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  1. MacArthur Blunts

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Neat! The homing after 5d HELPS SLAYER SO MUCH. YOU KNOW, WITH HIS 1.1 COMBOS THAT DONT WORK ANYMORE. 2ND test plz...
  2. MacArthur Blunts

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Mmm burst powered Hellfire Dhd vs dizzied standing eddie mmmmmm
  3. MacArthur Blunts

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Slayer changes please me. P dandy pile CH will hopefully wallbounce. BIG BUFF. 6p midscreen wallbounce is godlike HUGE. Bite change is good. K pile wallstick on normal is pretty amazing. If you can combo off a normal pile, this is HUGE. Seems they are opening up his combo game a lot more with these changes. More opportunity for damage. Increased input times are going to make his hard links easier. Looking at aircombos.
  4. MacArthur Blunts

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    Macblunts25. Gordeau.
  5. MacArthur Blunts

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Ggs to youcanwonder. Badass baiken
  6. MacArthur Blunts

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    Psn: macblunts25 Character: THE slayer Loc: 12,000ft in Colorado. Welcome to fuck mountain. Please god play me I'm sad and lonely for gg.
  7. MacArthur Blunts

    GGXXACR changes. facts. no theory fighter plz.

    Big boy DMG route vs EVERYONE... Off any iad j.h you can time a 6h to combo. This opens up the huge damage for slayer. On most of the cast you can do iad j.k-5h-ut-sj combo. On heavies and large hit box characters you can get another iad j.h-6h. I am consistantly doing no meter half life combos off CH 6p or an AA CH 2s with this route. Ex vs Bridget: CH 6p-iad j.h-6h-iad j.k-5h-ut-sj.h-j.d-j.2k-j.k-5h-pile. Insane no meter damage. --- Axl corner combo.. CH its late-6h-iad j.k-2hit-5h-ut-sj.h-j.d-j.2k-j.d.. Axl AA 2S 100% tension instant stun combo.. CH 2S(or CH it's late from under pressure)-iad j.k-2hit-6H-iad j.K-2hit-5H(stun)-pilebunker (he stands up) 6H/c.S-pilebunker kill. Anji combo like Axl one... can't figure out the stun though. CH 2S(or CH it's late from under pressure)-iad j.k-2hit-6H-iad j.K-2hit-6H-*iad backwards (cause you end up in corner) j.K-5H pile (cause you end up out of the corner!) *- you can also S dandy S-H for corner knockdown, or iad j.K-c.S-j.K-dj.D if he ends up going out of the corner. I'm starting to feel like this slayer is better than ac+...
  8. MacArthur Blunts

    GGXXACR changes. facts. no theory fighter plz.

    Fun with a robot! 6k-5k-6p frc-6h-iad j.h-6h-5h-ut-j.k-j.2k-j.d 181 CH 6p-aid j.h-6h-iad j.k-j.k-5h-ut-j.k-j.2k-j.d 183 Fun with Potemkin! CH AA 2s-iad j.h-6h-iad j.h-6h-5h-ut-j.k-dj.h-j.2k-j.d 218 (gotta be good with getting j.h low and 6h fast) works from mid screen.
  9. MacArthur Blunts

    GGXXACR changes. facts. no theory fighter plz.

    Some you can get (Slide->6H->6H->6H->5H) but the damage really isn't worth it.
  10. MacArthur Blunts

    AC+R Strats!

    Yeah, their goal was to make him work a little bit harder to get damage, but they gave him better tools for small BnB damage. Mid-screen mappa RC damage can get really high on crouching characters via (6K->c.S->f.Sx2->2S->mappa RC->c.S->f.Sx2->2s->2d). He also does more dizzy now which will net him a free combo after a good series of combos.
  11. MacArthur Blunts

    Slayer link/timing notes

    I like it. You get a sticky.
  12. MacArthur Blunts

    General AC+R thread.

