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  1. One major update then the next installment is what I'm thinking they'll do
  2. Argent Zero

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    GGs to people I fought tonight.
  3. Argent Zero

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    You are a true Tager warrior TagerTime. Thx for the videos.
  4. Argent Zero

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Ah the good old AC meterless combos. How I've missed them so. Thanks for the videos. Can't wait for the eventual coming of the console version.
  5. Salty... needs more sugar

  6. Salty players? No thanks, I don't want fast-food players. They go to my thighs!

  7. Nothing will be final until ARC says so, let's try to be patient

  8. Arakune to get that fast curse and pressure them?
  9. Argent Zero

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    ggs to people. The air game is weak in this one (no back air dashing, air block, air grab). Very... different
  10. Argent Zero

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

  11. If you wanna have some Arakune MU, I'll be probably up for it Friday night, after 12am maybe? Catch me in the lobby if you see me, I'd be happy for some rounds.

  12. It's always nice to see new faces around. But honestly, it does get a little stale fighting someone who doesn't know left from right. It gets worse if they start crying foul and refuse to fight anyone that's remotely high level and start preying on the weak. I do understand that fighting someone good might help. They either got moxie or just plain reckless. But the difference in level becomes too apparent when the opponent is becoming nothing more than a handy meat puppet to practice combos on. That's just not fun for anyone. When people ask me for advice on certain things, I just tell them to grind in the training room and beat up the punching bag till your combos become second nature. What about everyone else? What do you guys tell others for advice in general?
  13. GGs. Good to see another Arakune around. Thanks for the matches!

    1. MetaWaddleDee


      GGs to you as well.

  14. GGs jacope. I hope you didn't mind me switching between Arakune and Tager

  15. In my opinion, Kokonoe is easier to deal with, Azrael is harder for some reason, the rest is same old. Tager's 5a nerf and the backdash nerf really hurts but I should manage somehow. Arakune's buff(?) is kind of awkward. Since CD bug doesn't eat at the meter alot anymore, there's some meter left at the end of my combo, so I can't really do the usually recharge. Still, no matter. I'll still go through it as I see fit.

  16. Tagerrrrrrrrrr!!?!?!

  17. Bloody hell, should stop fighting Kokonoes until the damn update.

  18. Oh bloody hell. I should just stop fighting Kokonoe's. It's more annoying than CT Nu.

  19. Quick question. Let's say you bought a JP version of BBCP. What happens when you buy the US version and play it with the same account you used to play the JP one? Will your player card tag along with you?
  20. GGs my friend. I do however avoid the mirror matches. Sorry if you wanted otherwise.

    1. JacopeX


      GGs. And no, actually the last thing I wanted was a Kune mirror last night. Was already having a bad night anyways. Nice Tager-ing as always. :)

  21. Quick question Are you able to use the English DLC packs for JP BBCP? (example: the Music DLC packs)
  22. Thanks for the response :D
  23. Update's this upcoming April~May right?
  24. Now that I can stalk you on skype, there's no running away. Muhahahaha!!