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  1. Chris

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    Does it take anyone else an obnoxiously long time to find an opponent? I'm talking like, 3-5 mins each. PSN to the left. EDIT: Maybe it has to do with my shitty 2wire router not being able to do UPnP but I thought that was only for LAN stuff.
  2. jokes on you, he didn't bet anything on his end.
  3. Woah woah, I don't think anyone is saying they didn't have an enjoyable time. I don't want people reading this thinking that it was a huge clusterfuck and everyone was unhappy (at the same time acknowledging the problems). Take the good points everyone has about this and then discard the bad points. This is the first time there was an event this big for NCI, so its just a learning experience. It can only get better. SpiritJuice brings up some good points about certain things, but it also presents some problems. To get this organized we need to have a wider variety of setups, at least a setup or two for casuals. Not everyone wants to stand around waiting for the tournament to be finished so that they can play. To solve this problem we need to have people more active in bringing setups, which means that people need to bring what they have and someone must actively seek out and push people to do so.
  4. Honestly you can fit all this fun stuff and bandwidth into one day. All you have to do is run the goddamn tournaments on time. The organizers are good people for sticking their necks out, of course. But they need to take their job seriously if they are going to have these positions. Keyword here job. Can't we have fun and be professional about time simultaneously? by the way gundam is fun, don't get rid of it.
  5. Thanks for playing everyone. Let's all play again sometime. I'm willing to session GG or MBAA with people every weekend. That is, if you are willing to play against an idiot like me. Which most of you are not willing to.
  6. So who wants to play Warcraft 3? Only me? Thought so. Coming from concord area. Let me know via PM if you want to carpool.
  7. Hey Chris, it's me that one BB playn customer from Fry's wassup mang?

  8. Chris

    Slayer AC strats

    6k feint also does great against that stuff too, if timed right.