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  1. Best part was when I had to play against LK, so good.
  2. Lusterleon

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Only Relius can pull off something so gdlk.
  3. Lusterleon

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Wonder what will happen to Arakune when he gets hit by Amane's astral xD
  4. Lusterleon

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I agree with you E3vE3. The only thing I'm wondering about is if he can stack them. As in having both weaknesses on, if so this guy will be broken.
  5. Lusterleon

    [CP] Makoto Nanaya Loketest Changes Thread

    Need some footage to shine some light on these nerfs....
  6. Lusterleon

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    Didn't expect to see you here either GoldChampion.....
  7. Dang why so cold? If thats the truth then I'll won't mute myself anymore. Makoto is godtier in Extend!

  8. Why do you always mute your mic when you get into "Serious mode" it makes you play worse and i hate when you do it. i want you to talk shit back! its boring talking shit to myself. =(. btw stay free =)

  9. I didn't drop Makoto, just made her my sub. Platinum is just to fun to let go! P.S I'm coming back >:D

  10. I see now...You droped Makoto because she is cs Rachel tier now. I see. Your such a tier whore. =)

  11. Dang! So cold, so cold. Could of been nicer Hiago
  12. Lusterleon

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    Is it me or is that hakumen is Platinum WORST match up?
  13. Lusterleon

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    Fighting Makoto is really difficult, what I do is try to keep my distance (cause if 2A hits it's all over), Second make sure to abuse the bubble when she's in the corner cause she doesn't have much option(If im correct and remember to block for any DP or DD). One good tool I realize which keeps makoto's at bay is the cat hammer/Lion upgrade. Bat is good too, and don't jump a lot, cause if they are like omni then then WILL PUNISH you. Doing this I manage to beat Omni once...........But I lost the other matches :D
  14. Hope for xbox players http://www.play-asia.com/Arcana_Heart_3/paOS-13-71-dh-49-en-70-45kf.html
  15. Lusterleon

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    OMFG! BELIEVING works?!