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  1. I personally thought that the theme sounds like a generic epic anime song (still enjoyable nonetheless), but I'd rather hear music that's more in the line of the Persona games. It's also quite a shame that they won't make use of P4 & (especially) P3's particular color shading of monotone & flashy colors on 'super moves' flash. As it stands, it's not gonna have an outstanding art direction. But I guess that's it's due to ASW working on it, can't blame them. (Example: http://www.swotti.com/tmp/swotti/cacheCGVYC29UYSAZU29MDHDHCMUTVMLKZW8GR2FTAW5N/imgPersona%2033.jpg , http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_7xo2Kizeh_A/TGxAMIE-QCI/AAAAAAAAAcc/vUz6NpDdDAw/s1600/persona3_ps2.jpg http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/8112/persona4.jpg http://c.imagehost.org/0749/persona4_1920x1200.jpg http://i-d.animepaper.net/thumbnails/preview/173662/1/%5Banimepaper.net%5Dpicture-standard-video-games-persona-4-shigenori-soejima-persona-4-173662-nat-preview-5ee4e82d.jpg )
  2. Now if only would they announce Akihiko or something, I'd be SOLDDD.
  3. That's the same for me. And I haven't been on dustloop or bb a lot lately.
  4. T.Kang

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    I've got to agree with you on the Terumi thing, Hazama being there doesn't really make any sense lol. Oh and that NINE, NINE <3.
  5. I didn't know you were here either, haha.

  6. oh shit i didn't know you were here.

  7. T.Kang

    Ultimate MvC3

    I'm pretty sure that it was said that there was no damage increase and that it was all due to the lifebar change, no? I could be wrong but I remember reading such a thing.
  8. T.Kang

    [CS2] Ragna Combos Thread

    I don't know if it's okay to post this over here, but I've tested this combo: 5B, 6A, j.214B, 5B, 5D (DC), 5C (HJC), j.C, j.D (JC), j.C, j.D, 623D -> 236C -> 214D Damage: 2946, Heat Gain: 33 Notes: Works on Ragna, Rachel, Bang, Carl, Hazama, Makoto, Platinum. on characters that weren't included in the notes and it seems to work perfectly fine on Jin and Noel, so you might want to add them both :3. EDIT: It also works on Taokaka.
  9. @BBCS2 Discussion thread: Basically, yes. It seems like it. They haven't given out an excuse or anything. Probably "Micro$oft's" work... There has been quite a number of people raging at Sony/PS3/PSN, turning to 360/XBL. Not to mention that it has been happening much more frequently with games lately. I'm answering here because the mod doesn't seem to like the fact that I'm talking about Microsoft and stuff in the thread.

  10. T.Kang

    New Guilty Gear?

    @ElvenShadow: Totally a troll. It was never announced anywhere, not to mention that they want to keep their core fans close. Nice incomplete post you got there, haha. But I agree, having Sin, Raven, Valentine, Dr.P and Izuna would be great. In fact, it would be perfect for new characters. No need to create new -NEW- ones. They're actually very interesting characters after all. So, I jizzed when seeing this on Shoryuken. Now seeing this again over here made me jizz for a second time, or maybe my third.
  11. Oh, WOW. J'suis étonné, merci beaucoup! You're awesome, moins de cash a dépenser!

  12. Man t'as pas besoin d'un livre pour apprendre le C++. Ya en masse de ressources sur internet. Ma recomendation c'est "le site du zero". Ya plein du tutoriels assez bien fait qui vont assez loin dans plein de langages. Check celui du C++ ici : http://www.siteduzero.com/tutoriel-3-11406-apprenez-a-programmer-en-c.html

  13. T.Kang

    [CS1] Jin Kisaragi Video & Discussion Thread

    Somebody, help. I can't tell if he's trolling or genuinely terrible.
  14. I've finally gotten it to work. But I'd like to try out my combos on an opponent that doesn't move... I'm not sure I understand the explanation on the setup website. Anybody care to help me out on setting up a Player 2?
  15. I am having difficulties right here. At first, I could boot the game but the keyboard didn't work although I've put the updated DLL and such. But then realized that I didn't put the plugins at the proper place. And when I did, it became impossible to boot the game. Any ideas?