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  1. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    Not that much activity here, is it because of the Discord thing? If so, anyone got the link to the discord? Anyways Ggs to everyone I fought last night. Except for the one player that kept on calling everyone he played a scrub. I'll leave out names to maintain civility.
  2. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    How the heck would you divide those who've been playing the game since CT non-stop till now?
  3. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    GGS to BRKRDave (finally was able to cross paths with you, though I was utterly destroyed. Thank you for teaching me the trick to get the one-hit curse off 214B. If possible I would like to fight you more so that I can work on my neutrals) and others. I do see a couple of familiar faces back from BBCS (XBOX360) that I didn't see in BBCP. Do those count as old school?
  4. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    GGs to Jrell and others!
  5. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    GGs to everyone on ranked I fought last night. Arakune's so fun to use now (compared to CPEX). But I'm sadden that I haven't seen another Arakune yet.
  6. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    So many people in the US lobby and ranked. Nice to see. GGs to many people. EDIT: I may have a player room up tonight at around 9 PM eastern if anyone's interested in going a couple rounds?
  7. Tell me about it. There was a moment where I couldn't even do j.4B due to the salt. What's a discord group btw?
  8. Thanks for the information 9:02! I was able to almost pull the mid-screen full curse combo (IAD is really hard and frustrating). I'll keep at it. At least I got the corner setup just right.
  9. Argent Zero

    [CF] Match Finder

    GGs to many people I've fought over the past few days. Once the US gets there release, hopefully we'll see more folks in ranked, player, and lobbies.
  10. Yes you have to use a JP account to redeem the code. Once you've done it, it'll be shared with all of your accounts.
  11. How's everyone liking the online scene? I've played a few with a couple of 4 Bars and had little to no lag.
  12. Well fighting games really aren't the biggest thing on the map.
  13. Finally BBCF is out for us to test.