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  1. May'sDolphin

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    What do you mean if we are lucky? Supposedly unofficially its tomorrow, but it should be nolater than next week if it isn't. It is disappointing though since I was only able to use her for psp and I can't use DPADS, so I need to transfer everything to stick tomorrow, oh bummer. Hopefully though
  2. May'sDolphin

    Need help understanding basic fighting game fundamentals

    One thing I can say is, what helped me in any game like this, didn't have to be BB was patience. Also don't burst just to burst, if you burst make it so that your able to run it back honestly Also just try to be you and play your way, but to start like if your new with a character, it's smart to copy someone really good! then branch off and be you