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  1. I remember this issue with the combo challenges with both. IIRC, I usually neutral jumped, descended a bit and then air dashed.
  2. Hatred Edge

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Man, I was hoping someone had answered my question but to unlock Sin, you need 200K in game currency. You get currency for clearing story mode(100K), challenges, vs matches and such.
  3. Hatred Edge

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    How do you select the mirror match color without a mirror match?
  4. Hatred Edge

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    I'm assuming this is normal hit only? Not CH 2D CC right?
  5. to bad to hear that, p4 looks incredible gameplay wise

  6. Yeah, there isn't much else to talk about imo. P4 has awesome presentation even better than GGs but I don't like any characters there.

  7. it seems that you are more active now, with the new announcement of ggac+r

  8. Hatred Edge

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Actually I'm pretty glad this isn't a new GG installment like GG3 or whatever. They can work on this, see what's what, and then make a true GG3.
  9. Hatred Edge

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Order-Sol getting wall stick from BHB lvl2 is a nice touch. I wonder if it's vs aerial opponent only or ground+aerial. His current changes are damn good. Ground slide from BRP lvl2 is sweet but I do worry what they're going to do to balance him out. Who recalls people thinking Order-Sol was going to be top tier in Slash and AC before the game came out? I would be happy at the thought of Sol having a FB Sidewinder but I'm expecting his normal SW combos to be weakened. Clean Hit Bandit Bringer is better than ground slide. I'm excited but I am going to be cautious.
  10. The Japanese have no intention of programming AI that fights intelligently. They've been doing this crap since day one. Either the AI is a cheating bitch or is a retard. No middle ground. You can pretty much steamroll any opponent in BB by doing run up DPs with Ragna. They always get hit after they tech and they always ALWAYS attack. So you can do whatever, have them tech, do Gauntlet Hades and bam. Free counters. Tsubaki spams DPs all day. I haven't seen DP spam that bad since SSFIV Ken. She's also completely reckless with her charging and will charge right in front of you and let you hit her with a crouch combo. Sorry Blade, the Japanese(and anyone else) designed FGs to be played vs people and the AI has been and always will be a poor substitute.
  11. Hatred Edge

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Been having some trouble. Been practicing on Tager if that has any effect. (crouching opponent only) 6B, 2C, 6C (DC), 6A (HJC), j.C, j.D (JC), j.D, j.214C, 5D (1st hit), 214A -> 214D BE whiffs. Every time. (corner) j.C, 5B, 5C, 214A -> 214D (RC), [6D, j.D (JC) j.C, j.214C] x2, 5D, 623D -> 236C -> 214D The first hit of BE connects but the rest whiffs.
  12. God dammit Izlude. You just had to come here with your love for those who have their own gravitational pull?
  13. Actually, it's just because my video card fucked up, and SRK crashes my browser. Dustloop is much easier on the graphics. I also have been playing a lot of BlazBlue lately. Nobody on SRK really has a beef with me. I love the place to death, even though it's a bit of a dick-waving contest at times. When I get a new card, I'll be back in full force to kill the TOL thread by saying "Final Fantasy X-2" in a post.