    Slayer is a character who gets his main damage from his wide range of combo options. He is also focused on links (comboing one move into the previous move's recovery with no cancel, much like street fighter combos) rather than gatling combos, making him some-what unique in this game. He is especially good at placing certain moves in situations that net him a highly-damaging subsequent combo. This makes him a VERY high risk/reward character. He can also cancel his back-dash/forward-dash into a special move or a jump, adding invincibility or momentum to the each option respectively. Pros -High Damage -Great Abare -Good reversal options -Amazing Normals -Amazing Movement options -BDC and FDC Cons -Can be zoned well -FD is really effective vs his mixup -The high-damage combos are on the difficult side -Steep learning curve (but F that! YOU ARE A MAN!) I'm giving him a A- rank thus far... There are a few acronyms you need to know for Slayer besides the basics: -FDC: Forward Dash Cancel -BDC: Back Dash Cancel -UT: Under-tow (632146P) -Dandy: Dandy Step (214P/K/S/H) -FB Dandy: Force-Break dandy (214D) -IL: It's Late (Dandy H) -UP: Under-Pressure (Dandy S) -PB: Pilebunker (Dandy P) -CW: Cross-wise heel (Dandy K) -FL: Foot-loose journey (j.214K) -Bite: Blood-sucking universe (bite. 236H) -DOT: Dead on Time (632146S) -EW: Eternal Wings (236236H) -DHD: Direct hit dandy (j.214214S) -Mappa: Mappa Hunch (236K/P) -I know I forgot something: That move I forgot (?!?!?!?!) Back Dash/Forward Dash Canceling Slayer's dashes are teleports. You can cancel these teleports with a jump. You can ALSO cancel a jump with a special move. This adds invincible frames to a BDC'ed special/jump OR momentum to a FDC'ed special/jump. When you are not visible on screen, you cannot be hit. This is true for a BDC or an FDC. FDC'ing through projectiles/long recovery pokes and subsequently punishing the recovery is a very viable way to get damage with Slayer, just as BDC'ing and punishing with a special move (Mappa, Dandy, Bite, DOT.) can net you a large amount of damage. Consider BDC and FB dandy as your reversal options, just like a DP. You are basically dashing, canceling the dash into a jump, then that jump into a special move to preform FDC or BDC. BDC one frame jump: This technique will save your ass more than you know. (447+P+K) You will do a Back-Dash Canceled one frame jump. Totally invincible jump. You can also do BDC one frame super jump (4417+P+K) to REALLY get out out of a situation. FDC'ing Specials -FDC Mappa: (662369K/P) This adds A LOT of range to your mappa hunch. You can use this to punish at long range when your opponent thinks he/she is safe to set up zoning. The CH potential of the combos is amazing. -FDC Dandy: (662147[P, K, S, H]). This does not have as good of offensive applications as FDC mappa, but it does add forward momentum to your dandy steps. This can be useful as throw/CH bait for your P/K dandy, or added range to cross-over for your S/H dandy -FDC Bite: (662369H) Dashing Command Throw. Depending on how you delay your jump into the bite (the delay in between the dash and jump-H) you can have a two-three character length command throw that heals you. This is a really important piece of tech that should be in every Slayer user manual. You can use this to throw at a SAFE distance and also punish their whiffed moves for a throw. I personally LOVE this. -FDC Neutral Jump: (668) This is great for closing in on a recovering opponent. The later you cancel your jump, the more momentum is "installed" on your jump post-dash (66~8). This makes him move forward while having a neutral jump hit-box (skinnier, harder to anti-air, a few frames of invincible from the FDC) and makes his j.H hit in an ideal way for beating anti-airs for a big juicy CH combo. This tech will move you forward safely and put you in the air with more directional options than most of the cast. You can: falling j.H for CH, dj9.H (double jump back j.H) for airthrow bait, airdash back for anti-air bait or airdash forward if you need the space.) This will ALSO install momentum in to your j.2K. When you have momentum on your j.2K, the hit-box becomes larger horizontally and with the new j.2K grounded launch, this opens up a lot of potential for combos. It will also move you quite a ways across the screen. -FDC DOT: (66321469S) Adds range/momentum to your DOT. Good for when you have your back to the corner as it will carry you further to the other corner. It does not get much use, though. -FDC UT: (66321469P) Maybe for some crazy blue-moon situational combo somewhere or for some Alladin shenanigans or alligator candy? .. Back-Dash Canceling This is the Slayer Magic. You can cancel your back-dash and add it's invincible frames on to another move. SUPER cool. I'll include all of the