some players around. Only mainstreamer I know that plays is/was Daigo, dunno if he plays anymore.
  11. Arkayne

    [VS] General Discussion

    I am a serious VS player, I made ti thread to find other VS players. Also, to discuss tips and even give strats to people who want to start playing VS. Where the VS players at?