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  1. someonewhodied

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    You mean kokonoe has to deal with wakeup options? I just use restands :v
  2. Another fun oki setup for 50 meter: X>3C>5A>5B>6A>22A>66[A]>5D>5C>6C>236[D]>j.B>22B+]D[>5C>214A>5C>2C>236B(1)>RC>2C(SMP)>22C>6B/2B Works off of: 2B(1)>5C>3C or 6B>5C>3C so this makes it so you get a restand and 2C SMPs while it still has its minimum hitstun. The fireball comes down and hits once. Just once. Then the combo is over with 3 hits of fireball left. Your teleport will make any sort of reversal whiff and the fireball will force them to block the next 3 hits. (or get hit). If it hits just finish the combo with the typical 5A>5B>6A>5B>5C>3C>22B If its blocked, you can 6B or 2B for an invisible mixup ( visual blocked by fireball). The mixup you get is weaker than typical 236B>5C>22B>214A oki but this takes away any sort of reversal and escape options your opponent has. I just use it on people who are DP happy.
  3. Improved corner oki: X>236B>5C>5D>5C>22B>214A Out of DP range, doesn't bluebeat, can't be rolled, meatys regular tech with lightning, meatys latetech with fireball. X>3C>5A>6A>6C>j.D>j.B>j.236D>22B>5C>214A>5C>2C>236B>22B>66/44 tech chase. The fireball lets them tech way before bunker explosion and meatys them in the air. You can 66/44 to make it a 50/50 if bunker hits or they don't tech, lightning hits them. on bluebeat just 5C knockdown on new combo, 6C>stuff.
  4. someonewhodied

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    uh oops sorry koopa i think i killed your room ;;
  5. New oki setup idea: X>236B>665C>5D>5C>214A/B>22B Graviton is weakened compared to 1.1 so they fall to the ground faster (Emergency tech/nontech over airtech). Fireball catches rolls thanks to graviton pull slowing it down a bit. After setting lightning you can pick up after fireball. with like 5B>236D or something.
  6. someonewhodied

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    Would it be possible to implement a small box on each subforum that would give twitter feeds for specific tags? Like for a character subforum, it would show tweets with #dustloop #blazblue #ragna in a box on the ragna subforum, #dustloop #persona #netplay would show up on the online play subforum of the Persona forums. I've noticed twitter is still more active for FG info than here and doing this would unify the info for characters between sites as well as allow for people to see activity on both sites. (as long as people don't start abusing that system, in which case it would be a waste) shortened tags would also work #DL, #bb, #p4, #gg, #uni, and the abbreviated character names like #bg, #ta, #rg Of course 140 character limit on twitter including the tags so it wouldn't make posting here useless, but shorter thoughts are usually just slapped onto twitter anyways so this would make it easier to see both.
  7. someonewhodied

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    in CF spike chaser is swapped out for that new homing move that is basically a mu12 stein.
  8. someonewhodied

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    Weaker definitely but way more fun. That stein will definitely create some cool setups. We'll lose about 1K average per combo now though because new routes will use 236D early instead. From what i hear it is basically a slower gravity cancel so if that is true, i theorize that we will probably have this as our strong N-Starter BnB: X>236D~214B>5DD>iadj.C>6A>6C>236[D]>665DD>236DC~214D>2B>6A>tk623C>]D[>2DD>j.DD>j.6DD>j.DD>j.214D (Looks long but its actually about the same length as our current ones) Currently for practice you can do: X>3C>236D~214B>5DD>iadj.C>66A>6C>236[D]>665DD>236DC>3C>214DC~214A>2DD>tk214[D](whiff/oki) Losing spike chaser hurts our neutral more though.
  9. someonewhodied

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    http://i.imgur.com/cZw1mLi.jpg TFW you win by mashing DP while at low health with no meter.
  10. someonewhodied

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Mashing on wakeup is ALWAYS the answer. Its netplay after all
  11. Chip Damage Setup: X>B Bunker>5C>delay9D>5B>5C>TK B superball, or regular C superball 2B(1)>Ice gun If nontech: 2B>some superball>Icegun>some bullets>Rest of Superball>236D>5C>22B oki On Neutral tech: 2B>some superball>Icegun>some Bullets>rest of Superball>236D>6B>delay 5C>2C>236B>5C>22B oki On Neutral tech and block: 2B(block)>Super Ball Blockstun>Ice gun>More Superball>ball floats in front of them>another ice gun blocked (total 2.5K chip from ice guns, more from ball)
  12. someonewhodied

    [CPEX] Valkenhayn Combo Thread - Less Launching, More Biting

    w5C starter for good damage non counterhit for 50 meter. w[5C>236A>5D]>2C>6B>2C>2147B>j9D>w[j.B>j.C>5B>236B>j236B>j.236C>3D5D]>j.C>3C>632146 4924 Damage used wolf meter: 60% recovered throughout combo: 50% Net loss of wolf meter: 10%
  13. someonewhodied

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Amane should have everything related to drills sped up. More chip, gain drill meter faster, overheat faster, and recover from overheat faster. And make his j.2B an overhead. Jesus. It LOOKS like an overhead. It ACTS like an overhead. Yet it isn't one. Also that character select theme is really hype. Maybe i'll have music on for a BB game finally
  14. someonewhodied

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    236[D]>5D>2D>6D>2DD>236D214B>5D>2D>6D>2D>ODC>6D>2DD>6D>2DD>iadj.B>j623C~214B>2DD>6D>sj.DD>j.6DD>j.DD>dj.2DD>j.6DD>j.DD i think i did something like that. Just a quick sloppy combo.
  15. someonewhodied

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    But you can MASTER multiple characters. I'd like to think my nu, kokonoe, and bang are pretty great (though far from mastered) I mean theres only so much you can do with just one character, and some characters have unwinnable matchups such as: Nu vs Bang Tager vs Mu so its great to have those characters in your pocket for counterpicking specific matchups or other characters to avoid those matchups.