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  1. GGS to BRKRDave (finally was able to cross paths with you, though I was utterly destroyed. Thank you for teaching me the trick to get the one-hit curse off 214B. If possible I would like to fight you more so that I can work on my neutrals) and others.

    I do see a couple of familiar faces back from BBCS (XBOX360) that I didn't see in BBCP. Do those count as old school? 


  2. 11 minutes ago, Kezia said:

    I'm hoping someone with the JP physical LE might be able to help me out here:

    I just received my copy last night. There was an insert included in the game case with a DLC code for Es. When I go to the PS Store (on my Canadian PSN account) and enter the code it says it is not redeemable, has expired, or was already used.

    My question is: do I need to make a JP PSN account to redeem this code? Will I be able to redeem this code when the Canadian/US PS Stores have the DLC available? Has anyone with the JP physical LE been able to redeem the code?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Yes you have to use a JP account to redeem the code. Once you've done it, it'll be shared with all of your accounts.

  3. On 8/27/2016 at 10:22 AM, TekkamanArk said:

    It's almost always Arakune's time

    That would be very strange and interesting

    Poppy cock! It was not Arakune's time in BBCP version 2.0! 


    But my my, how they added colorful characters to the roster. I personally could go for another Arakune like character. Not in game play wise, oh no. I mean character art wise. Something monstrous or non-human like.

  4. If no one posted the official changes to Arakune after the Loketests (and from what I see, I guess no one did).

    Please note below for the changes:

    BBCF Arakune Official changes

    Source: http://www14.atwiki.jp/arakune/pages/258.html

    Key notation guide:

    jC: Jump cancel

    dC: Dash Cancel

    MS: Mash able (example. 5A>5A>5A OK will connect)

    CM: Command Move cancel (example, 5A>214214C)

    rc: Rapid Cancel (all moves rapid cancelable unless stated)

    O: Over Drive Cancel


    Common Changes:

    All normal moves do not have SMP (you can use the same move twice without suffering from a Same Move Combo Penalty)

    F Starter: 5A, 2A, JB, 6A, 6C

    N Starter: 5B, 2B, 4B, 2C, 5C, 3C,. Wheel


    Ground Moves:


    5A>6D chain removed.

    6 Frames (MS, jC, dC, CM, O)



    Reduced reach in exchange for reduced knockback.

    5B>6A chain added. Know can choose between following up with a 4B or 6A for mix-ups.

    11 frames (only upon hit jC, dC, CM, O)



    Since 2B is a stronger anti-air know, 5C’s anti-air’s value’s reduced.

    23 frames (jC, dC, CM, O)



    17 Frames (jC, dC, CM, O)

    Curse Recovery: 25% (Upon hit) 12.5% (Upon guard)



    2A>2C will connect only if opponent is standing.

    2A can only mash twice in a row.

    10 Frames (MC, CM, O)



    2B can only mash twice in a row.

    The hitbox is bigger?

    Can be used as a more reliable anti-air move.

    11 Frame (MC, CM, O)



    13 Frame (rc)



    Optional 1D and 3D now available, range differs (Closer or farther away then 2D)

    Curse Recovery: 25 % (upon hit), 12.5% (upon guard)

    36 Frame (rc)


                  6A (overhead)

    25 Frmaes (jC, dC, CM, O)



    Lunges forward now, has a greater range.

    Still has a guard point (4th Frame)

    10F (only upon hit: jC, dC, CM, O)


                  6C (overhead)

    27 Frames (rc)



    Party bug no longer an overhead.

    Curse Recovery: 25 % (upon hit), 12.5% (upon guard)

    6D1 14 Frame (jC, CM, O) fc

    6D2 38 Frame (rc)

    Total 48 Frame



    Upon hit, will pull opponent towards Arakune.

    Has a greater reach know, very reliable.

    Upon aerial hit, untechable time increased. 4B (hit in air) > 6C will connect

    19 Frame (jC, dC, CM, O)


                  3C (at 7 frames, Arakune stance becomes very short)

    With BPQ, the reward upon hit has become even greater.

    26 Frame (CM, O) Arakune will start ducking at around 4th Frame, becomes very short at 7th Frame.

    A very good starter damage wise for curse combos.


    Aerial Moves:


               JA (overhead)

    Bigger hit box? Stronger?

    7 Frame (MC, jC, CM, O)


                  JB (5 hits, only the first hit is an overhead)

    Bigger hit box? Stronger?

    Because of the changes to the barrier guard, be sure to JBJA more frequently.

    10 Frames (CM, O)


                  JC (overhead)

    12 Frames (CM, O)



    Now can jC and CM regardless of hit confirmation

    JD > JD, Bird, Dive chain added regardless of hit confirmation

    29 Frames (CM, jC, rC) became 5 frame faster. 7 Frame landing lag.

    Curse Recovery: 25 % (upon hit), 12.5% (upon guard)


                  J6A ~C (bird)

    13 ~ 15 Frames (jC, CM, O) Landing lag 7 Frame


                  J2A~C (Dive)

    Now an overhead.

    Great damage and damage multiplier, a very important combo tool.

    Upon JC hit, Arakune must be high up there (around the opponent’s head height) for J C Dive to connect.

    21 ~ 22 Frame, landing lag 20 ~ 21 Frame (rc)


    New Revolver Action Chains




    JD>JD, Bird, Dive


    Command Moves (specials)


               =0 (236B, cloak)

    With now 6C, 6A, 3C, and 4B becoming good startups, slapping on the cloak to increase mix-up has gained more usefulness.

