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  1. [Xrd] Jack'O ComboThread

    I really like air ch 2s p set walk 5s 6h s set (p minion hits) dash j.k j.s j.s j.h 4d into loops. This char is all about freestyle combos so... anything to get you a 6h iad j.s after the initial combo nets you over 200
  2. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Ok here is something! 454 or 154. This is how top Slayers block. If you were to stay in blockstun, you block, if you can backdash, you will.
  3. [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Neat! The homing after 5d HELPS SLAYER SO MUCH. YOU KNOW, WITH HIS 1.1 COMBOS THAT DONT WORK ANYMORE. 2ND test plz...
  4. [XRD] Slayer Combo Compendium (WIP)

    2p 2p 2d wooooooot
  5. [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Mmm burst powered Hellfire Dhd vs dizzied standing eddie mmmmmm
  6. [XRD] Slayer Combo Compendium (WIP)

    Has anyone mentioned normal hit 2p->dot/wing super? Cause that shit works.
  7. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah, he looked off. I was sad for him.
  8. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    I need to post some replays, or you guys should just look up macblunts25 replays...
  9. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Expect to see some awesome shit soon guys...
  10. Xrd Slayer video thread.

    I've got like thousands of replays I need to go through...
  11. Xrd Slayer video thread.

    I've got like thousands of replays I need to go through...
  12. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Nah, if it is wallbounce for ch pile, we should be able to get c.s or 2.p 2.s. We should be able to get Iad j.h off ch 6p now too. Also, if they keep bite heal as it is, we will be healing around 80dmg each bite. That is a lot. Like, A tier a lot.
  13. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    This is just what he needed. 6p is back, p pile ch is back to pain time. Hopefully a 6k buff and a buff on j.p and j.k hitboxes. Bite buff is incredible. Change to blitz shield vs projectiles is amazing for slayer. I can get wins vs top players already, now it will be easier. No longer trash tier!
  14. [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Slayer changes please me. P dandy pile CH will hopefully wallbounce. BIG BUFF. 6p midscreen wallbounce is godlike HUGE. Bite change is good. K pile wallstick on normal is pretty amazing. If you can combo off a normal pile, this is HUGE. Seems they are opening up his combo game a lot more with these changes. More opportunity for damage. Increased input times are going to make his hard links easier. Looking at aircombos.
  15. [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Just use c.s for pot and do j.s(2) j.h for more dmg