useful options in the next section! -BDC Mappa: (442369P/K) This adds invincibility frames to your Mappa. This is AMAZING for beating mid-range pokes. Use this like a (safe) dragon-punch. If you get a CH, combo into 2K/c.S/BBU/DOT for HUGE damage. You can also use this is a throw bait if they think you are going to dash-throw (66~6/4H) -BDC Dandy: (21447[button]) You can add more invincibility on your dandy steps. This is mainly good for S, H, and D (Force-Break) dandy as it will cover the start-up frames of S/H so you can assure your escape and make FB dandy un-throwable. -BDC Bite: (442369H) Sigh.. How the mighty have fallen... No knockdown combo without meter now but, it still does nice damage and heals for a little life. This used to be a great reversal option when the command was different (6321447H) because it was instant out of the cancel. Now, if you don't input it perfectly, it will inherently move you backwards a bit and you will whiff your bite half the time. -BDC DOT: (63214476S) Makes the start-up of DOT invincible. Really.. Really good. -BDC DHD (21421449S) Makes your jump into air-super invincible. Also good. AMAZING throw-bait. The input is difficult, though. You know you've done it when you hear the dash sound and Slayer is moving forwards during the freeze. Foot-Loose Journey j.214K. Magic Carpet Ride. This move is amazing as it is one of Slayer's moves that he can adjust the momentum/trajectory on. It is one of his PRIMARY uses of resetting the tempo of a match due to one simple mechanic. FL uses the momentum of Slayer at the moment he does the move to determine the trajectory/velocity of the "Foot-Loose Journey." The best way I have seen/played is (442766214K). That is the command for BDC sj.IAD FL. You can have your back to the corner and you land almost in the other corner REALLY quickly with this technique. FL can also be used to end combos in a win that wouldn't other-wise kill your opponent. You can sacrifice your knock-down with j.D in exchange for a few hits of FL and a few more other hits for a nice little bit of damage for the win. And never forget Throw-Dash-Throw. It will WIN YOU GAMES. Ok no more talk about dashing. Let's get into some combos! 2K. This guy starts a lot of good things for us. -2K-2H 2D 5H-2D 5H-2H-2D 2H-2D 5K-FB Dandy S-mixup BBU 5K Mappa Probably 2S DOT IAD j.S mixup Hell, we can get a bite mixup off this thing. -2K-2S-2D -2K-2P-5K-FB Dandy S-mixup I could go on forever with these combos. 2H has a HUGE potential for resets and combos for gaining meter or placement.. General Combo Theory As Slayer, you want to carry your opponent close to the corner so that your big-damage combos will work, but also make sure you are optimizing your damage when-ever possible. The best way to learn how and preform is to never tie yourself to one combo route. This game has cut a few routes out, but there are still plenty of them! CH launch-6H IAD j.K route (works on most everyone! combos vary just slightly!) launch-5H-Mappa route launch-2D-c.S route launch-Mappa-5P route launch-j.H-j.K route 6H Combos 6H-PB 6H-UP 6H-IAD j.S/D (On standing. Can combo into j.2K for launch) 6H-2K 6H-5K 6H-DOT 2H Combos 2HxN 2H-5K 2H-c.S 2H-5H 2H-BBU 2H-DOT Comboing into FB dandy things If you can combo off a normal hit 5K into FB dandy PB, CW or UP, you should be able to combo off of any higher-level normal. This opens up a few options that we did not have in the last game. Normals into (somewhat) reliable forward pressure are now possible for us, giving us a whole new world of mixup/combo/fear potential. 5K-FB dandy K is note-able as well as 5K-FB dandy P for ending games with low meter off almost any normal hit... This is a huge advantage for us and we should really take advantage of this new option.
  13. MacArthur Blunts

    GGXXACR changes. facts. no theory fighter plz.

    So cool... I'll record it and put it up with some credits for you if you don't mind?
  14. MacArthur Blunts

    AC+R Videos!

    Slayer magic, man. Slayer magic. All of these combos should pretty much work on everyone, barring a few characters. Just like in AC+, certain delays make things possible that otherwise wouldn't seem to be. For instance, UT->sj.H->j.D. Delaying the j.D is important to get the j.2K to pick them up on the way down. I feel like there is a good enough window.. There is also a delay possible between the UT and the sj.H but it is such a small window.
  15. MacArthur Blunts

    AC+R Videos!

    I'll put the damage in the description for each.. EDIT: all damages now in description. I suck at videos. I'll figure out how to switch it if it is really that important but I don't really care until I get a cable and some software to do it right. Nevermind. I figure I just have to use quicktime to do it... The rest wont be mirrored...