    30 Frames


                  y, 2- (235C, wheel, overhead, has piercing effect)

    Can now use at low altitude.


                  P, there for Q (214A, B, C, can execute in air, PQ)

    BPQ, CPQ, aerial CPQ changes

    BPQ: Walks 4-6 steps forward then warps back one space away from startup.

    CPQ: Does a 6D motion, then warps 4 spaces in the air behind the opponent.

    Aerial CPQ: Does a B Dive motions, then warps 4 spaces in the air behind the opponent.

    Aerial APQ warps now one space ahead of where Arakune disappeared.


                   P Reject (Activates if opponent is near Arakune, fc)

    If Arakune activates PQ and the opponent is near him, an invincible attack will activate (Damage 800). If hit, the opponent will be wrapped in a cocoon and will be pulled. Can be pursued with a High jump JA and other moves, can pull of a one-hit curse combo.

    P Reject activation range varies from each PQ.

    Even if P Reject activates, Arakune will continue to warp.


                   Permutation, n, r (22A, B, or C, can execute in air)

    Curse Recovery: 34% (Upon hit), 25% (Upon guard)

    More cool down for aerial permutation?


                   Zero Vector (236D, can execute in air, cloud)

    Can now execute on the ground.

    Normal cloud motion changed to when spitting out the slow cloud.

    Can now execute even in low altitude.

    Major reduction in cool down for aerial cloud. Landing lag reduced (2 – 4 frames)

    During curse, Arakune can’t spit out normal clouds.

    Cloud stays on the field for 15 seconds.

    Overhead cloud now is locked in the Y Axis, the cloud won’t rise if the opponent jumps.

    Clouds no longer disappear after it hits the opponent. As long as the opponent is getting hit by the cloud though, the curse meter will charge. From greatest charge speed/value, overhead>ring>>pursue cloud. With this, the overhead cloud is the best cloud to use (binds the opponent from jumping and going airborne unless they want to charge the curse gauge faster). In general though, the clouds now puts a huge pressure on the opponent.


                   A±B (During Curse 236D, can execute in air, slow cloud)

    Command change, now 236D

    If you spit it out right when the curse gauge depletes, Arakune will spit out both the pursue cloud and slow cloud. The slow cloud will not have its effects in place.


                   At the edge, aerial Back Dash (Screen Warp)

    No more height restriction, can screen warp at a very low altitude.

    Frame reduced?


                   Crush Trigger (A+B, CT)

    Fastest CT ground hit motion changed.

    Fastest CT is around 20 Frames? Doesn’t stun the opponent for very long and has a horrible damage multiplier.

    Can follow up with moves less than 7 frames (5A, 2A, etc.)

    Charge CT is the usual CT seen in CP.


                   n Factorial (EA, press ABCD)

    Turns into a raflessia and spits the opponent out upwards and changes position.

    Cannot pursue, however since it changes position, EA is very useful when you have the wall against your back.

    Does around 2060 Damage, 4200 Damage during AF.

    Will activate even if you hold the ABCD button after OD activation.

    Frame data:

                   OD: 1+15

                   cOD: 1+5

                   gcOD: 1+15

                   Fastest EA: 8

                   Normal EA: 20


                   F Inverse (236236C, Beam, piercing effect)

    Increase in Damage, however do to the SMP, Beam>beam won’t reap in rewards.

    However, Beam>OD Beam won’t get caught by the SMP penalty.


                   FOG (aerial 214214D, piercing effect)

    Will curse the opponent in one shot against any character, no need to use 5D in the process.

    Curse recovery reduced upon guard, now does 40% and 75% (OD)

    Damage multiplier fixed to 0.6, now will do more damage from a combo.


                   F= (During Curse 236236D, can execute aerial, Mothra)

    Summons a big bug.

    Will first appear from behind Arakune.

    As long as there is curse meter available, it will move from screen to screen (At most 3, 4 times.

    Will hit 4 to 7 times, OD version will hit 11 times.

    Causes opponent to flinch on ground, blasts opponent to the side upon aerial hit, opponent can’t aerial tech.

    When to use F-:

                   As a reversal during curse.

                   Follow up after a CA or burst.

                   Use the moment the curse gauge depletes. Will give Arakune an advantage.

                   If opponent guards it, the opponent will be pushed back and can’t really move,

                   FOG won’t miss.

    Can summon two F=’s at the same time. However SMP will affect it like the Beam


    n Infinity (Astral Heat, 64641236D, can execute in air, AH)

    Command change.


    Curse System Changes


                Curse reverted back to the CS Countdown System

    Curse lasts for around 10 Seconds, bug no longer depletes the gauge.

    A and C bug has increased cool down?


                   Cannot re-curse an opponent after a curse combo

    Can no longer retrieve curse at the end of a curse combo, an X will appear on the gauge indicating it.


                   The bug’s knockback is now based on Arakune’s position.

    Before: D Bug appears > Forward Step > D Bug Guarded > Bug knocks opponent toward Arakune.

    Now: D Bug appears > Forward Step > D Bug Guarded > Bug knocks opponent away from Arakune.


                   C Bug guard crush’s knock back distance increased and now pulls opponent towards Arakune.


                B Bug Changes

    Startups from the ground, lunges diagonally upwards toward opponent.

    Hits 3 times, no longer lifts the opponent upon hit.

    Start up 13 Frames