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  1. Salty... needs more sugar

  2. Salty players? No thanks, I don't want fast-food players. They go to my thighs!

  3. Nothing will be final until ARC says so, let's try to be patient

  4. If you wanna have some Arakune MU, I'll be probably up for it Friday night, after 12am maybe? Catch me in the lobby if you see me, I'd be happy for some rounds.

  5. GGs. Good to see another Arakune around. Thanks for the matches!

    1. MetaWaddleDee


      GGs to you as well.

  6. GGs jacope. I hope you didn't mind me switching between Arakune and Tager

  7. In my opinion, Kokonoe is easier to deal with, Azrael is harder for some reason, the rest is same old. Tager's 5a nerf and the backdash nerf really hurts but I should manage somehow. Arakune's buff(?) is kind of awkward. Since CD bug doesn't eat at the meter alot anymore, there's some meter left at the end of my combo, so I can't really do the usually recharge. Still, no matter. I'll still go through it as I see fit.

  8. Tagerrrrrrrrrr!!?!?!

  9. Bloody hell, should stop fighting Kokonoes until the damn update.

  10. Oh bloody hell. I should just stop fighting Kokonoe's. It's more annoying than CT Nu.

  11. GGs my friend. I do however avoid the mirror matches. Sorry if you wanted otherwise.

    1. JacopeX


      GGs. And no, actually the last thing I wanted was a Kune mirror last night. Was already having a bad night anyways. Nice Tager-ing as always. :)

  12. Now that I can stalk you on skype, there's no running away. Muhahahaha!!

  13. No, no. I don't use a pad. How would I be able to do them 360's and 720's with a pad, eh? lol

  14. Meh, there are some hits and misses. We'll see how it goes

  15. I don't mind romance at all. The development between characters is always interesting. It's just when >4~5 female characters all go after the single male character and all they can think about is him, it becomes...stale in my opinion. They fall in love with him way too easy. If that's gonna happen, at least make the female something that's original or far out instead of a template.

  16. Kill La Kill, Little Busters, Blazblue Alter memory, Yowamushi Pedal, Danbal Senki Wars. Sure, I'll take a look at the Anime Group, just paste the link.

  17. I'd like to think I'm... more or less. I do try to keep up to date with Japanimation. But I tend to be a little picky when choosing what I want to watch. It clicks or doesn't. You know what i mean?

  18. Thx for the advice. I'm trying to pick which will best suit my interests. But if anything, they all rely on the wired controller. Not a big setback, just wish local gamestores would keep those in stock and not 3rd rate controllers.

  19. Will do once I can figure out what to do with the controller problem. Will remain arakune/tager.

  20. Now when you say dive into curse, I'm gonna assume during curse, when I'm doing the double dive attack. Once you get the A dive hit, use a C dive and release both C and D in the 4 direction when your C dive hits. As for damage wise, if you use the same attack twice during the curse, it's gonna bring the overall damage down (ei, J236C twice). Assuming you still have replays of our matches, then you'll see what I'm talking about. Hopefully, I've answered your questions correctly, if there's anything else, feel free to ask. I'm always happy and willing to help out a fellow Arakune player :)

  21. Alright, let's see if I can answer your questions, all movement wil be presumed that you're on 1P side. When doing 2C during curse and the opponent guards, release 6C and 6D bugs ASP or delay it, the latter might get you in trouble. You're gonna push the opponent in that direction anyways. Teleporting with 214C is also a good movement. I just refer 214A because it's quicker and you can get on the opponent's other side (ei: 214A near the edge and you end up behind you're opponent and can trick them out).

  22. Hello there JacopeX. Ggs by the way, it's been awhile since I've met another Arakune user, I couldn't hide my joy. For the most part, you've got the right start with Arakune. J4B is a good pressure and Arakune's main arsenal, 5C fatal counter will let you in on a full curse combo route (you've probably seen me use it or try to a couple of times). When moving, try using J214A (teleport from the air straight to the ground, sometimes behind the enemy) As for when you get the curse, try applying pressure with A and B bug. For the kill, aim for 2C, starting with this will get you at least 7K. Using 214C, telporting behind then back to your start position is also a great way to begin a curse combo (tricks the opponent most of the time). If there are any other questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Hope to fight you again.

  23. Sorry for the delayed response. No problem, glad I can help. Don't know who BrkDave is though (lol). And what do you mean by free?

  24. (’・Д・')< Scene...? Regardless, no I'm in the states, NY to be exact. Well, if you are going to BBCP, I guess I'll eventually run into you again.