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    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    does anybody knows the frame data of hammer? its vulnerable to lows? recovery is the same?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVrsP9VYdRI *excuse me, im not very good writing in english* KSB finals, takehara ram... good damage outputs, but im the only one noting a strange lack of oki and pressure?
  3. https://youtu.be/URvfHdbx9R4?t=8m40s excellent comeback
  4. REID playing millia too... im already playing with faust in ps3 xd preparing to the transitionnnn
  5. the real nerf is the hurtbox on the swords... if you are hit while summoning, you already lost the sword deployment in 1.0 and the recovery of the orb its waaay fast, so when you recover of the hitstun its already available for sure
  6. dat lk vs spark... OMG, i will never forget that match xddd i enjoyed the sg(nakkiel) vs spark on last saturday slugfest because of that,.. nakkiel really had the balls and mental strenght to make it
  7. coil

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    http://youtu.be/gH2NELOo7to?t=3m24s DAT random effect xd
  8. leo debuffs [2]8S: Opponent floats higher when the first hit hits, combos on trade Stance D (b.D): Damage changed from 60 to 90 [4]6S: Now has infinite range Range increased a little i dont think so, 90 damage is insane, and combo on dp trade too Its a good character, but he cant win alone, he requires a solid gameplan and a high level of adaptability
  9. im ok with damage nerf if the oki keeps good or decent at least i dont know if the hitbox on sword deploy its that bad... the position of H sword its very hard to reach
  10. Ramlethal - 5K: startup reduced from 8f to 6f - 2D: 90% starter proration added - 6P: startup reduced from 10f to 9f - j.8D: damage reduced from 50 to 34; recovery increased from 20f to 24f - j.D: recovery increased from 20f to 24f - j.2D: recovery increased from 20f to 24f - sword setup: hurtbox added; Can now strike swords to prevent them from attacking - PP: hitbox increased vertically - ~4K: more untech time - 214K: gets meter on hit now - 214P: gets meter on hit now - 236K: can only yrc on startup frames now - Calvados:first hit's damage changed from 8 to 50; other hits' damage from reduced 8 to 6 Calvados: hitbox increased downwards translated by (and more info in) https://twitter.com/HiagoXYZ
  11. translated by (and more info in) https://twitter.com/HiagoXYZ Faust - Item throw: when faust uses blitz shield on his own item, opponent doesn't get hit by blitz shield - j.2K: 90% starter proration added - Command throw: can only yrc on startup frames now - f.S: 90% starter proration added; startup nerfed from 10f to 11f - 6HS: damage reduced from 80 to 70 Potemkin - c.S: hitbox increased - 5HS: damage increased from 50 to 55 - 6P: damage increased from 35 to 42 - Pot Buster: damage increased from 140 to 150; can only yrc on startup frames now - Trishula: untech frames increased on hit; the direction opponent gets blown to has been changed upwards - Trishula: ch hit has same property as normal hit now (gets blown in the same direction) - Heavenly Pot Buster: nerf reverted (what nerf? xd *me*) May - 5HS: has more stagger on CH - Overhead Kiss: can only yrc on startup frames now - Iruka mounting (S): how much opponent gets blown back on hit is the same regardless of button pressed (?) - Ball Jump: there's a hitbox now even if you step on the ball right after it comes out (?)
  12. bad and good are subjective terms, but boring... its really hard to define what is boring... if they nerf your main and you find it boring, then you liked only his advantage over the rest
  13. that was a serious post? it looked like a wishlist to me xd
  14. look at the video section, they uploaded some videos with very good setups
  15. excelent setups, and without too much microdashes and other strict stuff... Its a shame when he drops in midscreen but the corner setplay its delicious, thx for the interpretation killey